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OnyxMovieReviews : Where The Crawdads Sing

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My name is Onyx and I enjoy watching movies. What I enjoy more is talking about the movies I have seen which why I review movies.

Poster for Where The Crawdads Sing

Poster for Where The Crawdads Sing


You know that feeling you get after you see a movie and you just sit down and think about the entire story? That is exactly how I felt when i saw this movie. I kept thinking of how Chase Andrews was actually killed and how beautiful the story was. I couldn't see Kya as a murderer no matter how hard i tried. I loved the concept of the marsh; the environment the movie was shot in was so beautiful that it gave the movie a different feeling. The story itself isn't particularly nice or sweet, it's actually very sad but the nature effect didn't make it seem that way completely. It also deeply portrayed the irony of life and death in this movie.


The protagonist in this movie did a very good job. She gave a stellar performance, i really felt her character in the movie. It actually seemed like she grew up away from the world, all alone in a marsh. Apart from how realistic she made it seem, you could tell from her performance that she was deeply submerged into the story. Her performance was top notch and i enjoyed every bit of it. Another character that interested me was Chase Andrews. This character was well developed and portrayed. You could see what he represented in Kya's life, the time he met her and how she saw him. Everything led to him being a vital part of the story.


The story was able to connect with the viewer by creating an emotional space which gave deeper meaning and understanding to the events that took place. I personally loved the entire story because it stood out to me. It didn't seem like a regular murder mystery story that took place in a swamp or marsh. Also, there were no loopholes or missing pieces in the story, every part connected really well. The last scene was kind of a plot twist and also the missing piece of the jigsaw.

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I said earlier that the environment played a vital role in this movie, let me explain more. This aspect of the movie was not just breathtakingly beautiful, it also sent a message that rhymed with the story. Life and Death. "The Marsh knows death...", this statement made so much sense because this "death" was not seen in an evil way. The way living things in the Marsh needed to survive, to eat or be eaten. It was that same way for Kya at some point in her life. She understood this aspect of nature and knew that it was part of life.The death of Chase in the marsh sent a message of the way preys and predators live or die in the marsh.



This movie had the perfect ending, even though i wanted to see exactly how the murder took place. I think that part was left out for the viewer to figure out with the clues given. It was the best way for her to die, in the only place that mattered to her and with the only person she truly loved. It was a bit sad but it was very beautiful.

I really enjoyed this movie. It was very meaningful, beautiful and emotional. Very well executed too with a good ending. I liked the romance bit too, added more emotion to the movie. I gave it an 8/10 and i completely recommend. If you are a fan of Murder and Mystery, you would completely enjoy this. I'd like to hear your thoughts in the comment section so please write to me and we can talk about it. Till next time!

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