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OnyxMovieReviews : Luckiest Girl Alive

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My name is Onyx and I enjoy watching movies. What I enjoy more is talking about the movies I have seen which why I review movies.

Poster for Luckiest Girl Alive

Poster for Luckiest Girl Alive


Before i start, I'd like to say a few things. it's been quite a while since i wrote a review article and that is because I feel sick for a while so i dropped everything about reviewing movies and tried to get better. Even my twitter reviews suffered but I'm feeling better now and i couldn't wait to talk about this movie.

I watched this movie about 2/3 weeks ago and i really loved it. The style of filming was a little bit different from the usual and it wasn't as predictable as it seemed at first. I also liked the good amount of emotions the movie had, made it feel whole and real. I'd like to point out some particular things that makes this movie worth watching.


Mila Kunis starred as the main character in this movie and she did an amazing job. She made the experience of Ani feel very close to home and realistic. You could see how much every thing in her present world was linked to her past. Something she had to deal with properly before it completely made her go insane. I also liked how she portrayed the characters confusion on what decision to make and how it ultimately affected her. The younger version of Ani was portrayed by Chiara Aurelia who was the star of the show for me. She did a wonderful job showing the viewers a proper imagery of Ani's past.


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This movie is a book adaptation of Jessica Knoll's 2015 New York Best Selling Mystery Book of the same name, so it makes sense for the story to be well told. However, the movie did an amazing job of bringing the full picture to life for the viewers. It had a very good pacing which made the movie very exciting and gave no room for boredom. The addition of going back and forth, to her past and back to her present, was not only perfect for the story but made the mystery theme a lot more profounding.

I also liked how emotional the movie was. If you like heartfelt movies like i do, i completely recommend.


This is the best part of the movie for me because it wasn't just a movie telling the story of a traumatised girl who grew up to be a strong woman. That would have been very common like every other drama movie we have seen. Instead, it made the viewer wonder what really happened to Ani, what the true story is. It made the viewer try to put all the pieces scattered here and there together before getting to the end.

Apart from the story going back and forth like i explained earlier, it also dealt heavily on the imaginations of the protagonist. Is this really happening or is she imagining again?? You will find yourself asking this question once or twice. This also portrayed the mental picture of Ani at that point of her life.

The movie also had little plot twists planted here and there. It's one of my best movies of 2022 and i completely recommend for everybody to see. I rated it an 8/10 and I think that's a good score. Thank you so much for reading again. Till next time!!

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