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How Similar Is One Piece World With Ours? Part 1

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Since the August of 1997. when Eiichiro Oda started putting his ideas from Romance Dawn into One Piece manga, Monkey D. Luffy along with his crew members, Straw Hats, visited some places and seen some natural events that left us all speechless. Unfortunately for us not everything that we saw exists in our world but some of it really does exist and we are here to talk about that.

The Florian Triangle.

The Florian Triangle.

1. During the Jaya Arc Straw Hats jumped onto Knock Up Stream to get on Skypiea Island. They had to upgrade Going Merry to withstand the massive force of the stream, allowing them at the end to swim among the clouds of the heavenly beautiful Skypiea. Knock Up Stream is a basically a substantial amount of water under huge pressure that shoots up from the sea straight to the sky. According to One Piece Wikia this Stream occurs because the underwater caverns get filled up with gas. Once the ceiling cracks, giant whirlpool appears on that spot. Once the gas gets out, seabed explodes sending up to the sky huge amount of water.

Straw Hats on Knock Up Stream heading towards the Skypiea.

Straw Hats on Knock Up Stream heading towards the Skypiea.

Something similar is happening in our world. They are called waterspouts and they can be seen mostly in tropical areas and sometimes in subtropical, especially in Europe and New Zealand. Waterspouts form in environments rich with high moisture, where it is thought they spin around while they move up from the surface. If there are no cumuliform clouds or cumulonimbus clouds, waterspouts will not appear.

Knock Up Stream Trivia:

  • The monster Charybdis is similar to Knock Up Stream. In Greek mythology, Charybdis drowns sailors and shoots them up to the sky.

Waterspout Trivia:

  • Lake Michigan has the highest score of waterspout appearances. In total of 9 appearing simultaneously.

2. In One Piece chapter 101 (One Piece episode 54) for the first we learned more about the Calm Belts, two areas that are taking their places on south and north side of the Grand Line. These areas do not have ocean currents nor does the wind blow, practically making it impossible to sail. However, this is not the only problem with Calm Belts because they are completely overrun with Sea Kings. Until now only a few places are confirmed to be situated in Calm Belts areas such as Amazon Lily, Island of Rusukaina and Impel Down.

Grandline surrounded with Calm Belts on both sides.

Grandline surrounded with Calm Belts on both sides.

On our planet between 30 and 38 degrees on both north and south sides Horse latitudes are placed. Horse latitudes are under a high pressure named subtropical high and these areas receive little precipitation and the winds are mixing with calm. Once the air reaches the surface, it goes directly towards the equator or towards the poles. The northern "belt" is called the "calms of Cancer" and the southern the "calms of Capricorn". Horse latitudes' existence contributed in forming some of the biggest deserts in our world such as Sahara desert in Africa.

Calm Belts Trivia:

  • Marines learned to cross Calm Belts by placing Sea Stones (Kairōseki) on the bottom of their ships making them invisible to Sea Kings. Sea Stones radiate the same energy as the sea so the Sea Kings are not interested.
  • Silvers Rayleigh is the only confirmed character who reached Amazon Lily by swimming through the Calm Belt.
  • The Rumbar Pirates tried to escape from Grand Line using the Calm Belt but their fate is unknown even though it is said they perished before reaching the Calm Belt.

Horse latitudes trivia:

  • The Doors have a song "Horse Latitudes" in which you can hear sounds of bottle hitting a trash can.
Position of Horse latitudes.

Position of Horse latitudes.

3. The next up is Florian Triangle. A vast area between Water 7 and Fishman Island. When it is literally translated it means " Zone of Demonic Triangle". Since this zone is covered with thick fog that Sun can not penetrate through, it is always dark. Most of the stories related to Florian Triangle have a sad and mysterious ending. As it was said by Kokoro many ships went missing to never appear again or they would appear but without a ship's crew. For us, One Piece fans, the Florian Triangle is not so dark since this is where Straw Hats met Brook, the Soul King. Luffy offered him an invitation to join to the crew and he accepted it even though Nami didn't show him her panties. Shame on her!

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Brook accepts the invitation to the crew.

Brook accepts the invitation to the crew.

We have our own "dark hole or better triangle" and it is called Bermuda Triangle, when translated it means "Devil's Triangle". Basically, same things are happening here like in Florian Triangle. The first established boundaries were written by Vincent Gaddis in 1964. Today, triangle's three vertices are placed in Miami, Puerto Rico and Florida.

The Florian Triangle Trivia:

  • The mysterious disappearances were happening even before Moria's coming. The mystery was confirmed by Captain Lola since she barely saw a large entity through the fog. The entity was so big that it completely dwarfed Thriller Bark.

The Bermuda Triangle Trivia:

  • "Satan's Triangle" was the first movie to be based on Bermuda Triangle and it was released in 1975.
The Bermuda Triangle.

The Bermuda Triangle.

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4. Right after Alabasta Arc, Robin joined to the Straw Hats and they have continued their journey. Everything would be okay if the giant ship hadn't fallen down from the sky. While exploring this ship, they have stumbled upon a map of Skypiea. Their salvaging was interrupted by the pirates led by Masira. Masira claimed that everything from the fallen ship belonged to him since that territory was under his control. He went down to confront Straw Hats but the Giant Sea Turtle appeared swallowing the ship. Suddenly, everything turned black and three huge shadows appeared on the sky. Out of the fear, Masira's pirates ran away while the Straw Hats went directly to Jaya using the Eternal Pose found by Robin on Masira's ship.

Skypieans' shadows on the sky.

Skypieans' shadows on the sky.

The same shadows can be seen in Germany, on the Harz Mountain's peak called Brocken and this phenomenon is called Brocken Effect. So, how does the Brocken Effect works? If the person is standing on the Brocken peak and is watching down into the fog, the light behind the person will project a triangular shape through the fog. The size of shadow is an optical illusion because there are no reference points that can be used to judge its size.

The Jaya/Skypiea Arc Trivia:

  • It was revealed that these One Piece arcs took place around the year 1522.

The Brocken Effect Trivia:

  • In 1780. Johann Silberschlag described this phenomenon and since then it was used in literature about the region.

5. One out of the three islands that you must pass in the New World when leaving from the Fishman Island is the Raijin Island. Vice Admiral Smoker was quite sure that Monkey D. Luffy will go in direction of Raijin Island since the Log Pose was reacting abnormally towards this island. Fortunately for Straw Hats they were distracted by a pod of whales, going in totally different direction. Not everyone had the luck to be distracted from Raijin Island since the Fallen Monk pirates along with their leader Urouge were shown approaching this island. Urouge noted that it is really hard going ashore because of the lightning.

This natural phenomenom called the Catatumbo lighting can be only seen in Venezuela and Columbia. It happens directly over the mouth of Catatumbo river and lake Maracaibo. This small area is the biggest single generator of tropospheric ozone in the world. Up to 160 nights per year lightning is striking down the lake Maracaibo approximately 280 times per hour.

Raijin Island.

Raijin Island.

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