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Novoland: Eagle Flag A Chinese Drama Review

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This drama follows four young friends, who find themselves in a middle of political machinations and their struggle with dark forces behind it.

Lu Guichen is a Crown Prince of nomadic tribe Qingyang. His body is weak and fails him more often then not. Everyone thinks he is sick, but actually he has, what's called, a bronze blood. Or better put, through his veins flows the blood of a God of War. And his body just can't handle all that power.

When a convoy from Eastland comes, his father has no choice but to send him there as a hostage. In a deal that will get him married with a princess.

There he meets You Ran, a niece of State Proceptor, (something like a sorcerer). A tomboyish girl who is as hyperactive as she is blunt. And Ji Te, An illegitimate son of once a big household. He is looked on with contempt. All he wants is to be a warrior. Which doesn't come easy.

These three friends quickly find themselves in a middle of a turbulent war for political power, while the dark shadow lurks behind every corner.

Information About This Drama

Genre: Fantasy, Drama, Action, Adventure

Based on a novel: Novoland: Eagle Flag by Jiang Nan

Production company: Limmon Pictures

Number of episodes: 56

Original release: July 16, 2019


About Novoland Universe

I have to tell you a couple of words about Novoland Universe, so you would know exactly what you are offered in this drama.

Novoland is a fictional fantasy universe, it consists of 3 continents and 9 provinces. Divided in the prosperous Eastland and eight nomadic tribes. This universe has a history of 10000 years, which is then divided into ten eras and sixteen dynasties.

All together there are 30 books written by seven core authors. So, you can imagine the sheer scope of it. This universe started in the early 2000's, and it was inspired by Lord of the Rings movie.


My Review

When I started this drama, I just come out of one other drama (Sword Dynasty) that blew my mind. So, in turn I didn't expect much of this show. I thought it's just a good and enjoyable drama to pass some time. Boy, was I wrong. From the first episode this drama catches your attention and doesn't let go until the last one.

Just from the first couple of frames it's obvious that this drama is a big budget one. You can see that every single detail is done to perfection. The amount of effort put into this drama is fantastic. Everything had to be just perfect. From the story and acting to cinematography.

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Cinematography of this drama is really beautiful, almost artistic. The shots of landscapes are breathtaking. They leave you yearning for more. And they are filmed masterfully. But, when they are combined with music that's when you get a wholesome experience.

At this point we really shouldn't mention fights, when we review Chinese dramas, yet her we are, again. Here, they are done fantastically. Especially, when slow motion kicks in. And they are filmed just right.

When we combine these two aspects of the show, we are left with a conclusion that the director, Zhang Xiaobo really did a masterful job. And this is only his second drama, per IMDb. If they lied to me, then I'm lying to you, and in that case, sorry about that. Anyways, that makes you ask yourself what wonder will this director do in the future, when he's already this good. For you to be properly impressed, I should probably mention that this is his first fantasy/action drama.


As a said before, the book this drama is based on is based upon Lord of the Rings movie. But, honestly, it reminds me more of Game of Thrones. And, by that I mean, characters certainly don't have it easy in this drama.

This show has a plot twist upon plot twist. And all of them are at the expense of our heroes. They went through hell and high water, and that makes you fall in love with them faster.

Liu Haoran did an amazing job as a sickly, yet kindhearted Crown Prince Lu Guichen. His performance here is certainly above standard. In every scene he is on point. Never missing a beat. Colour me impressed.

Chen Haoyu plays a princess of Yin Empire named Bai Zhouyue. And I have to say her performance was so good, it almost made me fall in love with her. Also, her character arc is beautiful.

Chen Ruoxuan as unwanted illegitimate son Ji Te is fantastic. You can see how hurt he is by his situation in his every expression. Every character here goes through some horrible story, but his story is just heart wrenching. But it's his performance that will leave you heart broken.

The one that impressed me the most is Song Zu'er. She plays You Ran, a girl that grew up in the palace. And through some circumstances she became a princess. She is just fantastic as tomboyish girl who is in love with Ji Te, but cares deeply about Crown Prince. Every time she shows up on screen is like the breath of fresh air came over you. Her performance here will amaze you.

Novoland: Eagle Flag First Official Trailer


There is so much television coming our way these days. And many of it being build as the next or like Game of Thrones in an effort to make you pay attention to them. I watched, or at least tried too, all of them, and none of them deserves that kind of build up.

Game of Thrones is a lot of things, some good, and some bad. But it was a defining moment for epic fantasy TV shows, and no one can deny that. So, it's even more off putting when you get to watch a show that is build up like that, only to be a dud. So, I am happy to announce that we have finally found one show that deserves that kind of build up. In every which way.

I have to say, after watching this drama, I'm not just a fan of this drama. But, whole Novoland Universe. It's such a rich world, with even richer stories. So, my final words for this hub is, if you liked Game of Thrones you will love this drama.

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