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Overcoming the Pandemic With Music, Why Not?

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During this period, crises keep on coming such as social isolation, fear of losing a job, pain of losing a loved one. That severe situation caused a lot of psychological damage. And people began to look to music as a method of healing, lifting the spirit from difficulties.

Community Connection

During the first closure, residents were confused by an unusual situation. There, the coffee chats suddenly disappeared, the warm hug became a luxury, and people looked at the doorknobs and the corridor rail with a strange look. That dark time is when the music soars from the buildings. Naturally and magically, it connects communities and saves people during a pandemic.


When the music festival was canceled due to the epidemic, Italians held their own "congress" at home. Their singing echoed from the balcony, bustling the quiet streets. Back in Spain, there was a policeman strumming his guitar in front of the blockaded buildings. His dance and music delight special audiences; or in New York's neighborhoods, people hum "Yellow Submarine". Like a domino effect, the music rose from one place to another. While the epidemic separates people from each other, music pulls their souls closer together.

Although the industry is heavily influenced, it still proves to be a force of its own. The Max Planck Institute for Experimental Aesthetics (Germany) has just published a study called Viral Tunes, which examined music listening behavior during the COVID pandemic. The study concluded: “During the lockdown, music is key to getting through this heavy situation. Many people report that they tend to listen to music alone, unlike before, not doing anything else when listening to music . That research also shows, unquestionably, that music calms listeners in many ways.

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Drain stress

First, music reduces your stress levels. Just listen to a song, all sadness will naturally disappear. That will be more effective if you listen to music alone. Because of that, you easily fall into a "flow" state, focusing only on the melody and emotions and forgetting about the negative things.


In times of crisis, we often turn to our loved ones, friends and other half. The feeling of being shared and heard makes us feel better. But the epidemic robbed that treatment. Naturally, the music filled the void left behind. The lyrics make listeners think they are connecting and communicating. Because they often have the personal title "you", "em", so it is like a soft sentimental word. And sometimes reveal the listener's own feelings. That's why there's this kind of reaction: "This is really a song written for me".

Activate happiness

It is a proven fact that music makes people happy. There are many studies that show that music helps release endorphins, which are known as happy hormones. It makes us happy like eating delicious food, finishing exercise, talking with loved ones. In addition, these endorphins also help build antibodies and strengthen the immune system, which means healthier.


By sending out a song, you can make others and yourself happy. Like Stefano Bozzini playing the accordion for his wife from the backyard of the Castel San Giovanni hospital, Italy. The sound of the piano dragged his wife to the window, because of travel restrictions due to the epidemic, it could only be enjoyed from afar. The sweet performance quickly became famous on social networks. Only one sound, one player, but many people are happy.


Instead of ending about the magic of music, to borrow the words of Stefano Bozzini: “I love music and when I pull the accordion, it brings joy and happiness everywhere. What's going on in the world is terrible and we need music to lift our spirits."

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