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One Woman’s Opinion: Top Seven Christmas Movies on Netflix

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The Best Christmas Movies on Netflix

When the global pandemic hit in March, I was already well into my second pregnancy and already planning on resigning from my teaching job to stay at home with my new baby and my preschool son. Fast forward several months, and I find myself in that situation with so much excess time. I started Christmas super early this year, decorated my house like a winter wonderland, and used my time for all the special holiday things I used to wish I could do as a mom that worked full time. I also watched all of the Netflix original Christmas movies the day they came out and rewatched some old ones. Before Thanksgiving had even hit, I had watched all of the Christmas content on Netflix, except for those movies rated TV-MA (Hello. . . Preschoolers repeat everything! If you know, you know.) So below is a list of the top seven Netflix original Christmas movies in my opinion. Read this, watch some of them, and share what you thought about each film.

1. A Christmas Prince (2017)

A nobody New York journalist suddenly finds herself incognito in the royal palace where she crosses paths with a devilishly handsome, misunderstood prince. Did I mention the prince has a British accent? And there is snow everywhere? And horse riding? And an orphanage? This movie is so corny and cliche, but it seems to have been done on purpose. It makes it totally lovable and enjoyable. There is some innuendo throughout so it may not be appropriate for younger kids.

Amber and Prince Richard steal our hearts in a Christmas Prince.

Amber and Prince Richard steal our hearts in a Christmas Prince.

2. The Princess Switch (2018)

Princess Margaret is engaged to milquetoast Crown Prince Edward. She feels trapped in her palace (of course), so when she runs into her doppelganger Stacy at a baking contest, the two scheme to swap places--but just for a night. What could go wrong? Love is in the air for both women, where they least expect it. But, I bet you expect where they will find it, right? These types of movies are so predictable, but that is why we love them. Perks: another prince with a British accent, and everything else seems so European. That is a must for any Netflix instant classic Christmas movie. This movie is squeaky clean and appropriate for even the smallest of viewers.


3. Jingle Jangle (2020)

This Christmas movie is an instant classic, and for many will make it to the top of their list. However, since there is not a romance element in this movie and that is what I most enjoy, I have it at number three. The song and dance numbers in this film are amazing, as we follow the story of Jeronicus Jangle, his toy shop, his successes, and failures, and his villain ex-employee Gustafson. There is a strong message of forgiveness and grace in this film, which I love. The setting of this film is fictitious, and the cast is almost wholly composed of people of color. This movie is for children but adults should be prepared for a treat.

Jingle Jangle captivates audiences.

Jingle Jangle captivates audiences.

4. Midnight at the Magnolia (2020)

Chicagoans Maggie and Jake decide to entertain their radio show listeners by introducing their respective boyfriend and girlfriend to their parents on New Year’s eve and letting the awkward unfold live on air. After an odd turn of events, they are both left without dates. There is betrayal, hurt, forgiveness, and a grand gesture of love, and in the end hearts (and a beloved business) are saved. You guys, I literally cried at the end of this movie. For once a Christmas movie had actually good acting, and you felt what the characters felt. The chemistry between both of the characters was palpable, and the female lead was so lovable and genuine. This movie is also alright for all audiences, and the male lead is 100% American, so sorry to all the ladies that love a male lead with an exotic air or an accent.

These two had great chemistry.

These two had great chemistry.

5. The Knight Before Christmas (2019)

Brooke accidentally crashes into a local fair entertainer dressed as a Knight and ends up having to let him stay in her guest house. What she learns about him baffles her, and his gaffes make for adorable entertainment. If you can get over the Knight’s horrible hair, you will love him to death.

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6. The Christmas Chronicles (2018)

Kurt Russell brings to life Santa Claus as you have never seen him before. Two kids who have lost their dad somehow end up on his sleigh (how this happens is a joy to watch so I won’t give it all away). Santa Claus is not overweight, nor does he say “Ho, ho, ho,” but by the end of the film, we figure out that he still has a heart of gold because of the journey he took the kids on and what they gained from it. He is also capable of some serious impromptu rocking out. This film has a captivating action style that keeps you on the edge of your seat. This movie has mild cursing and is not appropriate for the littlest audiences. I’d say it is perfect for eight year olds or older.

Kurt Russell as you've never seen him before.

Kurt Russell as you've never seen him before.

7. The Christmas Prince: A Royal Baby (2019)

We meet up in the third installment of the Christmas Prince series, with Amber and King Richard welcoming their first child amidst economic problems in their kingdom. You can definitely watch the Royal Wedding (2018), which was the second of the three movies, but I found it the least entertaining as Sahil got on my last nerve, and the actor who plays Andy can’t act, or at best was given lines that just seemed so cringeworthy. Most of the characters found love at the end of the second one, but the Royal Baby stands out to me as a better film because Amber’s character, for the first time that I have ever seen in Hollywood, references hypnobirthing, uses a birthing ball, calls contractions surges, and has an unmedicated homebirth, saying she wants to be able to focus and not take meds. This real depiction of natural birth is outstanding compared to what we are usually shown, in other words, a woman instantly screaming as soon as she goes into labor, sweating bullets, laying on her back pushing, surrounded by male doctors, and suddenly there is this clean 3 month old baby reciting his ABC’s in mommy’s arms. Forgive me for poking fun, but I am all about some natural birth representation. The rest of hollywood could learn a lot from how birth was represented in this film, although I still have yet to see a realistic birth scene in a film of any kind. (The Queen still looked lovely after giving birth and her doors were wide open, lights on full blast, and people were walking around waiting, coming into her birthing suite, etc.)


Merry Christmas to All!

Well, there you have them, the top seven Christmas movies made by Netflix in my opinion. As always, opinions differ greatly. Let me know what you thought of some of these, and have a very Merry Christmas!

© 2020 Audrey Lancho


Audrey Lancho (author) from Spain on December 04, 2020:

@Liz, that seems like my kind of job! Too bad this ranking is not paid.

Umesh Chandra Bhatt from Kharghar, Navi Mumbai, India on December 03, 2020:

Thanks for this nice compilation.

Liz Westwood from UK on December 03, 2020:

I read recently of a paid task to watch movies and list the best Christmas films for Netflix. Many of the ones you have picked are new to me.

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