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"Nobody" Movie Review

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Some films use exaggeration to their benefit. Some try and fail. Nobody was one of the few films that succeeded with flying colors. While the film is certainly an exaggeration of epic hitman films such as John Wick and The Equalizer, Nobody still stands on its own. Bob Odenkirk is no Keanu Reeves but don't let his Saul Goodman character fool you. Bob proves in this film that he's a true badass of the deadly kind.

The film follows Hutch Mansell, a man who used to be a deadly assassin for a secret agency within the US government. He has since retired and settled down, married and had two kids. After a break-in goes wrong, Hutch snaps and tracks down the people who robbed him. One brawl leads to another, eventually landing the brother of a big-time Russian mobster in a coma. The Russian vows revenge and now Hutch must defend his family and stop the Russians from killing him and the people he loves.

First off, I have to give a huge round of applause to Bob Odenkirk. I knew he could do comedy and I knew he could do drama, but Nobody is a whole new level for him. In fact, Nobody is based in a small part of reality. Bob's LA home was apparently burglarized twice, the latter being a rather traumatic event. If Nobody could give him some closure or some therapy for that event then that's a good thing.

Secondly, just when I thought I couldn't love Christopher Lloyd any more than I already do, he goes and takes the role of Hutch's father, a man who seemingly is also a former assassin. Family business, I guess? Like I said, the film is exaggerated but oh is it so much fun.

The only problem I had with the film was the reasoning behind Hutch's return to the dark world he left. He said himself in the film that he didn't attack the burglars because they were just a couple of scared kids and the gun they had was empty. But suddenly he snaps, tracks them down, and nearly kills them because they took his daughter's kitty-cat bracelet? I mean, I understand doing anything for your kid but that's a bit of a stretch. The bus scene would have been a much better segue into his mental snap, especially after a robbery that shook his family. Then again, what do I know? I didn't write it.

In conclusion, I was mostly impressed with this film and would 100% go see it in theaters again. If you like John Wick, you'll like Nobody. I give the film a 3.5 out of 4.

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