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Nothing Permanent in This World, Even Problems

If you smile, he/she will laugh and he/she smile, They will laugh.


"You'll find life is still worthwhile if you just smile."

-Charlie Chaplin

The new form of the coronavirus, the deadly disease, Covid-19, has put the world in a new mode.‎

‎The lifestyle of people has changed all over the world. Picnics and parties have stopped. In the West, there are very few people on the bar. There are few people on the beach. There are no tourists in Europe. The hotels are empty. The restaurant is empty. Public meetings, social gatherings, seminars are closed in countries like India. 90% of the world's school children cannot go to schools or colleges. The exams have also been online. The study has become online. Many people work on laptops at home. The concept of going to work in the office has stopped.‎

‎Now, the webinar has replaced the seminars held in the big halls. Recently, the Children's University of Gujarat organized a webinar on various subjects. The Vice-Chancellor of the Children's University, Harshadbhai Shah, selected experts from different subjects and joined the webinar from his own home with his smartphone, and over 20,000 academicians, teachers, students listened to the speeches and responded. Gujarat Education Minister Bhupendra Singh Chudasama and Education Secretary Anju Sharma were present for the entire two hours at the 'Webinar'. The webinar was a unique experience for the audience. It may be that in the days to come, this new concept has become a new way to sit and enjoy the event at home, rather than going to the hall.‎

World on screen‎

‎Now, the children in school. The webinar is a different matter. Online education is a different matter today. Children in school cannot get an education on their mobile or laptop. Children learn not only from books but also from the surroundings. The school has a library and a playground. There is also a theatre to learn dance or drama and also a laboratory for science students. It is not possible on the screen of a mobile or laptop. Children need friends to talk to Girls need friends. College students also want the canteen.

You also need a field to play cricket. It's not all online. The world of children who are closed in schools and colleges has been limited to three screens. One is a mobile screen, the other is a laptop screen, and the third is the television screen. Thus, the children's eyes and minds have taken control of these three screens. which is not health-friendly. Doctors say that monitoring the mobile screen for hours can cause eye damage to children's eyes due to the glare that comes from them. Children also feel the pain of the headache.

Eye numbers may also increase. The mental state on three screens can also irritate children. Interaction with teachers in the classroom is a unique and natural experience. The classroom is a unique system. The poet Rabindranath Tagore created Shanti Niketan to help children study in the natural environment. Taking inspiration from it, Lena Behn Mangaldas built the Shreyas School in Ahmedabad. Like Shanti Niketan in Shreyas, all the children had to clean the school on their own.

The school would have a meeting room with a small motivational address every morning. Shreyas also had classes in drama, music, and swimming for students. Classical dance training for students - all this is impossible online. Children are free to go to school once.‎

Problems increased‎

‎Similarly, people who are used to office workers are often bored and frustrated at home. Domestic violence among spouses also increases. Many also face mental problems. White people in countries like the United States are not used to living together for ten consecutive days. Domestic violence has increased in western countries compared to India. There, people openly break the lockdown and show up on the streets.‎

‎Corona has not only ruined human life but also the world economy. Factories are closed. There are no workers to start factories. Sales of cars or two-wheelers have been suspended. The hotels are empty. The restaurant is closed. The mall is closed. Hill stations are closed. The world's economic activity has been suspended. Yes, in a country like India, there is a crowd at the paan gala. Bd, cigarettes, or tobacco are bad things but cannot be stopped, as people pull the cuss even when they are in the test and use bd or cigarettes even if they are stressed. There is a prohibition in Gujarat, but due to the lockdown, bootleggers have tripled the price of liquor.‎

‎As far as hospitals are concerned, doctors, nurses, and paramedical staff are working as angels for corona patients. Police officers and other police personnel are working day and night to ensure social distance. They are all Corona Warriors.‎

What is this boycott?‎

‎The most tragic situation is that our society does not give enough respect to the Corona Warriors. If a doctor is treating a corona patient in a hospital and comes home, some members have tried to attack the doctor by the residents which are reprehensible.

They should be saluted. Similarly, if a person in society feels that corona is positive, people seem to be socially boycotting him and his family. Social distance is one thing and social exclusion is a different matter. If anyone had seen the film 'Ben-Hur' years ago, it would be a case of being expelled from a deep valley outside the city if someone had been bleeding 2500 years ago.

Then there was the plague, the Spanish flu, the Ebola, the Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS), and great influenza. Corona is a flu-like disease. It is necessary to be careful, but not to be afraid. At one time, more than 50 million people died in our country due to The Spanish Flu. Today, there is no Spanish flu. Similarly, the one-day corona will become ineffective. Yes, it may take time for her medicine and vaccine to come, but she needs not be afraid of the corona. This earth has seen many wars. "I have seen many massacres", " I have seen many epidemics.‎"

This time will pass‎

‎Now the generation is witnessing the corona epidemic. It will be one day and the world will become the same as before. Cities will be free of fire. Children would be playing cricket in the field, the audience watching movies in the cinema. Hill stations will be free of charge. The mall will be bustling.

There will be free traffic jams for customers in cities. The gardens will be free. Children's killings will be heard while schools for free.‎‎World-renowned actor Charlie Chaplin has said, 'Nothing is Permanent in this wicked world, not even your troubles.'‎

‎This statement by British comedian-actor Charlie Chaplin, which made the world laugh, has a very positive message. He used to say, "I don't open an umbrella during the rain, so people can't see my tears."‎

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