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Omnium Gatherum, "Beyond" (Melodic Death Metal Album Review)

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Beyond Shows the Uniqueness of Omnium Gatherum

Finnish melodic/progressive death metal veterans Omnium Gatherum really expanded their musical horizons with their 2011 studio album New World Shadows. Beyond released in 2013 continues in that same style using elements musically used by bands such as Opeth and Noumena. Though it must be mentioned that Omnium Gatherum slow things down and use melody in their songs which makes it unique while at the same time making it challenging for some of us to get used to. Starting off this album is the instrumental song “Luoto” which turns from a progressive starting song into a more melodic 1980s style rock song while still maintaining the modern production.

The Type of Band That Omnium Gatherum Is

Generally speaking, Omnium Gatherum is not a band that will try to overwhelm our senses with speed. They tend to write slower to mid-tempo death metal while adding melody in the songs. They tend to also have these acoustic progressive style passages similar to Noumena as well. Playing the bass guitars as a guest performer on this album is Eerik Purdon.


About the Songwriting in the Album Beyond

The writing style of these Finnish guys may be hard for some fans to get used to but once you get used to it you will be able to find pleasure in songs that are well produced and have lyrics that relate to personal life subjects. Of course, it is always okay to be a part of the solution. “New Dynamic” is the song that asks that question. In life we must look forward to the new day that comes before us. The song is also like that which you would hear from Dark Tranquillity so there is that definite Gothenburg style in this song. “In the Rim” is a song that stylistically reminds me a little of the band Arch Enemy. Listening to Beyond is a very pleasant experience and the only con for the album is that the vocals are too heavy and guttural to understand. If that is the only real issue with this album then it is mostly an excellent release. I admit that the vocals could be better than this but otherwise, this is an excellent release from these Finns. Then you have the heavy riffing yet atmospheric style song “Nightwalkers” and a song like this one may be unique because of the way that it sounds and feels to the ear. “Formidable” is one of those songs in which the chorus is memorable as the song is trying to tell us that in life there are always challenges that need to be overcome even if it feels like we are dying.

Is Beyond the Best Omnium Gatherum Album?

However, even Omnium Gatherum has changed in terms of their style since their debut Spirits and August Light in 2003. Some of you might ask “Aren’t their albums pretty much similar?” For one thing, the vocals certainly are not since the departure of original vocalist Antti Filppu. Also, the musical style has shifted from your traditional melodic death metal to a death metal style with more of a progressive influence. Of course, there are the songs that have that melodic death style such as “The Sonic Sign.” However, the album shows its different side with songs such as “Who Could Say.” The song can be described as a power ballad because it has a clean vocal part in addition to the heavier parts. The song is trying to point out that there are times in life that we will be feeling the blues. Those moments shall pass as we must open ourselves up to a much larger world of life and love. If we are able to trust and believe that the right person is there for us, it is then that our life partner will show up. To this point, I would have to say that Beyond is the strongest album from Omnium Gatherum based on the albums that I’ve heard from them.


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