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OnyxMovieReviews : Day Shift.

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My name is Onyx and I enjoy watching movies. What I enjoy more is talking about the movies I have seen which why I review movies.


When I saw the trailer for this movie, I was so happy and excited. I mean everybody likes a vampire movie. They never get old for real. This one came with a lot of comedy and unseriousness. It seemed more like very interesting, something you could watch on a good day and just laugh off your day. So yes I was excited, like a lot of other people. I quoted the trailer on my Twitter with so much anticipation. It was the first thing I saw today. I literally had other movies piled up that I had to see but I was like nahhhh, I have to see Day Shift right now lol.

I didn't regret that decision and I'm so happy. I was honestly praying that the Trailer wasn't all there was to the movie. Jamie Foxx was so good (as always) but Dave Franco really did it for me. He was my favourite character, then of course snoop dog. This movie was really just for laugh and entertainment so ding expect a mind blowing plot or something. Plus the vampires were kind of mid.

Awesome cast

Awesome cast


If you are going to look at the plot then it's not a very fantastic movie tbh. The story is good but there's nothing to it. It's something you would watch on a boring day when you just wanna laugh and truly relax. Also it's not a serious vampire movie and I'm not trying to discredit it. I'm just saying this for vampire movie fans who would come with the expectation of something like that. I mean the vampires had sunscreen that made them walk in the sun for some time lol. So you might get upset if you want to look at it from that aspect. And yes I know different vampire movies with their different theories but this wasn't like that. This movie was about a broke guy who hunts vampires for money for his family, so it's not really about the vampires. Like their strength and all that.

It's mostly comedy but very good one. Because it's not really a serious vampire movie doesn't mean everyone was acting unserious or deliberately funny. The movie summed up nicely for its genre. The fighting scenes are fun too and very well choreographed. The gadgets are very sexy, especially the one Snoop Dogg uses at the end. Phew. My favorite fighting scene was with the two brothers and Jamie Foxx. I had to watch that like 3 times alone. For obvious reasons. You would understand when you watch it lol.

I liked Big John

I liked Big John


This was the core of the movie for me. I loved the entire cast. It was so good. The way they bodied their roles was what made it exciting. Even the minor characters. There's no need to dwell on how good Jamie Foxx is or Snoop Dogg even. It was our dear Seth (Dave Franco) that sealed the deal for me. I just kept laughing. I didn't even predict the part where he was turned, but even then he was almost a total failure. I was really hoping that his character would not get cut off because he kept the movie going for me. That was why I was happy when he was able to fix his head back in

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I mean I have seen him in a couple of comedy movies but I liked him more in Day Shift. It seemed really easy for him. He was so hilarious with so many scenes playing in my head right now and I find myself still laughing. So you could say he almost carried the movie. You can make an argument with that and you could be right.

Anyway, the entire cast was amazing and they really did a good job, I must say.

These two were good together

These two were good together


The camera angles were good too. It made the action more fun. The car chase was a very interesting scene with his daughter at the passenger seat. I mean some parts were cliche especially at the end. But its not really that kind of movie you want to really criticise or look inti really because it's more like a guilty pleasure. But I assure you it's very funny and interesting. Plus the action scenes will keep you engaged and then the vampires too. You would learn about the different type of vampire that you might encounter lol.

I gave it a 7/10, lol yes. Guilty pleasure, i liked and enjoyed the movie made me laugh a lot. Tell me what you think in the comments if you have seen it or after you see it. Let me see your ratings. Thank you so much for reading, Till next time!!

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