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OnyxMovieReviews : The Northman

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My name is Onyx and I enjoy watching movies. What I enjoy more is talking about the movies I have seen which why I review movies.

Poster of The Northman

Poster of The Northman


This movie is one of my all time favorite vikings movies and the best movies for this year. A lot of people expected a very regular vikings movie and when it didn't give that, it seemed like it was not a good movie. I wish that the vikings in this movie would be used for all the vikings movies. It was very captivating and I found myself lost so many times. Completely submerged in the movie. And it wasn't just the constant blood show or the battles and fights. It was the story that was beautifully executed.


The story was about a Prince avenging his father's death, who was killed by his uncle. That is basically the story so yes it's nothing you haven't seen before so you would want to call it cliché. But this movie is like a folktale that is been retold. What made this movie stand out from all the other viking movies was that it portrayed the true viking culture. You could see the raw emotions spilled on your screen. Anger, rage, animalistic characters portrayed by the warriors. It will look like you went back in time to watch a true life story of a Viking Prince. I saw and understood a lot of things that you wouldn't normally see in a Vikings movie. The plot was perfectly executed, there wouldn't have been a better way and it made the movie a lot more wholesome.

If you are familiar with viking movies like The Vikings series, you probably have something you are expecting to watch but that's not just it. This movie is more than that. You would that raw violence and harsh living and also get good core and time sequence.



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I have seen Alexander Skarsgard in a lot of movies but this is his best tbh. He was completely submerged in the character that I can see why he was chosen. Apart from being the protagonist, he made it seem very real like that was his actual reality. He was Amleth and Amleth was him. Anna Tailor Joy is one of the best actors of our time and it was a perfect combination. The cast wasn't even what caught my attention when I saw the trailer, but when I was watching the movie i just wanted to kiss the director. This movie will make you feel like you are in Scandinavia. The relationship between the cast was perfect and everybody down to the minor characters was so good in their roles it seemed like a collective effort. It wasn't just resting of the shoulders of Alexander. The priestess that gives him a tear was one of my favorite characters and I wish she had more screen time. I heard she was on of the writers of the movie.


After I saw this movie I had to read up on the Norse culture and thats not because i did not understand. Its because i was fascinated by what i saw I wanted to know more. So if you are already a fan of Norse Mythology then you are in for a good ride. It is not just pointless killings and feasts and women, it's the main core of how these people lived and how they died. It's a very fascinating movie and my favorite scene would be the last scene. The volcanic eruption added the good amount of drama to that last fight. It was thrilling because every moment and every scene built up to the death of Amleth.

It's an 9/10 for me. It was very entertaining. If you haven't seen this movie, I highly recommend and if you have tell me your ratings in the comments section below. Till next time!

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