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OnyxMovieReviews: Three Thousand Years of Longing

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My name is Onyx and I enjoy watching movies. What I enjoy more is talking about the movies I have seen which why I review movies.

Poster for three thousand years of longing

Poster for three thousand years of longing


It's funny that i wrote an article on Romance movies and how i feel they are too cliché and then i saw this movie and i was wowed. After i saw this movie i wanted to shed tears of joy. it was so beautiful. Easily the best Romance movie that I have ever seen. The amazing part was how i did not even expect it to a romance movie. The first half seemed like a pretty interesting Fantasy film. Three wishes and a djinn. But nobody anticipated the way she used her first wish.


This was the first thing that fell in love with minutes into the movie and as it progressed, it only got better. If it was just Idris Elba and Tilda Swinton in the entire movie, it would have been still being so perfect. Idris Elba shocked me again in this movie, more because i had seen Beast and did not enjoy his performance at all. You can check out my review on it. I don't know what happened but this was like an entire different Idris from the one in Beast. He literally owned the entire movie. It was so endearing and beautiful. I was so engrossed in his performance. Tilda was very good too but i must say the entire cast was very top notch and beautiful. The casting seemed odd at first but it was perfect at the end.


I love the way storytelling was infused into the actual story of the movie. The stories told were not only beautifully told, they were properly placed into the story. This made the movie stand out because the pacing was perfect and was properly executed. The fantasy part of the movie was properly developed that you wouldn't see the twist coming. If you are a big fan of fantasy movie, you should definitely see this one

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I did not see it coming at all. The twist introduced the romance part of the movie. Now, it wasn't completely out of romance or love before this part but this twist brought it all together. It was so beautiful to see. You hardly see properly executed twists in love stories. It gave the movie an entire different and new meaning.




The inclusion of the love story between woman and djinn, was the best part of this movie for me. The fact that it ended in a sad and happy way at the same time, was the best way their love story could end. The difference in the time and age was not ignored so it wasn't entirely fantasy and an all good make believe story. Our world affected who he was and how he was and that was so relevant because even in a fantasy it seemed pretty realistic.

I absolutely loved and enjoyed this movie. I even cried a little after i saw it. It was very beautiful. One of the best movies of 2022. If you a big fan of romance or/and Fantasy, i absolutely recommend. I gave it an 8/10 because it's worth it. I will definitely rewatch soon. Thank you for reading, Till next time!!

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