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No Time to Die Movie Review

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No Time to Die is an absolute masterpiece. I was almost ready to declare it superior to Skyfall but decided that No Time to Die is the second-best Daniel Craig Bond film, but just by a very small margin. The film had everything that a Bond film requires and it had everything that an epic cinematic film requires. It was chock full of material, interesting plot twists, thought-provoking philosophy, and great action sequences and a haunting opening song by Billie Eilish.

The film follows Bond as he's retired with his new wife, thinking he's finally going to be able to be happy. Alas, the past is never truly dead as her secrets surface. Bond, thinking he's been betrayed, puts her on a train and tells her goodbye. But pretty soon what he thinks is gone will soon come barreling into his life again, threatening the entire world with a new kind of bio-weapon.

Daniel Craig gave the performance of his career in this film as did the wonderful Lea Seydoux. Will either of them win an Oscar? Probably not but the fact remains that it's an absolute pleasure seeing them work together on-screen. They had great chemistry in Spectre but their chemistry was multiplied exponentially in No Time to Die, which made the stakes feel that much more real.

The thing that I love about Casino Royale, Skyfall and No Time to Die all three is that they focused more on story and didn't rely on action like Quantum of Solace or Moore and Brosnan's eras. Bond being rebooted was the best thing that could have been done for the series. Sure Craig's era was a 5-film origin story but they were mostly done brilliantly and No Time to Die cleanly wraps up the story so that we can move forward with the next installment.

The only disadvantage that No Time to Die had was that the villain wasn't utilized to the full potential. While I understand the film is wrapping up Craig's era, it's just a shame that someone as prolific as Rami Malek was brought on board only to have a handful of scenes and far too quick of an exit. I think that's what caused this film to drop slightly below Skyfall as that film had Javier Bardem constantly posing a threat to Bond.

In conclusion, I was thoroughly impressed with the film and I'd absolutely go see it again. It was nothing short of a masterpiece and certainly one of the best finale films, on par with even Logan. I give No Time to Die a 4 out of 4.

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