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OnyxMovieReviews : Why I Hate Romance Movies

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My name is Onyx and I enjoy watching movies. What I enjoy more is talking about the movies I have seen which why I review movies.




I am not going to be talking about any movie in particular. This is me talking about the entire genre. People that really know me and my obssession with movies knows that Romantic movies is a no go for me. Before you start thinking or saying "who hurt you?", no one did. This is really based on my preference and what excites me. Romance movies do not excite me in anyway. There are some people that would understand and support my stance but I'm going to be explaining why I don't like Romance movies so you could maybe understand me. Romcoms are not so bad, they are might be a little bit cheesy but I enjoy some of them.

The worst kind for me would have to be the Hallmark Christmas Romance movies, I already feel a slight wave of nausea as I'm writing this. Now I don't have anything against people that enjoy these movies. If it's what makes you happy or excites you then please by all means go for it.


I think that is one of the major problems I have with this genre of movies. This is not about seeing the "different" ones. It really just boils down to the same plot no matter how twisted it seems. There is nothing spectacular and nothing to look forward to. We all know how It ends. Mind you, I have seen some really spectacular romance movies, like Me Before You. Thats a movie that I didn't forget in a hurry, I even cried while i watched (not only towards the end). The acting was really beautiful. However, there are not a lot of romance movies like that. I mean you rarely see one that knocks you off. Just the plain old story that we all know. I don't want to watch the same thing over and over again with just a different cast and environment. Where's the excitement in that ??


I genuinely find it boring. I noticed that anytime I say this, people think that I'm trying to sound tough or something. But the truth is I find myself trying not to zone out when I'm seeing a romance movie. There's nothing to keep my attention on what I'm watching because it seems very dull. There are no questions that I want to ask, there are no dark shadows cast on the plot that I want to figure out. Nothing. Most of the time the acting is just so awful that I get upset and stop watching. Everything seems so mediocre like it there was not a lot of efforts put into it. So yes, I do find it boring and a complete waste of my time.


As a lot of us know, romance movies are usually fairytale stories. Things that a lot people don't experience on a regular day. Now before you come for me, I know that it's very possible that most of those stories can actually happen to people in real life but it's not common. Very rarely even. I'm not only talking about love at first sight or something like that because even the littlest details borders on unrealistic. This doesn't mean that I don't like watching Fantasy or maybe Adventure movies, but that's different because I know I am watching a Fantasy movie so I know what to expect.

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Romance movies doesn't have to seem unrealistic. Somebody met you two weeks ago, falls in love with you then misses a big opportunity that the person has waited for all their life because they are trying to do what's best for the relationship?? Come on. Apart from the genres that I talked about above, I really like realistic movies so maybe that is why this is an issue to me.

Another romance movie that I really like till date is If I Stay. Even as this movie seemed out-of-this-world, it still seemed very realistic and almost relatable to people. I really really liked that movie and would recommend if you haven't seen it.


Like I said earlier, a high percentage of romance movies have very bad acting. It's like the cast watches a couple of romance movies before they start and just copies everything. The facial expressions and mannerisms are the exact same. Even to the lifting of an eyebrow in attempt to flirt. Its the same thing that I saw another actor do in another romance movie! This gets me so pissed off like what is this?? It seems like there's no room for added spice or improvement, just rinse and repeat mediocre acting.

The combination of all of these things is what makes me detest watching Romance movies. It might change in the future if I saw a difference in them but for now I don't think if will. I honestly feel like there is so much more than can be done with a love story. It doesn't even have to end in a sad way, it could be told in a beautiful and eventful way. A story that would be stuck in your head months after watching even if it ends in the same old happy ending that we are familiar with.

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