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PanamaTrickster Reviews: Nope (2022)

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Your first reaction may be the same as mine: Fixation on the landscape. Beautiful and dead don’t commonly share the same idea, but in this case, it works. The natural beautiful dead look to the Aqua Dulce Desert north of Los Angeles California was a mesmerizing location to film this exquisitely original concept of a story.

You might enjoy Nope’s quick introduction to get you engulfed in the mystery and question around the entire film, keeping you hooked through an otherwise mediocre first act, and half of the second act. Instead of any real plot or advancement to the film’s climax, the first act’s purpose seems to get pleasure out of feeding the audience unnecessary gimmicky jumpscares, and purely unrewarding terror.

But the film came alive on the back half of the second act, giving us closure to the mystery at the beginning of the film, only to reveal a brand-new question just when you thought you had all the answers. This was a masterful way of keeping us engaged just when we thought it was time to go. The score feels grand, epic, and original, but is used in predictable moments. That can sometimes take away from its own beauty, but for the most part, it is completely forgivable, given the undeniably gorgeous flow of its strings and brass complimenting one another so effortlessly.

This film could really swing either way, depending on what you might get out of it as a final message. I myself went back and forth from a mediocre rating to a high rating as I struggled with what side of the fence I was on. But in the end, I chose the latter, simply due to the film’s overall originality.


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