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OnyxMovieReviews : Everything Everywhere All At Once

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My name is Onyx and I enjoy watching movies. What I enjoy more is talking about the movies I have seen which why I review movies.


The first time i saw this poster, i fell in love with it

The first time i saw this poster, i fell in love with it


I'm so excited to talk about this movie. I should have done this for a very long time but i hadn't started writing reviews when I saw this movie. This is the best Multiverse Movie of our time. From the poster you would see that there is lot of chaos ahead. It's the best representation of the idea of the multiverse. It was so accurate, i couldn't believe it was real even after i watched it. Apart from how accurate it is, a couple of other things stood out for me and made this movie one of my best.


This movie had the perfect casting of this year for me. The fact that i wasn't familiar with most of them but everything still felt connected. In every of the different universes, they played there different lives perfectly well. Before i started this movie, the cast was the least thing that i thought would appeal to me. I had seen Michelle Yeoh in a couple of movies but this movie was literally made for her. She had an outstanding performance, it was so amazing to watch. In a way, she shone that same light on other characters especially her daughter (Joy Wang). At first the movie seemed very chaotic in the sense of the characters, but as Michelle started working her magic every other thing started coming together especially at the climax of the movie. The cast's performance seemed so easy, it made it very interesting to watch.


At some point in this movie, you might get confused. I did several times. But what was amazing is the fact that the storyline was not affected by the chaos of multiple universes. Even the scene that they were stones, it was so crazy yet it made so much sense. Like i said earlier, this was the perfect representation of the idea of the multiverse. I have seen a couple of movies on this idea and most of them tend to use a particular kind of plot or story. This movie was so refreshing because it was a new and different view of what we think the multiverse is.



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I love the fact that it seemed very realistic, even in a somewhat unrealistic movie. We usually have some of those thoughts even without seeing or experiencing the multiverse like Joy Wang did. Does any of this really matter?? The ending was so beautiful, it summed up everything in the midst of the confusion. The message was very beautiful and clear.


The humour in this movie was the cherry on top of this masterpiece. It only made sense that it was funny, it made it even more realistic and enjoyable. I found myself laughing more times than i imagined. The whole thing was a funny situation in a serious setting. It reduced the tension from the movie and made it more interesting. The humour was one of the best parts of this movie for me.


The only thing that might tick you off about this is how confusing it might be. Because of how we kept switching from one universe to the other most times in a very fast pace, it seemed really difficult to follow the different lives and stories and how they are all connected. So be sure to be confused at some point. But that seemed necessary for the idea of the multiverse and how this particular movie portrayed it.

This movie was very complete movie. Every part of it was well developed and displayed. It had the right percentage of everything a good movie should have; emotions, action, adventure, even the cool gadgets. It's in my list of best movies ever made. I gave it a 8/10 and I highly recommend it for anybody and everybody. I'd like to hear from you guys if you see this movie or you have already. Till next time my loves!!

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