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Nirvana Bleach a Very Underrated Album That Still Deserves Attention Even More Than 25 Years Later

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Bleach Songs List

  1. "Blew"
  2. "Floyd the Barber"
  3. "About a Girl"
  4. "School"
  5. "Love Buzz"
  6. "Paper Cuts"
  7. "Negative Creep"
  8. "Scoff"
  9. "Swap Meet"
  10. "Mr. Moustache"
  11. "Sifting"
  12. "Big Cheese"
  13. "Downer"

The Album Bleach Deserves More Credit Than It Gets

Bleach is the first studio album by grunge rock band Nirvana. It still deserves attention even more than 25 years after its release. This is one album that may not get the credit and attention that it deserves. It really has songwriting that is top notch in spite of the flaws in the production. One major difference is that there obviously is no Dave Grohl playing drums on the album. Chad Channing handles most of the drum duties on Bleach with Dale Crover playing the drums on the songs "Floyd the Barber," "Paper Cuts," and "Downer."

A Photo of the Bleach Detergent & the Title of This Album


How Was Bleach Recorded & How Successful Was It?

The album was recorded in 30 hours and the band was charged $606.17 which for that time was not a large amount of money. Guitarist Jason Everman joined Nirvana for a short time and he is credited in the album sleeve although he did not play on the album Bleach. Prior to the release of the album Nevermind, Bleach sold 40,000 copies in the United States. But that was just the beginning of what was to come later. In order to experience success, you have to start somewhere especially musically. But for Nirvana, getting to mainstream success did not take very long as fans were about to see.

"Negative Creep" May Be the Heaviest Song in Nirvana's History

When I first heard Bleach on a cassette tape back in 1993 and 1994, one of the tracks that really stood out to me was the song called “Negative Creep.” The song is probably the heaviest one in the history of Nirvana. It features an extremely heavy guitar tone as you can hear the distortion in the background. The song has also lots of screams from guitarist and front man Kurt Cobain (1967-1994). This song is heavy even for grunge songs and it really can leave the listener impressed with the heaviness.


The process of the lyrical writing according to Kurt Cobain

As far as the lyrics are concerned, Kurt Cobain claimed that they were written the night before the recording of the album. He did not really care about them and he was very angry. Cobain revealed on one of his first interviews that when he writes a song, the lyrics are the least important thing. He emphasized this point by saying that he could go through two or three different subjects in a song and that the lyrics might mean nothing. He even said that the lyrics have to do with his life experiences in Aberdeen, Washington. The lyrics may be the only blemish on an otherwise solid album.

How Good Is the Album Bleach?

What Songs In the Album Bleach Are Significant?

It is now over 30 years since Bleach was released and it will get passed over for the band’s second album Nevermind. However, Bleach is underrated and one need not look further than the first song Blew which has a very good bass line in it. The album begins with the solid song called Blew. I always remember this song because of the excellent beginning to it with the bass guitar work kicking in. This is followed by the simple yet catchy song Floyd the Barber. Then there is the famous song called About a Girl. This song was written for Cobain’s girlfriend at the time Tracy Marander. Marander is credited for doing the photography on Bleach. About a Girl would be featured on the album called “Nirvana: LIVE Unplugged in New York.” There is also a cover song called "Love Buzz" by the artist Shocking Blue. It was the first single for Bleach. Other songs on the album worthy of mention include Scoff, Swap Meet, Sifting, and Big Cheese.


Another Moment That is Great On Nirvana's Debut

The bass work in Scoff by Novosellic is very memorable to me even many years later! Some of you may find the constant uttering of the line "don't have nothing for you a bit annoying." The other factor in this song is the repeating main riff but Sifting is still a good song.

"Swap Meet"

The Songs Scoff and Swap Meet are Two of the Band's Best Songs Ever

"Scoff" starts with some catchy drumming before evolving into one of the band’s best songs ever. Swap Meet is even better featuring some excellent bass guitar work by Chris Novosellic. Sifting has some blues style solo work in it and it is a good song. The heaviness of the guitars can be heard again. The album ends with the very short and fast song called Downer. The weakest song on Bleach is the one called Paper Cuts. We did not talk about the song School which has a very good bass line in it. Some of us are lucky to have enjoyed school in our most formative years.


Final Thoughts About the Album Bleach

Other than that, this is a great way for the band to have started out their career. Although Nevermind was more commercially successful and really put Nirvana on top of the grunge rock world, Bleach is an excellent album that deserves attention and praise even in 2018 and beyond. Nirvana is known as one of the best bands in the history of alternative rock and Bleach is an example of an album with great songs, terrific bass guitar work, blues influences, and an overall enjoyable listen.

One song that I did not mention is the heavy bass ridden song "School" and this one is good for its blues style interlude, catchy bass lines and its overall making fun of recess at school. This one is another one of those songs that may be passed over because of some of repeating lines and the vocals may not appeal to some people but the bass guitar work in here is superb! It is perhaps of no coincidence that the industrial metal band Fear Factory would do a cover performance of this song in 2004. They made a good choice and thanks to Kurt for writing a song like this.


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"Floyd the Barber"

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