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OnyxMovieReviews : Prey

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My name is Onyx and I enjoy watching movies. What I enjoy more is talking about the movies I have seen which why I review movies.

Prey (2022)

This movie was a combination of two of my best genres of movies : Sci-Fi and Action. Now after I saw it, it felt like a prequel of Predator. I looked it up and read about the movie and it was said that it's isn't a prequel and not in any way link to the Predator story. But I will like to go with the notion or feeling that it's a prequel to Predator because it was dated as far back to the 1700s. The first Predator just landed on earth and competes with different beasts of the jungle and win easily (you should see the scene with the snake) before it encounters our dear protagonist Naru.

Giving Predator vibes

Giving Predator vibes


If you are thinking of seeing this movie, you should honestly. If you already love the Predator franchise, this would come easily for you. Or not. I mean, I wasn't expecting the similarities to be there but I didn't find it offensive because I liked the storyline and how it can be incorporated into the entire timeline already. It can pass for a very Sequel. So I didn't really see it as a copy, some people did and it could seem a little bit offensive in that regard. But apart from the obvious similarities, it's a very good movie. It was engaging and the environment in which it was centered on played a major role. It was illuminated quite well and you would see yourself drifting back to those times where Man and Earth communicated directly.


From the beginning scenes I was already interested because this was not the regular guns or cars or grenades of scifi action movies. It was spears, and arrowed and short knives. It took my back history classes of indigenous people and how they lived, hunted and protected themselves. So I was curious to see who or what we the Prey and Predator. I mean at that point I honestly did not expect what I later saw. I felt it would be a kind of natural thing like hunting for a beast thats terrorising the village. Which was what it was in the general sense but not a bear or a lion but the ultimate Predator. So the way the storyline was built and then executed was really amazing.

Another thing that struck out for me was that protagonist was a girl who wanted to hunt. Now at that point that was odd because girls were supposed cook and make medicine, which would make sense at the timeline that they were working with. In that bid to bring back the head of her beast to prove her hunting skills, she encouraged our villian. So yes a little spoiler lol (sorry) but the theme was clearly described and I was loving it.


Even with the use of instruments you might not be familiar too, it's still had the adrenaline driving even if it was as little as hunting rabbits. The warriors, the forest, the animals, everything helped with that feeling. Not the talk of the weapons that our villain used. That added the scifi bit that I didn't know the movie needed. The invisibility also added an extra spice to it. My best action filled scene was the wrestle with the bear. Wow. That was so explosive. I had to go back and rewatch that scene. And I must add, there were guns in this movie just not the kind you see in your recent action movies. Its the fun kind of guns lol with gun powder and stuff (a little suspense in that regard).

Loved the Protagonist

Loved the Protagonist

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I love me a good cast. They make it easier for you to see the story almost through the directors eyes. The relationship between Naru and her brother was perfectly mirrored you could even guess what their past conversations are like. With her constantly trying to prove everybody wrong including him, and him trying to protect her while still believing in her, gives you that perfect sibling love-hate situation.

The Protagonist was the focal point of the story and you could see how she took a different route in hunting : not just acting but studying. This technique was what gave her an edge that made her even stand to compete against the beast. Nothing else, I mean he was way stronger and faster than her. Every other character in the movie weren't left out, they all portrayed the larger story. One of my favorite scenes is where her mother hands her a knife to cut fish because she is using the small axe she carries about lol. If the dog played a fantastic role, I was literally in love with her and I kept praying that she wouldn't die or something.

The VFX and Cinematography was very good. It made it more indept and eye-catching.


I mean we can excuse that, can't we? She was fighting against a monster so yes obviously she can't win by strength or even strategy but then she must win him for the story lol. Especially the part where he could have sliced her throaty but she was in the middle of two rocks like what are the odds. Its not that bad but he's a little bit questionable that everything went as she planned.

With all of these I gave it an 8/10 ⭐. It was really good for me. If you do see this movie or have already seen it, please comment and let's talk. I want to know your ratings. Thank you again for reading. Till Next time!!


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