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OnyxMovieReviews : The Sandman

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My name is Onyx and I enjoy watching movies. What I enjoy more is talking about the movies I have seen which why I review movies.

Poster for The Sandman

Poster for The Sandman


The Sandman is a Netflix series that was supposed to be one of the best to come out this year. I didn't really know a lot about it until it came out but I saw that its from a comic book by DC comics. The thing about these adaptations is its more fun for people who have read the comic books to see how close the movie is to the comics. I didn't read the comic books anyway, I just went ahead to see the series. The idea of the story is very fascinating and complex but in an understandable way. If you are a fan of fantasy, you would like this one. But apart from the idea or story, the cast seemed perfect for their roles. At the beginning of this series (especially the first 6 episodes) I was really feeling it. The mystical, paranormal and fantasy vibe was very enjoyable. However it took a downhill after episode 6 and I felt like there were better ways to have secured a smooth landing. This was what I didn't like : the vibe wasn't really constant and there a lot of unnecessary scenes and too long dialogues that could have been shortened. We would get into this later. First..


Before I started watching, I kind of guessed what it was going to be about. I thought about the name and the fact it was fantasy, I just felt like it would have to be that he had the power of using sand or something close. So I was kind of shocked when I realized what the story was about. It felt so good because its not a usual story, it's a very rare idea that is interesting for somebody to come up. Don't worry, no spoilers.

The fantasy pull definitely made it a lot more interesting and indulging. However, i wasn't completely wrong about the sand. Its just not in the way I predicted. Its even better.


It seemed like Tom Sturridge was made for that role. Dream was so evidently potrayed you could understand his character so well after the first 2 episodes. The ego, the often clenched jaw, the stubbornness, everything. It was so well potrayed that you would fear that this was probably how he was in real life. And apart from the protagonist every other role was so beautiful. I loved Johanna Constantine so much, her episode is one of my favourites. The character seemed so fun despite all the dark shadows surrounding her. Her character was developed very strongly like Dream and Rose Walker.

My other favourite character would be Corinthian because apart from the lure of a bad character or villian, his character was very well grounded. He was the spark of the series in an all rounding way. And his story was told very beautifully too, you could see his entire character and and what drove his motives.


I don't know if it was because they were trying to follow the comics but this was the major problem with this series. The vibe was off and on. Like I said earlier after episode 6, you would begin to wonder if its the same thing you were watching because it will feel odd and out of place. So it made the other half of the series exhausting in the way that you are enjoying this and then after a while you are not enjoying this. You would pick up a good vibe then lose it in the next episode. The good parts kept me going though and the fact that I already liked the story.

I feel like they really rushed the events that happened at those first 5 episodes. So they built an anticipation, only to leave you hanging in the middle like wait that's it?? Also, the Rose Walker story was really fumbled. It wasn't set at the right pace and it wasn't even told properly. It seemed like there were a lot of gaps to be filled. Even the acting performance at that point dipped very badly. It just really felt off and you might struggle to continue at this point.


When Morpheus was challenged to a fight with Lucifer , i was really interested in how he would win because Lucifer seemed a lot more stronger. This part was the best twist in the movie because nobody was expecting what happened next. I rewatched that part a couple of times because even if it wasn't what I expected, I liked the weirdness of it.

Apart from all that, the vfx was really good and camera angles and movements were okay. There were a couple of twists too. You would predict things based on the other fantasy movies you have seen but was different and that's another thing I liked about it.

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It was a good show. My rating is 6.5/10 and I think that's okay. I cant wait for the season 2 to would love to continue, I love where the story is heading to. That's it for today, till next time!!.

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