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OnyxMovieReviews : Nope

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My name is Onyx and I enjoy watching movies. What I enjoy more is talking about the movies I have seen which why I review movies.


Poster for Nope

Poster for Nope


It's after you see this movie, you would understand the poster. I anticipated this movie for a long time, it took longer because it took a while before It came to the cinemas here. And why was I so hyped up?? Because its Jordan Peele. You would probably know him from Get Out amd US. He directed these beautiful movies, it's impossible to not be hyped up about another Jordan Peele movie. The poster already made me very curious, also a big fan of horror so everything was looking good. The cherry on top was the cast. Seeing Daniel Kaluuya it felt like I was about to see another Get Out. Keke Plamer just made me more curious, like what's Jordan Peele cooking this time?? Like I said I was very hyped.


The first scene was intruiging and interesting (thanks to Keke Palmer) and it would only heighten your curiosity and predictions. But as you progress till the next hour, you would find your self waiting for something major to happen. If you are fan of horror especially slasher or gory/gruesome types, you might not like this movie. Its also not like the usual Jordan Peele movies that you know. It's completely different and unique. After I was done I only loved the man more even if it wasn't what I was expecting. So the slow start might put you off, but there are some few highlights and jump scare scenes. But the slow start was necessary for how the movie ended, we needed that foundation.



For most of the beginning part that had the slow start, we could see the difference between OJ and his sister. This added humor to the movie because Keke Palmer was like the comedy relief and highlight of the movie. Her performance was so good I didn't expect it. It was like a bonus surprise to the movie. I mean, everybody already knows how good Daniel Kaluuya is. The entire cast was the best part of this movie for me and the way the characters was developed during the course of the movie was amazing. This is one of those movies that I was completely lost in, even with the slow start.


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I did not expect this movie to be this good. All my initial predictions flopped like totally. The movie began to really pick up towards the end, but the slow beginning would ease you into a plot twist you were not expecting. Like the transition is amazing. I kept singing the praises of Jordan because it was unbelievable. The synchronisation of the entire movie is what makes it stand out. Definitely not your ordinary horror/scifi movie. The plot twist was very good and was put a good time. I wasn't expecting it and it blew my mind completely.

From the beginning to the end, nothing was ordinary about this movie.


The cinematic geniusness of this movie was outstanding. How do you even think of something like this?? The execution was so good, no hiccups or confusion. As much as a lot was happening, you would get the drill. The theme is rare, its something we haven't seen before. It's new. The cinematography was the best at the end and I was just in awe of it. The movie is just so beautiful. It was a pleasant surprise for me.


If you haven't seen this movie, I highly recommend. My rating is 7/10 because I really enjoyed it. It was refreshing. Give it a little time when you start and you would see why. Till next time!!

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