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Poster for Bones and All

Poster for Bones and All


I had no idea what this movie was about. I didn't read the synopsis or anything, i just saw Taylor Russell and Timothee Chalamet and i decided to watch it. Then, i got the greatest shock of my life, but don't worry no spoilers here. I definitely enjoyed this movie though, even with all the weirdness and how gruesome it is. If you don't like bloody or gruesome movies, you might want to sit this out. I don't mind seeing this kinda movies but it got a scene that i had to look away from the screen. That's how detailed it was in that aspect. I gave this movie a high rating because some things stood out to me while i was watching. I'm going to tell you why i liked Bones and All and why it wasn't so off-putting to me.


So this is the best part of this movie for me and i would personally give the crown to Timothee Chalamet because he honestly wowed me. When you see some really good actors in a movie, you know you are in for a treat but when they go ahead to still surprise you then it's a buffet. If you have read my other articles, you would know that i love when the actor disappears completely and all i see is the character. That exactly what i got while i watched Lee in this movie. It was amazing especially because i saw it in scenes were he wasn't even speaking, even the mannerisms were perfect. Taylor Russell was also mind blowing, it is actually a close call between the two but i chose Timothee because I have seen him in different characters and he still delivered in this one.

Mark Rylance was the star of the show if I'm going to be entirely honest. He delivered again till the last scene, he was so amazing. Sully was very essential to the story and he was portrayed excellently with ease.


Just so you know, this movie is weird. Its not your regular Drama/Romance movie with two love birds and their love story. No. This is like an odd but beautiful love story. The plot was well written and the third act was well placed because it made sense for it to end like that. My favorite scene will be the third or fourth scene into the movie because that was when I got the shock I talked about before.

I also liked that the story wasn't cliché in the Romance kinda way, it felt different. The story put the viewers in a sorta sticky dilemma because at the end of the day you can't make sense of the whole thing.

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The environment that this movie was made in was so perfect for the story. It enhanced how beautiful the story is supposed to be and gave it a weirdly calming effect. To me i saw this as a tool used to further the whole confusion in the entire movie because you aren't supposed to feel the way you would feel while seeing the movie because of the other things happening. The frequent road trips also made the story seem a little less horrific that it actually was.


What stood out to me here wasn't the visuals or something like that. It was how past and present, dreams and real events, thoughts and emotions were shown in the movie. I wasn't just a straight shot that you'd see in a regular movie, there were times you would question what was real and what was not. In this same way, it showed how the characters were mentally, how confused and scattered they were, how they didn't fully understand themselves too. This mental picture gave the movie an added understanding.

There were little aspects of horror in this movie but not enough for me to put it under that genre. All in all i enjoyed watching this, it was definitely entertaining and i would recommend especially if you like odd movies. My rating is 8/10 and I think that's a good rating. If you have seen this movie, comment on how it made you feel. Thank you for reading, till next time!

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