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OnyxMovieReviews : Oxygen

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I am a young woman who hated Scifi movies, fell In love with them and now can't get enough. This one has a little bit of Space in it



Are you in love with sci-fi movies? Are you little bit claustrophobic but still watch movies like that anyway? Did you watch Buried and enjoy seen Ryan Reynolds performance?? If you nodded to all these questions, you would probably like Oxygen. A good friend recommended this movie to me on Twitter because of my love for Sci-Fi movies especially anything that has to do with Space (literally obssessed at this point) .

So after the first 30 or so minutes of this movie, I was prepared to report back to the friend and say it was mid because at this point I was struggling to keep my eyes open. This movie took me two days to finish lmaooo! That's just because I slept off after a while decided to shift it to the next day (phew!). It started looking a chore for real. But the next day with renewed energy, I continued because that's what I do lol. And the movie actually picked up towards the end. There were two little turns that I didn't see coming and my droswy eyes were awakened with interest.

The storyline is not bad at all! Atleast the way it was told made it really interesting. The plot twists were well placed and saved the movie from being an entire flop. You just have to have a little patience lol. The VFX wasn't bad and wasn't good. I mean for a 2021 movie it could have been better. The little space bit towards the end of the movie is one thing I love about it because you wouldn't really get that part from the beginning.

With that being said, I have a few issues with plot. It looked a little unreal with the time (how long it took the oxygen to finish). I mean I know its Sci-Fi so a lot of unreal stuff going on already but the plot just looked too unreal and weak in that aspect. Also, I didn't feel any suspense or on edge feeling like I should have. I mean she was going to die, stranded and alone but I didn't feel that! The cast performance didn't do it for me, I mean the protagonist was good and she tried but I could see her trying so I didn't seem natural for me. Her crying scenes were good too, I felt pity at those points.

So after the consideration of all of these, I decided to give it a 6. Over 10 of course. This is just my personal opinion and review. It's a French Movie so if you don't understand French you are going to need subtitles but it's on Netflix so it was easier for me to see. If you do see this movie, I'd like to hear your thoughts, I mean you might like it who knows??. Thank you for reading, till Next time!!

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