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OnyxMovieReviews : Beast

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My name is Onyx and I enjoy watching movies. What I enjoy more is talking about the movies I have seen which why I review movies.


Poster for Beast

Poster for Beast


I was really looking forward to watching this movie. Apart from the fact that I like watching Idris Elba, it seemed intriguing and looked like an Idris Elba kind of movie. I was already imagining him trying to fight off the beast and give his life for his family. I anticipated that bold, dangerous look that he would give the movie. A fight for survival. When I saw the poster it kind of reminded me of his role in Beast Of No Nation. One of his best movies, its a classic. I totally recommend, if you haven't seen it.

Anyway, I don't know if it was my high expectations but I was so upset after I saw this movie. I didn't even want to accept what I had just laid my eyes on. It was a total flop for me.


It seemed like a bunch of people that met 2 days prior and decided to shoot a movie today. There was no chemistry at all, like it was so obvious that they were just cast members. Maybe something was wrong on set or something, I don't know but it was really awful. It was a lot more obvious between the father and the daughter. Now, this was not only because of the storyline of an absentee father. I know this because in other movies like this, you will still see that connection between parent and child even if there is a problem in the relationship.

In this movie, there was nothing like that. It just seemed like he was a stranger that met two kids in a bad situation and is trying to make sure they are okay. The fatherly love thing looked so forced that my eyes were bleeding. Especially with the youngest daughter, the nicknames and unnecessary conversations that were supposed to give us that image, really looked forced from both ends.


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Like I said before, I don't really understand what happened with the cast but whatever it was, it wasn't good. Everybody's acting was so bad. Every single facial expression was just off, it actually felt like acting. More like "let's do this thing and get out of here" . Zero effort or finesse. The Beast did a better job to be honest. It was the actual highlight of the show.



This is a thriller movie but it didn't feel like one. I mean there was a wild beast on the loose and children in danger, I was supposed to feel a little scared to say the least. But it didn't feel that way, it just felt very numb. With the constant little dry jokes that were placed at the wrong time, to the kids themselves not really being scared of a wild lion. At a point I didn't even understand what I watching any longer. It reminded me of an episode in Henry Danger, when Henry saved Charlotte from a lion.

There was nothing serious about this movie. Even to the last scene where he fought the lion one on one. That did not keep me at the edge of my seat.

The jungle aesthetics was the only thing I really liked about the movie and my favorite scene would be the first one. That actually caught my attention. I think the movie lacked a good execution and a good cast. My rating is 6/10 and think that's really fair. If you have seen this movie, let me know what you think in the comment section. Thank you so much for reading. Till next time!!

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