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Nozomi Sasaki: Japanese Fashion Model Who Became an Actress and She Is Very Beautiful!

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Nozomi Sasaki in gorgeous red dress


Who is Nozomi Sasaki?

The name is Nozomi Sasaki. She is one of Japan’s most famous and beautiful young ladies. This is another name that should be on anyone’s list of favorite celebrities. This Japanese beauty was born on February 8, 1988 in the Akita Prefecture. There is a city in that part of Japan called Akita City. She was actually born 10 years after me on the same day. Isn’t that interesting? Perhaps it is no coincidence that I like her. Nozomi Sasaki is a Japanese actress that first started out her career as a fashion model. She was known by her stage name of Nozomi during her modeling years.

How Nozomi Sasaki got into fashion modeling

I have always liked and admired Nozomi. She has one of the cutest looking faces to go along with extremely beautiful eyes. Those eyes of her will dazzle and impress any man. Nozomi seems to me to have that cute look about her while also maintaining her beauty and charm. Nozomi’s blood type is AB. She has a contract with the agency called Topcoat.

Nozomi actually began modeling in her teenage years. Nozomi was discovered and recommended by another fashion model Emi Suzuki. It is because of Emi that Nozomi was introduced to the Pinky fashion magazine in 2007. This magazine was created for Emi but Nozomi got the lucky break and became its featured model. She made an appearance on the March 2008 issue on the cover. After a while, she started to appear on a magazine that specifically catered to young people titled “Young Jump.” In addition, she appeared on several other magazines as a model. In late 2008, she also released her very first photo book titled “Nozomi.” If Aki Hoshino is considered to be the "Angel of Japan" I think Nozomi should be given that title because she is really cute!

Nozomi Sasaki: her acting career in brief

Nozomi made a brief appearance in the movie Handsome Suits in 2008 and two other television series. Her big acting breakthrough came in 2009 when she starred in the movie Tenshi No Koi as a teenage girl involved in a rocky relationship with an older man. The movie became an instant success where it became distributed in some nearby countries such as Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore. The English name for that movie is called my Rainy Days. She also starred in a movie called Afro Tanaka in 2012. In addition to these movie roles, Nozomi has also appeared in a few television dramas. They are drops of God in 2009, Mr. Straightforward in 2010, Propose Brothers and Kaito Royale in 2011. As of 2016, she has roles in the movies Desperate Sunflowers and Canon.

Various Photos of Nozomi Sasaki

Nozomi Sasaki about to go into a sauna perhaps?

Nozomi Sasaki about to go into a sauna perhaps?


Nozomi: the singer and fashion model

Nozomi has also started on a musical career. She released her first single called Kamu To Funyan in July 2010. At the end of 2011 she released her second single called Jin Jin Jingle Bell. This was a cover she did of Chisato Moritaka’s 1995 classic song.

Nozomi has also released five photo books and two DVD’s. The five photo books that she appears in are:

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Nozomi released in 2008

Sasaki Nozomi in Tenshi No Koi and Non in the year 2009

Prism and Nozokimi in 2010.

The DVDs she has released are Weekly Young Jump Premium DVD and Dolly in 2009.

Nozomi Sasaki during the Tokyo International Film Festival


Nozomi Sasaki: the fashion designer

Fans of the Japanese entertainment industry know that Nozomi Sasaki is a former gravure model and current actress. This section of her biography will focus on the other kind of work that she has been involved in.

But what they may not know is that as of June 2010, Sasaki started to work as a fashion designer. She opened her own apparel shop called Cotton Cloud. She opened up that shop with the intention of wearing clothing that matches with her dogs. Nozomi became thrilled that she is now the owner of a shop like this. There is dog clothing in the shop that costs around $20-30 and there is also a dog café. This shows that Sasaki is a really diverse person and she has taken her talents to other areas.

In April 2011, the agency that Nozomi is signed to, Top Coat Entertainment, hosted a charity “handshake” event. The event took place at Ebisu Garden Hall in Tokyo. Fans that brought donations with them were given the opportunity to have a handshake and high five with some of the stars as a long line was formed.

The event was originally supposed to be a 15th anniversary event for Top Coat Entertainment but it was changed to a charity event to help those affected by the Japan earthquake of 2011. All proceeds were donated through the Red Cross of Japan. In January 2012, Nozomi turned her attention to designing suits for women. The new clothing line called n (heart symbol) line by Nozomi was produced by the actress herself. The goal of this clothing line is to make sure that women have a beautiful body. Sasaki commented on this when she said “I thought it would be nice to have a suit like this. “This was my first time designing a suit, so it was difficult. We held numerous meetings for it.

It was announced that the actress would be appearing in the August 2012 issue of Glamorous. This appearance will be something different from her usual sweet girl-like image. It is said that she will be modeling in a swimsuit and black dress. The photo shoot will cover 6 pages. This latest photo shoot is designed to display the sexy side of her. On August 20, 2012, Nozomi Sasaki would end up taking a break from designing and put Cotton Cloud to rest for a while. That was actually started as far back as 2006. Sasaki says that her really busy schedule and rising popularity in acting has caused her to make this decision. From that point on, she will dedicate her efforts on the acting side of the entertainment business. Sasaki has also done work for the K-1 Kickboxing League and the Dream Mixed Martial Arts League since 2009.

Nozomi Sasaki vs. Aki Hoshino

Nozomi Sasaki Gets Married

In April 2017, Sasaki got married to Ken Watabe, 44, from the comedy duo called Unjash. The two of them released a statement from their agencies saying “We decided to take this step because want to continue walking down this path together, by laughing over small things and supporting each other when we are down. Although we are still new to this, we hope to work together and create a household that is filled with joyful laughter,” (Kristin 2017).


Kristin. 2017. Arama Japan. April 9. Accessed December 1, 2017.

The song called "JIN JIN Jingle Bell"

A map of Akita City and Akita Prefecture, Nozomi Sasaki's birthplace

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