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Orange Celebs The New Ethnic Minority?

Spray Tan Orange

Spray Tan Orange

Orange Spray Tan

Orange Spray Tan

There is a strange thing afoot. Over the past decade we have seen the emergence of orange celebrities. Yes folks you heard me right. Orange.

Now we are all familiar with the usual skin colors. But out of the darkness has emerged a rather odd phenomenon called 'Spray Tan'.

After all the hype about sun beds I can understand the reason why we of the fairer complexion do like to have a bit of a sun tan. That makes sense.

I have often sat on the beach trying to cover up my Lilly white legs at the same time as trying to get some semblance of a tan on my skin.

But never in a thousand years would I want to be orange!

The celebs have a lot to answer for! Thanks to them all the young kids are following in their footsteps.

19th Century 'English Rose' Pale Face

Let's take you back a few years. A hundred or so in fact. Back then especially in England, it wasn't the done thing to have a sun tan. In fact the more tan you had the common the person. The only people who had sun tans were people who worked in the fields, on the land and anywhere out in the open.

For the sweet young things in their bonnets and glamorous dresses it was common knowledge that if you even had slightly tanned arms you must be lower class. Yes I know, snobbery at its utmost but you get the point.

Over the years, what with foreign travel becoming the norm we started to enjoy looking suntanned and healthy.

It was synonymous with being a celebrity, or the wealthy. To have a tan meant you could afford a vacation abroad.

19th Century 'English Rose' Woman Pale face that was kept away from the sun.

19th Century 'English Rose' Woman Pale face that was kept away from the sun.

Another rather strange thing has occurred since these past times. Even when I was a teen, men where men. Whether that involved being a bit smelly or going without a shave they were what we knew them to be. Proper males.

As the old saying goes 'When men were men and women were grateful'!

Then something strange started to happen. Men discovered face products. Now I know you are probably yelling, well what's wrong with that. Bear with me. I love men who shave. I adore guys who add a splash of After Shave. And yes I totally understand why they would add moisturizer.

If its good enough for celebs such as Brad Pitt, George Clooney and other mature good looking guys then fine.

But orange? Where the hell did that come from?

Two Spencers Same Guy Different Face Color! Which Version Do You Prefer?

Orange and Greasy!

Orange and Greasy!

Spencer looking white and clean and cute!

Spencer looking white and clean and cute!

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Let's cut to the chase. Over the last few years we have seen the appearance of appallingly bad TV Programs such as The Only Way Is Essex which is similar the the American program The Hills, and Made In Chelsea, a similar 'Reality Style' TV program.

Long story short, yawn, the programs show a group of young people talking about relationships, going on dates, and arguing.

For some unknown reason this is quite popular, which is beyond me, but hey, we can't all like it.

The most disconcerting thing is that it has caused a change in style with young people. I don't mind the clothes, the hairstyles and the nails.

That's fine.

But why oh why do they have to Spray Tan themselves with Orange?

Amy Childs The Only Way Is...Orange!

Amy Childs  The Only Way is Orange!

Amy Childs The Only Way is Orange!

Black, White or Technicolor? What the heck color is this girl? Oh yeah, Orange! The new ethnic!

Black, White or Technicolor? What the heck color is this girl? Oh yeah, Orange! The new ethnic!

It seems to me that the new trend in teens and young people these days seem to add up to one great big nasty picture.

Here's the scene. A guy and a girl walking down the street. He is bright orange, with greasy hair, and she has so much spray on her that she looks like it has been layered on with a garden trowel.

Then add the banal conversation, 'Yeah well he said he was going to ask her out, yeah, some sort of parteeee!

Then, with some sort of telepathic communication, they both dive for their pockets and handbags and drag out the dreaded cell phone.

Where they commence to walk along the street totally ignoring each other, while playing thumb wars on the cell phone keys. Its like someone has taken over their minds. Well, whatever minds they do have.

As my brother pointed out to me, how the hell do they see the screen when the sun is in their faces?

They are just thumbing through the screens as though somehow all the info is going to download into their empty brains.

Lindsay Lohan's orange/brown face.  It reminds me of an old oak table.  is she a chip of the old block?!

Lindsay Lohan's orange/brown face. It reminds me of an old oak table. is she a chip of the old block?!

Whats more, the men have done it too! Yuck! In fact I can't watch the programs because the girls make me queasy and the guys make me feel really sick! Not only do they look dirty, I just want to duck their heads in a bowl of very warm water and soap, I bet they actually stink too!

If you think about it, all tanning solution has that smell. You know the one. Sickly, pungent and a bit stomach churning. But on top of that, the guys put so much grease on their hair you could fry chips in it!

The whole picture is a mixture of yuck, grease and dumbness. Oh yes, I forgot to add that!

Orange Tango? Er What About The Neck?!


But I digress. What reason do these people feel that they have to be orange? And believe me, it really is orange make up. Don't they own a mirror? When did a slight tan become orange tango fruity?

It makes me so mad. There are many colors and races in this world. Each and every one of them are beautiful. Black, white, brown and Mediterranean. We hear of people with dark skin trying to bleach their skin color into a lighter shade. We see white people getting a tan. Why?