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Nodame Cantabile

Nodame Cantabile

Nodame Cantabile

Classical Music and Love

Nodame Cantabile is one of my favorite anime that I've ever seen. While I feel that my own classical training for piano may be a factor, I still managed to watch all three seasons without my musician's judgment in the way. Actually, watching Nodame Cantabile made me even more motivated and inspired to practice and continue my classical training. Even though I am a classical music aficionado, one does not need a knowledge of classical music to enjoy Nodame Cantabile. Actually, all you need are a pair of ears and an open mind in order to appreciate this anime.

Meet Shinichi Chiaki, an aspiring yet arrogant classical musician in hopes of becoming a great conductor. By accident, he meets the eccentric and wild pianist Megumi Noda or 'Nodame' who plays by ear rather than with the sheet music. Upon meeting Chiaki, Nodame falls madly in love with him and refuses to leave his side. Of course, throughout the show, Chiaki begins to slowly appreciate Nodame's quirkiness and starts to develop some feelings of his own. The main point of the show is both Chiaki and Nodame's growth as musicians as well as their relationship with each other. The music that was chosen for this show is an excellent compilation of great classical pieces that allow non-classical musicians to enjoy as well.

If not the music, the comedy elements are most memorable. I recall after watching the first season I started screaming: MUKYA! or GYABO! (just a few of Nodame's outbursts). Also, Chiaki's futile attempts to shake her off his back are very humorous. There are some serious parts of the show that detail certain dark elements of the characters and also strains in Nodame and Chiaki's relationship ( there were a few times I actually cried too).

In a sense, Nodame Cantabile is a well executed anime with an interesting plot and beautiful music. It is not, as what many people believe, a music anime directed towards classical musicians. With interesting characters, an active plot, and Nodame's crazy antics, it is an anime that is perfect for anyone who can appreciate the beauty of music.

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