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Omnium Gatherum, "New World Shadows" Album Review

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New World Shadows Represents a Sort of Transition for This Band

New World Shadows is the 5th studio album released by Finnish melodic death metal band Omnium Gatherum and it was released in 2011. The vocals on this album are one of the most noticeable differences compared to the band’s early days. They are of a really, rough, harsh growling style in direct contrast to vocalist Antti Filppu. Omnium Gatherum were not an easy band to get used to and some of you may also find this to be the case. Absorbing the music of this band will take at least 3 listens through this album. However, a very avid fan and someone that has experience with the melodic death metal genre might be able to really take in the music of this album after 2 full listens through. Listening to the songs on this album makes you realize that for the style of the songs on this album, his voice may be just what the band needed even if it is not perfect.

The First Six Songs Including Nova Flame

“Everfields” is the song that starts off this album as it builds up into the kind of song that the band Noumena would also write. Lyrically, the song is about someone that is trying to find the right path for themselves because they are sad. They feel that they left their heart alone years ago. The song is anything but sad though. “Ego” is a song about letting it go and setting the ego free. The longer that the ego stays within us and grows stronger the harder it will be to get rid of it. The middle section of the song sounds like it is influenced by Dark Tranquillity thus giving the song a melodic death metal kind of feel. In the Finnish melodic death metal scene, Omnium Gatherum along with Insomnium and Noumena have established a sort of different feel to the music by incorporating as many different kinds of instrumentation as possible, even giving the bass guitars a role in all of this. We are now living in a new and different world because of the current pandemic but listening to this 10 years after it was released makes it feel sweeter. Rainfall has a way of taming the environment and make it cleaner. “Nova Flame” is one of those songs that has some interesting advice in the lyrics. It suggests that we should let go of the trouble in the world. In a world that is filled with negativity, the music of Omnium Gatherum is a way for us to put things in perspective.

"Watcher of the Skies"

Final Thoughts

Then there is the progressive style instrumental song called “Watcher of the Skies.” The song eventually adopts the melodic death metal style that this band is known for. “The Distance” in terms of the riff style sounds like the albums Projector and Fiction by Dark Tranquillity which is great for those of you that crave the melodic death metal of the Gothenburg style of the 1990s. The guitar solo in this one isn’t like melodic death metal style but it is a good, modern solo if that makes any sense. The one song that we didn’t discuss that has a very important message in it is the song called “An Infinite Mind.” The song lyrically is trying to say that there is nothing wrong with wanting to sit down and relax in a day and age when our lives are dominated by a hectic work schedule. The song is trying to say that we should set ourselves in motion and make attempts to get away from a hectic pace of life.

Final rating for the album New World Shadows: 85 out of 100 points for a solid B

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"Nova Flame"

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