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Notes on Lesson "The Miracle of Radio" Written by Messars Evan Bros


The radio is the most important and miraculous invention, of modern world. Maxwell Hertz and Lodge paved the way for Marconi to invent this wonderful thing. Marconi's science teacher, Professor Righi provided him great incentive when he proved that the waves of electricity could jump and pass through the matter. That is why; the wireless was invented by Marconi. His father granted him funds and house for his experiments. He was succeeded in sending message through wireless. He could hear the crackle of spark at a distance of 1.5 km. He discovered that a hill between his transmitter and receiver made no difference. He could obtain maximum strength by putting the aerial vertically instead of horizontally.
In 1896 Marconi came to England and submitted his invention to the Government. In 1898 the British Navy used this invention in different operations. Marconi's dream of linking nations together drew nearer when the Queen Victoria sent a wireless message to Prince of Wales on board.
Though Marconi's experiments were proved true but all these were made at short distance. So Marconi made a plan and directed his assistants in Cornwall to send a wireless signal to him in Newfoundland at the distance of about 4827 kilometers through sea. Marconi heard the treble signals with the help of kite flying 122 meters in the air. Thus wireless conquered the space.
Now wireless became very famous and was used in naval operations. In 1924 Marconi successfully sent messages by speech and not through the Morse code the awkward way of dots and dashes. Music as well as speech could be broadcast. That is why Wireless became a wonderful medium of entertainment and education. This paved the way for Baird who sent pictures by radio, and television was invented. It was black & white in starting but colour television was also not impossible. Then Radar was discovered which can locate the position of ships or aeroplane and guide them safely.
One of the latest developments is the radio telescope. The.invention is based on the discovery that stars emit wireless waves. The radio telescope has made the exploration of universe possible.

Questions and Answers

Q.1: At what speed do wireless waves move? What other waves move at this speed?

Ans: The wireless waves move at the speed of 299792.5 Kilometres per second. The light waves also move at the same speed.

Q.2: Why were wireless waves once called Hertzian waves?

Ans: Wireless waves were once called Hertzian waves because Heinrich Hertz, the German scientist was the first person who discovered these waves.

Q.3: In what years were wireless signals first transmitted over the English Channel and the Atlantic Ocean? Who was responsible for these successful experiments?

Ans: The wireless signals were first transmitted over the English Channel in 1896 and across the Atlantic Ocean in 1901. Marconi was responsible for both of these successful experiments.

Q.4: What facts are given in the text about the first use of wireless to bring help to a ship in distress?

Ans: When the Liner Republic collided with another ship in Atlantic Ocean, wireless signals were, for the first time used to seek help.

Q.5: Could speech be transmitted in the early days of wireless signalling? If not how were messages transmitted?

Ans: No, speech could not be transmitted in the early days of wireless signalling. The Morse code was sued instead of speech.

Q.6: During what period did sound broadcasting became generally established?

Ans: Sound broad casting became generally established in 1920’s.

Q.7: In what way is television an advance upon sound broad-casting?

Ans: Television is an advance upon sound broadcasting since pictures and not just sound can be sent by it.

Q.8: Is television in colour possible? If so, why is it not in general use?

Ans: Television in colour has been made possible. It is not in general use because it is expensive.

Q.9: What is the function of Radar?

Ans: The function of Radar is to locate position of aircraft ship.

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Q.10: What use can the astronomer make of radio?

Ans: The astronomer can now explore the vast universe by the use of radio telescope. It works by detecting radio waves sent by distant stars.

Words and Synonyms


Marvel ------- Wonder

Conquest ------ The act of taking control by force

Indebted ------- Greatful

Prophesied ------- Predicated, Foretold, Forecast

Subsequently ------ Afterward, Later

Potentialities ------- Possibilities

Curious ------- Eager

Pre-eminent ------- Outstanding

Intuitive ------ Natural

Crest -------- Top part of Hill

Enormously ------- Extremely large

Prophecy --------- Predication

Triumph -------- Achievement,Victory

Pursue --------- to follow, to run after

Obsess -------- to completely fill your mind

Faint --------- Unconscious

Intervening ------ Coming, existing between two Events or dates

Crackle ------ to make short sharp voice

Spark ------ Small Burning Piece

Morse Code------ A system for sending messages

Aerial ------ A piece of wire for sending signals

Naval ------ Connected with the Navy of a country

Doubters ------ Who is uncertain

Interfere ------- Involvement

Tremendous -------- Marvellous

Immensely -------- Extremely, enormously

Expense -------- The money that you spend on something

Coastline ------- The land along the coast

Vicinity ------ The area around the particular place

Collision- ------ Accident of two things

Manenvers ----- Military exercises

Pioneer ------ Beginner, Founder


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