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OnyxMovieReviews: The Invitation

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My name is Onyx and I enjoy watching movies. What I enjoy more is talking about the movies I have seen which why I review movies.

Poster for The Invitation

Poster for The Invitation


I was so hyped for this movie when i saw the trailer. Finally vampire horror movie that looks good with one of my favorite actress ; Nathaniel Emmanuel. It was something i was really looking forward to. But yet again i was disappointed. It didn't start bad at first to be honest, but as it progressed i couldn't ignore how mid it was. A lot of things did not add up and it wasn't scary at all. I expected more but it didn't get better than that. It actually got worse and ended in a very annoying scene. The last scene was so weird, i almost died from cringing.


This movie is not supposed to be called a horror movie at all, I was not scared one bit. The jump scares were very annoying and cliché. This is a vampire movie but the vampires were the oddest vampires ever. The was no show of strength or anything that would get that fear from the viewers. Even when the girl servants were attacked and killed or when the bride was captured and locked up in a casket. None of these things were frightening to say the least . I was really disappointed because the trailer was now more interesting than the movie itself.


A lot of things did not add up in the storyline. Especially towards the end, it also seemed a little bit rushed. Like i said earlier, the beginning was very okay, it built a lot of anticipation for what would happen when she finally found out what was actually happening. And then when she did, the entire movie seemed a little boring because we didn't get the scary scenes or action that we anticipated. It just seemed like there were no other ideas to actually complete the plot so it seemed very incomplete.


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I know that different vampire movies come with different ideologies on who they are and what they do but this movie completely went off the tracks with its vampires. Not only could they walk in the sun for no reason whatsoever, but even their strength was so minimal. For a vampire that was more than 500 years old, it seemed very unrealistic and odd for a bride that took a lot of his blood to defeat him like that. I mean she wasn't even a full vampire. I know they wanted it to end on a good note but that ending was very odd.


This was the only thing i truly liked about this movie. The antagonist was my favorite character even if he seemed like low-budget Elijah from The Originals. He carried the movie for me and made it worth watching to be honest. Every other person was good but i have seen better performances from Nathaniel Emmanuel.

I was really upset after i saw this movie because not only was it annoying, it was also boring and seemed like a waste of time. Was more of a guilty pleasure for me because i like vampire movies. My rating is 5/10 which is very fair to be honest. I hope we get better vampire horror movies honestly. If you are a fan of this genre, i do not recommend because you will probably end up getting upset like me. Thank you for reading, till next time!!

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