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Open Letter To Matthew Good

The Man And His Music

Like most young Canadians during the 1990s I became aware of Matthew Good and his band as an alt rock/post grunge band that drew a lot of attention. He started with the folk band the Rodchester Kings and some early solo demos in the early 1990s. But Matthew Good finally began his foray into rock with the Matt Good Band in the mid 1990s. At the time with the CRTC rules in Canada that radio, television and other commercial media had to have a minimum of 60% Canadian made content there was a flourishing environment in Canada for bands.

Muchmusic, the Canadian version of MTV put artists like Matt Good in heavy rotation back in those times when it wasn't uncommon for some bands to release as many as 4 - 5 videos per album. Muchmusic was also big on interviews and other types of interactive connections with artists doing profiles, shows where fans met their idols, etc. Times were good for Matthew Good.

Connection To The Artist

Throughout high school I was all about grunge/alt rock/hard rock and devoured newly released albums like food. During this period I was not Matthew Good's biggest fan. I was aware of him and knew he had some good songs but I still didn't know enough about him other than what was playing on the radio or Muchmusic. I also lived in a rural area and as such had no direct access to Muchmusic and so the only access I had was at friends homes that lived in town or that had satellite television. So it really wasn't until the late 1990s and early 2000s that I began buying his albums and giving them a real listen. One of the first well known songs that drew my attention was called, "Everything Is Automatic." I included a video of the song to the right. After hearing a lot of the album tracks I realized he had a lot more to offer in the way of incredible songs than just what was on the radio and I was hooked.

Matt Good's lyrics were great. His song writing was highly personal and with such depth and emotion that I was left wondering how I had missed him while in search of incredible albums during the 1990s. Some of the greatest early album tracks for me were, "She's Got a New Disguise," and "Omissions of the Omen," from their debut album. I also really felt connected to such tracks as, "Apparitions," and "Fated." The two last albums from the Matt Good Band, Beautiful Midnight and The Audio Of Being I enjoyed almost all the tracks.

I know even now if you are in the USA or abroad reading this you may still have no idea who Matt Good is and if so you need to check out some of the videos I've included in this article. Also trust me when I say they are only the tip of the iceberg check out his albums hae had a lot of great material.

Since the early 2000s the Matt Good band has dissolved and Matthew Good now releases solo albums under simply Matthew Good (big name change I know). In a lot of ways since he started his solo career the lyrics in his emotionally moving songs became even more personal, if that's even possible, and I've really grown into a very big, long time and loyal fan of anything Matthew Good has put out.

Matt Good Playing

Matt Good Playing

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Volcanoes (Demo version)

What I Would Do For You

Anyways this is taking awhile to get to my point but I will get there.

After moving to the Sault area in 2008 we decided to attend a concert for Matthew Good as he was on tour. Just so were all on the same page Matthew Good as a Canadian artist would visit a lot more cities and even smaller cities in Canada unlike bands from the states that often come to one major city per province and maybe a couple in Ontario. So I know for a fact he had toured and stopped here in the Sault many times previously and thought for sure he would stop here but there was no date for my city. So I thought at the very least he would stop in Sudbury the next nearest and even larger city but there was no date there. Even though I also knew he had stopped in Sudbury many times throughout his career.

After some research I found an article that explained the reasoning behind his not wanting to stop here in the Sault. Apparently in 2007 Matthew Good visited the Sault and performed at Algoma University. The crowd was more interested in getting drunk and just talked through his entire set. The set was acoustic apparently so that made things worse. So this man whose music was so inspirational was on stage trying to convey such emotion with the crowd of a sold out show rudely ignoring him. You can read that local article if you like, "Local yokels greet Matthew Good (not so good)."

So apparently this time around Matthew good completely bypassed central Ontario going from Parry Sound (which is really just a large town) straight to Thunder bay which is to the west of the Sault several hours away. Being the fan I currently am I still bought tickets to the Parry Sound show which was a good six hour drive from me. I had to stay at a motel that was overpriced but did get to see him perform and I really enjoyed the show.

However I was never from a well off family and wouldn't even now as an adult with a family of my own not consider myself well off. The last time I drove six hours to go see a show I lived closer but went to Toronto and that was to Ozzfest and at the time was able to see numerous big bands as well as a reunited Black Sabbath which at that point was legendary. So for me to drive that far living in Ontario where I am close to a couple cities that the show could have been in and being the person I am is saying a lot of what I think about his music.

Good Performing

Good Performing

Please Come Back

So recently this year as Matthew Good is about to release a new album I see that he is going to be on tour and again the Sault and Sudbury are both not on the roster. Not only that but the nearest show has moved closer to southern Ontario putting it an hour more away from where I live, so about a seven hour drive now.

To this I say Matthew Good please let bygones be bygones come back to the Sault. The people at your last show here were obviously jerks and I am sorry for it but there are people that live here that do eat, sleep and breath your music, I know this. If you need a petition I'll start one for you, if you need help with a street team here to get the word out, sell tickets or anything you want I volunteer, just come back. Or at the very least if you are so soured on the Sault come back to Sudbury they are big on rock and I know your show would be well received it's a little ways from me but I have family there and can go to the show for sure.

Sincerely one of your biggest fans.

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