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Not Today Satan: The Church phrase Came From Bianca Del Rio and Ru Paul's Drag Race

Candace Cameron Bure

Candace Cameron Bure

The root of it all

The body of Christ today is filled with catchphrases, mantras, and slogans that quickly become part of the Christian culture. Once a saying hits Facebook practically everyone begins using it with little thought of the origin. One phrase that is currently popular is "Not today Satan," These three words can be found in social media posts, Gifs, memes, tee shirts and on the tongues of believers in Christ everywhere. Those who have accepted His free gift of eternal life are supposed to be lifting up the Name of Jesus and filled with His Spirit. We have not been called to promote and advertising our adversary by wearing his name on clothing. Perhaps you have said these three words because they sound good and everyone else is doing it. You might have assumed they were based on something in the Bible. This wording is not found in scripture although Jesus told Peter in Matthew 16:23 and Luke 4:8 "Get thee behind Me Satan. In context, Peter became alarmed when Jesus began teaching His disciples about what would happen to Him leading to his crucifixion. When Peter said such things should not happen Jesus pointed out that this was God's will and His disciple was looking at the situation from a human perspective. Christ was being spiritual but many today who tell the devil " Not today" are trivializing the words. Simple things like a broken fingernail or being cut off in traffic causes people to use this slogan.

Roy Haylock

Roy Haylock

Roy Haylock AKA Bianca Del Rio vs Candace Cameron Bure

.The popular saying that is used today comes from a different and quite unbiblical source. Actress Candace Cameron Bure (Full House/ Fuller House) is the reason the origin of these three words came to light. The devout Christian caused great controversy when she was photographed wearing a shirt with the slogan and that's how everything unfolded.The phrase that many Christians are fond of and make use of on a regular basis comes from a man who says he is not religious. Not Today Satan.was made famous during the sixth season of Ru Paul's Drag Race by champion racer Bianca Del Rio. The drag queen's birth name is Roy Haylock who sells Not Today Satan merchandise on his website. Haylock grew up in Gretna, Louisiana, and is of Honduran descent on his father's side and Cuban descent on his mother's side. He started acting and designing costumes for plays at West Jefferson High School and after graduating , he decided to move to New York City. He worked at Bloomingdale's for nine months before returning to Louisiana. While In New Orleans, I’m 1996 he began performing as a drag artist in the play Pageant. The local drag queen Lisa Beaumann saw him in the play and later cast him in shows at the nightclub Oz. Haylock won the New Orleans Gay Entertainer of the Year for three years as drag queen Bianca Del Rio. Haylock noticed Bure’s social media post and shared it with the following message:

“IF ONLY, THIS HOMOPHOBIC, REPUBLICAN KNEW………,” and followed it with a series of devil faces and hearts . Bure responded by sharing that she had received a lot of backlash and asked why Haylock had sent so many hateful people to her page. She added that loving Jesus does not mean you hate gay people.Sadly some Christians have indeed said that God hates homosexuals.

Bianca Del Rio

Bianca Del Rio

Satan means different things to different people

When some Christians find out that De Rip is the author of Not today Satan it won’t matter as they have been using this slogan for years and will not stop. There will be others who will be horrified to realize a Drag Queen and not the Bible is the source of the wording. There is a misconception within the body of Christ that everyone who speaks against the devil is a believer but this is not true. Some people who talk about the devil only do so to vex Christian’s and do not even believe he is real. This was the case of Anton Levy the founder of the church of Satan and the Satanic Bible. Others use the name Satan and devil as a way to reference evil people and or evil actions and don’t believe in a supernatural being. It’s not clear why Haylock/Del Rio chose these words and it really does not matter. What is more important is for Christ followers to not get caught up in pop culture and the slogan of the season. This is why it’s important to investigate any new fad that comes along before jumping on the bandwagon.


Not today Satan

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Rupaul's Drag Race

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