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OnyxMovieReviews : The Gray Man

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My name is Onyx and I enjoy watching movies. What I enjoy more is talking about the movies I have seen which why I review movies.

The Gray Man

One of my favorite scenes.

One of my favorite scenes.

Let's talk about Lloyd.

Let's talk about Lloyd.

One of the best movies that I have seen this year.

Big fans of action movies would be so glad that this movie came out because it was so exciting, fast, funny, almost everything! Yes almost. Before I dive into this, this review is kinda coming late and that's because I just started writing my reviews like this recently. I had already reviewed it on Twitter. When I saw the trailer, I had high expectations and I could not wait for it to come out fr. I was so happy that it didn't disappoint lol that would have been so SAD. This review might not be as arranged as the rest lol but you would see why.


Wow. Wow. Wow. I don't think there would have been a more better casting to be honest. It was just on point. And I'm not saying this because they are big time actors and actresses. Believe me, its not that, if you read my last article you would see that cast performance is like a big deal for me and they bodied their roles. It was just too good. I could see the characters like apart from the actors. It was so vivid and clear, the development of the characters with their environments was just so good. I loved it. I said it in my review tweet that Ana De Armas should be given more action roles. After I saw Gray Man I had to look up her other action movies and I bumped into the one that is said to have given her the big break in Hollywood : Blade Runner 2049. And not surprisingly Ryan Gosling was in that movie too! I have seen a lot of people talk about that movie but I had never brought myself to see it. For no reason at all. I just kept stalling. But after I saw The Gray Man, I decided to see it and I'll review it in another article.

One thing I noticed especially during the airplane crash scene was Agent Six had like an expressionless face for most part of the movie even in very intense scenes. I found it fascinating especially at that particular scenery when the whole plan was crashing and he was falling. Just straight agent face. I saw it in the way that he was trying to portray the character of a man that has been in prison for most of his life after he killed his abusive father as a child and is now an agent for about 8 years.


Chris Evans surprised me!! I was blown away by Lloyd. After I saw the movie that had to go and do a little bit of research because that was an odd character for our Captain America. And he was so good in it, it was unbelievable. Chris Evans had that he wanted to do more daunting roles, something little bit out of the ordinary. And I need him to do new villian roles (please do not stop Chris). The moustache was also another little bit that the actor added to give that character a little bit of spice. It was so easy for him to portray Lloyd like too easy. His character alone made me fall in love with the movie all over again.

Now the fact that a lot of big names in Hollywood were used for a couple of minor characters made it all the more fascinating to watch. So the entire cast was amazing for me, did a really good job of absorbing the vewer into the movie.

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The budget for this movie was about 200M dollars. Phew. I mean that pretty standard for The Russo Brothers lol. And if you see this movie you would see why. Everything was of high value and perfect standard. Made it a very well executed action movie. So the action was top notch, guns, cars, planes, everything was on point. Let's not talk about fight choreographies. I loved every fighting scene especially the one with a lot of guns at the park from the mercenaries and police and then Agent Six behind the chair. Fantastic action for real. The way bullets were flying up and down, it will be a little bit difficult for you to follow and know who is shooting or being shot at lol.


I think this was the general problem for a lot of people. And there were some gray areas in the plot (see what I did there lol). Like the scene where the whole part of that building collapsed and was brought then but they miraculously found the chip just lying in the rumble? Seems a little unrealistic to me. The cliché plot was the same as we have always seen : CIA tries to kill off their rogue agent that has discovered the truth about something that threatens them. So there's not a lot of focus on the plot because you can predict how the story goes down but Lloyd was a complete psycho so he was a little bit unpredictable.

There is also a good amount of humour sprinkled here and there and no matter how serious the movie seemed you would catch yourself laughing a lot

Well my rating was an 8/10 and I think that's a good one because I really enjoyed myself watching it. I'd like to rewatch if I have the time. And yes, there would be a sequel. That's so good because that ending would have been off and weird without the idea of a sequel. If you have seen this movie please comment let me know your thoughts. If you will see it after this review, come and back and let's talk. I want to see your ratings guys. Thank you for reading again. I really appreciate you taking the time to read. Till next time!!

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