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MOVIE: Nightfall and the Chronicles of Riddick

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I am a Technologist by education and profession. So I -DO- like my technology-oriented entertainment to be internally "Good" & believable


RIDDICK - Here Be Monsters

The bulk of this was written in 2014 (I will be updating in 2020)

UPDATE Jan 10th: I am currently writing a RIDDICK Part 3 - I had originally intended it to be a "Quick Part 3"................. well, I can't. I'm actually going to include some detail, if at all possible. I feel the series deserves the respect. I am seriously impressed with the "Hugeness" of it. The fans especially are so "into" this. I'm personally NOT. NOT that terribly "into" Riddick. But I must honestly respect the substantial work it represents.


RIDDICK is, a roller-coaster ride of quality action and sci-fi horror that does not disappoint the basic Sci-Fi (or thrill) -seeker or video-gamer. As we all know, roller-coaster rides are essentially all -THE SAME. No shock there. Riddick is not out to take the entire Cinema Universe by storm, Just it's fans. The roller-coaster riders. We are not making fine art here. (Though Chronicles #2 had potential...)

As similar as ALL 'coasters are... some of us still seek that "thrill", don't we? Do not be too negative towards a good roller-coaster. And the "Riddick-Ride", actually has a great deal of thought behind it, driven by intelligent people who BELIEVE in the franchise. You may not find the most prestigious awards in cinema affiliated with this franchise, but... Here Be Monsters. And a warrior fit to fight them. Please suspend utter disdain for Riddick for at least a brief while, and give him a moments "thought"... first, before dismissing the franchise and story as "trivial".

Riddick, in truth, stands upon a higher moral ground than you may suppose from first appearances. This is actually revealed in the movie, Pitch-Black, through his interaction with, (and silent criticism of) the Character Carolyn Fry [ played by, Radha Mitchell: Olympus Has Fallen, The Crazies, Frozen Ground, the Silent-Hill series, Thick-as-Thieves, Man-on-Fire, Phone Booth and more ] . You see... Riddick WILL INDEED, leave Carolyn, and all the other "weak and useless" humans to die alone on a desert planet, if push comes to shove. Riddick, (native of the planet appropriately named: "Furya") simply sees the entire universe, differently from nearly all other humans in a very large universe populated with many differing human worlds.

At the beginning of the movie, the protagonist, "Fry", decides to drop the passenger compartment (including passengers), in order to change the center of gravity of the ship allowing her a more controlled landing upon the surface of the planet. She then, changes her moral stance, realizing she was wrong... and becomes someone who cares about the remaining survivors, after the crash. She suffers the guilt of knowing she nearly killed all those people, and so, all through the movie, she works to save those who survive... motivated by her desire to "Do Right" by those people she is responsible for, as acting captain of the crashed merchant vessel. And she imagines Riddick to be purely a killer. ... But Riddick, our anti-hero, has his own moral-code.

So, when you see the name: RIDDICK, Prepare to have your belief suspended for the next two hours. Bring your popcorn, don't plan on leaving your seat. Arms and hands- INSIDE the car, please...

(There are 'bitey-things' outside, in the dark.)

IMHO A Physicist by education & experience- This movie has the -BEST- crash of all Sci-fi. 5 minits from orbit to ground

"Nightfall" - the original name of the Riddick-Movie PITCH BLACK

Written by Brothers JIM and KEN WHEAT, Nightfall was the original title of Pitch Black

Written by Brothers JIM and KEN WHEAT, Nightfall was the original title of Pitch Black

Welcome to Richard B. Riddicks world

.In case you have NOT seen this original "Riddick" movie, the one that started it all... And even if you are not a dyed-in-the-wool, die-hard Sci-Fi or horror fan, it's very possible you will enjoy the movie at least as a futuristic action / monster flick. It's also possible you may think it is an excellent movie of the genre. It was well done, has a good story, and the characters are believable.

The movie, Pitch-Black, was released in the year 2000 after having been made on a "modest" budget of 23-million. It's release generated mixed reviews, yet it's box-office return was a pleasing 53-million. It was, in truth, a "sleeper-hit", with a cult-following centered on the character, Riddick. I am sure that the newly ubiquitous internet was part of this "movement". The movie was rapidly and freely available and distributed as a logical part of the growing underground trend of general peer-to-peer software and media sharing. The rebellious character of Richard Riddick, fit right in, with the hacker-esque web-itude of the moment. So, if you have any taste or desire at all for a full-blown Sci-Fi thriller and creature-feature, with a real and true honestly-reluctant hero, Riddick IS that "reluctant" hero. And "this", is that movie to watch.

Riddick is often referred to as an: "Anti-Hero", which is, by definition- : a main character in a book, play, movie, etc., who does not have the usual good qualities that are expected in a hero...

So... we have an: A-social convict, who is truly blasphemous-from-the-Heart, and is better-at-escape than Harry Houdini and possesses; a penchant for extreme-knife-play, a genetically driven love for murderous-mayhem and violence, a complete disrespect or distrust or disregard of authority, a general lack of social-grace... as well, he carries within his breast, the collective (psychic) anguish, pain, suffering, and RAGE- of the billions of Furyans slaughtered 30 years ago, by the Necromongers... would HE "qualify" as lacking "the usual good qualities" of a stereo-typical hero?

No? (not enough for you, huh?) Well, how about if he prefers to PROVE that he can kill, without the use of a projectile weapon, AND WITH NO HANDS? As well as, lacking the finer social graces?

Richard B. Riddick, Anti-Hero - UNIVERSAL MOVIES

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Richard B. Riddick, therefore, "qualifies" as an Anti-Hero...


And, though I will include here below, several movie clips, pictures and information on or about the movies, anime's, video-game spin-offs, or characters, do not think for one moment I have exhausted the fun to be had from viewing the 3-main-movies. They are "Action Flicks". Each movie is filled with well choreographed action, supported by a respected and well-thought and detailed, back-story, done by intelligent people who deeply respect the Riddick-Universe.

The first movie, Pitch-Black is quite good (I personally Love it), I believe the Wheat brothers (Jim and Ken) were creating something special, or trying to, when they wrote it. Pitch Black, is clean, simple, detailed, and a bit deeper than you may suppose from a cursory viewing. It is, from beginning-to-end, action-or-conflict-oriented, and well done. So are all the live-action movies of this series. I honestly doubt the movies will be "spoiled" for you by information in these articles. Listen, ... these are ROLLER COASTER RIDES, all roller-coasters "end", the same way... so when you find out that he "wins" in the end. Do not act shocked. It's not about "The End", it's about "this-particular-ride". Then... we all wait... for the NEXT... "ride". So, instead, go ahead, and take a little "sip" of these movies here and now, ESPECIALLY if you have never heard of them. This will help you to catch up and understand where RIDDICK-2013 is coming from- if you have no clue at all what the story of Riddick is about thus far. There is plenty to see and understand or be entertained by later. I certainly can NOT cover it all "here". So I do not consider this as "spoiler" material, it's preparation to understand the larger story. Drink deeply of the entire story later, if you so desire. Or, you may see the movies as entirely superficial, then say "All the Movies are the Same", with Riddick beating up the monster(z). Whatever your preference, different strokes and all. Some fans have turned Riddick into a religion, and some movie watchers think it is mediocre. It's relative, depending on what you personally worship most.

It also depends on how bored you are, or blind you are to literary meaning, and the human condition. And the myriad methods of it's artistic expression. (Yeah, I said "artistic", regarding a Riddick Movie). Well...

RIDDICK is actually sensitive. Yup. And he shows it by saying "You all need to stay away from me". He can "Love" ... No One.

Well... maybe he's not ... THAT sensitive...

But. When it comes to movies? As for myself? I simply dislike entirely un-thought and totally superficially-produced fictional-garbage (such as the movie, "Stranded", with Christian Slater, see my article on that particularly unfortunate production. It REEKS of lack-of-preparation, and what's more, the producers had SOME kind of budget, yet they entirely SLAUGHTER the movie and acting, they completely hobble Slater, with the lamest of plotting, and lines... ). "Riddick" is, in truth, produced with much care and fore-thought, however, due to it's overall STYLE and THEME ("violence or hyper-machismo"), people often disregard or disrespect it thinking of it as "superficial" when it is only considered as a superficial thriller. Thoughts such as... "Oh I see... the Tough-Guy, kills everything in his path..." -It's not exactly that simple a story, in truth. The RIDDICK franchise deserves a little more than superficial regard. Yet, at the very same time, the movies ARE indeed, produced to simply BE, a "superficial thrill-ride". I personally suspect that the Wheat-Towhy combo is absolutely BRILLIANT. They are running a business intelligently, and with artistic integrity. My suggestion is to take a dose of Riddick, with a large side of popcorn, and your favorite girl or boy, with you on the couch, or love-seat.

Welcome to RIDDICKS World.

- The Chronicles of RIDDICK - Pitch Black

in Y2K Diesel appeared in PITCH BLACK, as Richard B. Riddick

in Y2K Diesel appeared in PITCH BLACK, as Richard B. Riddick

The 'Chronicles' franchise, has a labeling convention

With the official formation of "The Franchise", along with the 2004 movie. All the movies are henceforth labeled as "Chronicles". For instance. The first movie is now known as, "The Chronicles of Riddick, PITCH BLACK", or "The Chronicles of Riddick, DARK FURY", or "The Chronicles of Riddick, INTO PITCH BLACK", ... and the name-sake of the entire franchise, the "Second" (official) movie? is simply known as "The Chronicles of Riddick" since it was epic. But I personally and privately call it "The Chronicles of Riddick - ANOTHER KIND OF EVIL"

And with the appearance of the most recent RIDDICK-2013 movie, the current movie is known as "The Chronicles of Riddick - RULE THE DARK". And this movie also has an animated pre-quel based upon the story-boarding in preparation for "Riddick-Rule The Dark". It is entitled, "The Chronicles of Riddick: BLINDSIDED". Six movies thus far, with two more, Live-action movies, on the way, if rumors are to be believed.






RIDDICK 2013 - Rule The Dark


David Towhy - brought "The Chronicles of RIDDICK" to life

This is David Towhy, on the set of Pitch Black

This is David Towhy, on the set of Pitch Black

The Chronicles of RIDDICK, born from Nightfall

The story "Nightfall" was created by Jim and Ken Wheat. If you try to imagine the world of Pitch-Black, and an Anti-Hero (Riddick) who's catch-phrase, (and subtitle of the movie/book) is, "You're not afraid of the Dark, are You?" That actually is a very good hook, to throw people in the novel or movie world.

And, what if your "hero", is an escaped convict who is so fearsomely tough, that his head not only brings the largest known bounty of any criminal-at-large, but he is also tough enough to bring woe, to the monsters of your worst nightmares? Well, that'd be one tough hombre', Si~?

Enter David Twohy- movie producer / director and Riddick - the media franchise is born out of the movie "Pitch-Black". Then, after Pitch-Black, two more "background" movies, "Into Pitch Black" (made for TV) and "Dark Fury". These creative efforts helped flesh out the anti-hero Richard B. Riddick. These stories, were followed by the 2004 live-action movie, "The Chronicles of Riddick", where, once again Riddick is a reluctant champion against evil. This movie is acknowledged as the (official) second live-action movie of what is now known as the "Franchise" of, The Chronicles of Riddick. Prior to this, it was "Pitch Black", then, "The Chronicles of Riddick". (With the two background movies added in between.)

The Anime'-Motion-picture "Dark Fury" (voiced by Vin-Diesel) was set IMMEDIATELY after Riddicks departure from planet "M6-117", the Pitch-Black planet. It commences from inside the spacecraft Riddick is piloting, and he is accompanied by Imam, and Jack.. These three people were the only survivors of M6-117's 'nightfall'. Then, "Into Pitch Black" was a made-for-TV movie, and was set in the time period generally after the original movie "Pitch Black".

Some reviews have said that the "Into Pitch Black" TV-Movie was "misleading", but here, several years later, I think not. I believe it does it's job of providing background detail, and "reality". I think it was merely part of a writers exercise, brought to life. It is all part of the creation of back-story in support of thinking-through the "Riddick" universe. When writers do such things, they often discover heretofore un-thunk or un-seen realizations as a logical extension of the world they put to (figurative) paper. So these storyboard or animated exercises, are just the results dripping (or pouring) out of the Riddick, think-tank.



The Six parts significant to the franchise and this article thus far:

1) Chronicles of RIDDICK - Pitch-Black (Riddick #1)

2) Chronicles of RIDDICK - Dark Fury - (animation- v.o. by V.Diesel)

3) Chronicles of RIDDICK - Into Pitch Black - (made for TV)

4) Chronicles of RIDDICK - Another Kind of Evil (Riddick #2)

5) Chronicles of RIDDICK - Blindsided - (animation- v.o. by V.Diesel)

6) Chronicles of RIDDICK - Rule The Dark (Riddick #3)

I DO - have a 'favorite' animated movie. Dark Fury, is the only animated movie truly produced to BE an actual, stand-alone, and truly entertaining brief mini-movie. Done in a true Anime' style. All the others are just story-board derivatives, and primarily an expression of writers exercise. But, I'll cover the animated parts and games in another article. I can only "take" just-so-much ANALYSIS of this in a day... I'll do the "Animated", soon as I "recover" from this article.

Obviously, if the various "Riddick-stories" are all (now) considered as "Chronicles" of the Riddick franchise, you now see why the currently released movie is entitled: "RIDDICK - Rule The Dark", the latest of the "Chronicles of Riddick" series. The name "RIDDICK" is an abbreviation.

YES - I DO Realize there is more "media" associated with the "RIDDICK" franchise, than these six pieces here listed..

There is a prequel to Pitch-Black, and several "movies" or "back-stories" associated with the video-games that are spun off as part of the Riddick-Universe... but, for simplicities sake for those people who are completely unfamiliar with all aspects of this. I will keep this first article I write, simpler, comprised of the broad strokes of the 6 basic movies I list here.

My intention is to fill in the cracks or blanks, in a second piece. regarding the animated videos, later, and provide info re: "teasers" alluding to upcoming movies, and the Riddick video-games, as additional portals viewing the Riddick Universe.

There are people who are "writing", articles. But if they truly do not mention any of the significant background, it is obvious they have NOT "thought" about this series at all. And to "dismiss" this Riddick-franchise as "trivial", or "un-thought" or "unrelated", from movie to movie...

Is to miss the point ENTIRELY, with Riddick. "Riddick", is a creation unto itself, and as with any accomplished Sci-Fi or Horror writers, Such as Larry Niven (The Known-Space, series), or Brian Lumley, (The "Necromancer-series")... Each writer has created an ENTIRE UNIVERSE, unto itself, with all of its own internally consistent laws, characters, story-lines, character arcs... etc.

But whether "we" adopt that particular alternate-reality as plausible, good or entertaining, is another matter.

Yet, Niven, Lumley, and Towhy, all have ONE thing in common: They have all created absolutely TOWERING, extensive, and internally consistent, written works, associated with their central topics. And whether you are a fan of their particular flavor of a genre'...

Well, that's the entire point. But, in the case of "RIDDICK"? ... Here Be Monsters.

So, let us "begin", at the "Beginning". the "First Movie", bringing Riddick to our attention.

The original movie that kicked-off the whole thing: Pitch-Black (Nightfall), is considered a cult-classic.

Chronicles of - RIDDICK - "Blindsided"

Pitch Black-

I personally feel the best movie of the Lot, is Nightfall

The current movie that is out this year, "Riddick - Rule the Dark", is actually reminiscent of the original in that, Riddick must hack and slash his way through a night-time attack of bloodthirsty beasts (and humans). This is very similar to the original movie, Pitch-Black. Except in this movie the humans are more dangerous. In the first movie, it was a band of stranded voyagers, assisted by unlikely hero, Riddick.

Also with RIDDICK-2013, it seems that Riddicks preferred habit is just to "disappear" at the end. By the Furyan's own admission, it was when he became the Ruler of the Necro-mongers in movie number two, that he "Lost his edge" allowing himself to start to become "civilized", and was [blindsided] "blind to the punch that took him out", where the Necro's left him for dead, on this, the planet of this third live-action movie. And, the name, of this planet in this third movie? "Not Furya", yup. This planet is referred to as simply, "NOT FURYA". ...Because Riddick is in search of his home planet, Furya, and rather than help him locate it, the Necro-Commander, Vaaco, dumps him on a planet, which is... NOT.

Not-Furya, has rather unpleasant life forms which have evolved on it's largely harsh surface. There is a dog-like pseudo-jackal which tends to hunt in packs. There are also creatures known as "Mud-Demons" that manifest in presence of clean water. When conditions are dry, the mud demons remain out of sight. So, where there is water, there are mud-demons. This makes it difficult to obtain clean water, without facing some sort of jeopardy or taking a risk.

But, let's just focus on the first movie here and now. I promise that none of what follows will entirely ruin the movie for you. There is simply too much in it to enjoy.

In the first movie, a young mercenary by the name of "William J. Johns", was trying to bring Riddick in for bounty. During the misadventure on planet M6-117, Johns dies... but not until some interesting "interplay" between the characters takes place.

Pitch-Black begins with all passengers in cryo-sleep, passing time between stars. Riddick is under special containment protocol. (Since he is an escape artist). There are 40 passengers aboard a ship named: Hunter Gratzner, which is hit by a meteor storm, and punctured severely...

-The Chronicles of RIDDICK - Pitch Black

Released in 2000, Pitch-Black was made decently

It's my personal opinion that the best-produced crash-landing sequence I have ever seen, is in this movie. The entire unbroken scene is about 8 minutes long. Here, in the clip below, Carolyn Fry, ships pilot, [ played by, Radha Mitchell ] is awakened out of cryo-sleep to deal with a critical situation. I find her performance to be an admirable one.

"Fry", is delicately feminine in the physical sense, well-made and attractive as such, yet she also becomes very obviously tough-minded as the drama on-planet develops, and she then stands for what is "right" by the end of this movie, (as you will see), for, she regrets her personal decision (here at the beginning of the movie) to actually "dump" the passengers, in this scene below, which she would have absolutely done, without her crew-mates intervention. During the drama while on-planet, she "discovers" how she actually wishes to live and "do" right, by the people she is responsible for. And by the end of the movie, she faces Riddick, directly, in defiance, and risking her own life, in an attempt to enlist his willing cooperation, in rescuing the remaining survivors...

The indomitable and defiant Riddick is actually "moved" by Fry's dedication to people she barely knows. You see, at the heart of the matter, Riddick is merely stronger than nearly everyone, in every sense of the word, and rarely can relate to people who are motivated by their much more common-human weakness. In this case, as he watches this female fight through the dark, past monsters far more deadly than herself, to stand... and ultimately face... HIM, ...he decides she's not such a bad-cookie after all, for a "typical-spineless" human.

She acts the part very convincingly of a person trying to survive a very bad situation. Beginning with her emergence from cryo-sleep. At one point, here in this clip, she is trying to decide if she should keep her human cargo, or dump them. The decision she faces is: "Do I wish to crash badly? Or do I wish to crash really-REALLY badly?" Her crew-mate (Greg Owens) gives her no choice in the matter, sabotaging a "purge-sequence", forcing her to keep (and deal with) the extra weight of the Human-Cargo, section. He tells her, "You've still got seventy seconds to level this beast out!"

She struggles to get the merchant-craft in some semblance of a landing orientation while shedding orbital energy. Her center of gravity too far aft, with their pay-load, the nose of the craft is still too high, and they are coming in so fast, that all attempts at air braking vs control, are burning the craft up and air-breaking surfaces are over-stressed and fracturing with the tremendous loading of heat and drag..

Her intense and intelligent commitment to the "action", of bringing in Hunter-Gratzner, makes you believe, and forget for a moment, (all the other bad fiction out there) and you are no longer sitting in your nice, comfortable living room...

-and you believe you are about to have a desert, smashed into your FACE...

Pitch Black Crash Landing - UNIVERSAL MOVIES

Radha Mitchell, a light-weight superstar, "Super" nonetheless

"Fry" [Radha Mitchell] went on to Olympus has Fallen, Surrogates, The Crazies, Silent Hill, and many more. She has likely been in several movies you do like in the last decade, but you probably do not "recognize" her as an "A-lister".

Radha Mitchell ( "Fry" ) in Pitch-Black

L-R: Keith David ( Imam), Rhiahna Griffith ( Jack ), Radha Mitchell ( Fry ), Vin Diesel  ( as James Tiberius ... )  ... just checking 2 C if U R looking...

L-R: Keith David ( Imam), Rhiahna Griffith ( Jack ), Radha Mitchell ( Fry ), Vin Diesel ( as James Tiberius ... ) ... just checking 2 C if U R looking...

Radha Mitchell (in 2009)

2009 - in The Surrogates

2009 - in The Surrogates

"Looks clear..."

Even a touch of humor

Not TONS of humor, but just here or there, there is a bit of tongue in cheek. Or a wry smile to be had. See here, in this clip. Johns, the bounty hunter is actually a very tough-minded human. He is NO "wuss". He did manage to capture Riddick, and get him in cuffs at one point, after all.


Good for a chuckle.


So, If you have not seen it. Get the movie Pitch-Black, download it, stream it, whichever form you may obtain it. But SEE it. The roller-coaster-ride called RIDDICK... Begins, with this new-classic.

Do not consider the above pieces of the story spoilers, It should simply be enough to whet the appetite, and provide impetus to "Do the Riddick series right."

After you've seen Pitch-Black, follow-up with RIDDICK #2, "THE Chronicles of Riddick", which is the second movie of the series. The proper name of which IS: "The Chronicles of Riddick" but I call it: -RIDDICK- Another Kind of Evil...


The second movie in the series? "The Chronicles of Riddick"

I personally referred to the second movie as a "visual smorgasbord". It was truly a grand epic. Visually grand as well as a 'Big' story, big enough for Riddick, as he was being envisioned, and portrayed.

In some ways, this second movie is exactly the grand style you'd associate with an over-the-top character like Riddick. Perhaps the character-arc of Riddick will go no higher than these two movies will allow. (Perhaps all we will have to look forward to is the usual "manufacturing process" of common sci-fi action flicks, with the name "RIDDICK" attached from now-onward.) But, I personally believe it IS possible the apogee of that character arc, rests in the minds of the Riddick Uber-Fans, somewhere between Pitch-Black and Chronicles.

I will be shocked to see future movies of RIDDICK become grander, bigger or better, than Pitch-Black, or "Chronicles' #2".

But "Chronicles", set a tone for Riddick that is nearly super-human. I do not see how it is even realistically POSSIBLE to "top" the "grandness" of "Chronicles"-#2. The threat that he was entangled with, is a people known as "Necro-Mongers". It is a sub-branch of humanity that worships and believes in a "Transcendence into the Underverse", which is a parallel reality, which I guess, they are bringing to OUR "reality" and subsequently either "converting" us, or killing us.

And "we", shall have No Choice in the matter... except for one TINY detail the Necro's overlook.

We have a "Riddick". A surviving Furyan, which, to a certain Lord-Marshall of the Necromongers... is a very frightening thing. And "he", The Lord-Marshall, thought he got'em-all (all Furyan's - in a genocidal attack on them) thirty years ago. ...Nope! Missed one!


After we get past the introductory opening scenes of the second full-action Riddick-movie, we are introduced to yet another very interesting sub-species of humanity. Witness the introduction of the first "Elemental" ("witch") in the series.

The Elemental you are introduced to, is named: Aereon (played by the lovely Judi Dench). As it happens she is the individual that put the current bounty on Riddicks head. But her purpose is not to see him incarcerated. No, she realizes his purpose is nothing so, ..minor. The recent batches of Merc's that have been after Riddick, have been sent by Aereon.

Aereon, knows that Riddick is the Furyan of prophecy who will stop this new darkness that has befallen humanity. She presents herself as a dignified and gentle creature of intellect and spirit. She is an "Air-Elemental" known as a Sylph. They are intelligent and primarily logical by nature, rather than given to crude opinion. Their people tend towards social neutrality among differing worlds, preferring non-interference and avoidance of common lower-level-conflict.

However, Elementals will take action, once they have calculated their intervention is necessary or required. The Necromongers point out that Elementals do not seem to believe in any god. Dame Vaako, (Vaako's wife) refers to them as "Spies and Witches", largely in a feminine attempt to provoke an emotional response from Aereon. And when that doesn't work, Dame Vaako then tests the "Elementals ability to 'fly'...". To which Aereon merely replies, " We do not fly, but we DO glide, very well." As she hovers over a death-drop, that Dame Vaako, suprises Aereon with.

[ According to Vin Diesel, there will be two new Elemental characters you meet in the fourth RIDDICK - Chronicle. A Fire, and Water Elemental. Supposedly, there are Air, Earth, Fire, Water, and Aether Elementals. ]

Just watch it, and see. "The Chronicles of Riddick" (movie 2) is a "Larger-than-life" story of epic proportions, grandiose ego, and magnificent vision. And, in this movie, the unthinkable happens, a nearly superhuman military leader, is not only killed but... ~


-in CASE you have not seen RIDDICK - movie #2, I won't TELL you the end.
... But the Necro's never saw it coming. And Riddick certainly did not either.

- The Chronicles of RIDDICK - Another Kind of Evil

Although Nightfall / Pitch-Black is seminal - This movie is the name-sake of the franchise,  (also, the source of confusion regarding movie nomenclature)

Although Nightfall / Pitch-Black is seminal - This movie is the name-sake of the franchise, (also, the source of confusion regarding movie nomenclature)

I realize that there are probably some people who are going to say, "What do you mean, confusion in nomenclature? There's no confusion at all. There's 3 movies (so far). There's "Riddick- Pitch Black", then "The Chronicles of Riddick", then, Riddick- Rule the Dark. (otherwise known popularly, as "RIDDICK")

Right, ~ except they are all part of: The Chronicles of Riddick, and the PROPER Name would include "The Chronicles of Riddick: -"Riddick vs. the Night-Time-Kool-Aid-Monster-from-General-Mills-2015. Because they are all "Chronicles". Which could be shortened TO: 'RIDDICK.-something-or-otherattachedtoRiddick.

I think.

I quote Aereon in this title- "RIDDICK - Another Kind of Evil"

I think it has a Ring-To-it, better than the "bland" (in my opinion) "Chronicles of Riddick" which is the title of the whole series...

I think it has a Ring-To-it, better than the "bland" (in my opinion) "Chronicles of Riddick" which is the title of the whole series...

The Chronicles of Riddick

"Chronicles" was simply an epic "Opera-styled" story. Truly grand, and a difficult to top, story of great magnitude. I thought it was visually stunning. And visually is of very dark and sombre tone. Yet, there is much fire and fight as the "evil", Riddick, operates on behalf of humanity, and is the proverbial "thorn-in-the-paw" of the Lion-Necromongers. A thorn, carrying a wicked-wicked poison.

I won't belabor "Chronicles". Nor do I wish to do much more detailed analytical-exposition of this subject-Riddick.

I, personally do NOT "over-analyze" Riddick, and actually do not ever truly wish to. I prefer instead to let myself DRIFT, and simply watch the movies, once in a a while. As I stated earlier, I do truly appreciate movie or novelized entertainment that is significantly thought out. And "Riddick" happens to actually be thought-out. And is a flavor I can tolerate well. With my favorite movie being Nightfall. (No I can't shake, or forget, the original name.)

Here, I will simply post some common clips or trailers of the second movie, without getting deeply at all into it. It's a fun flick also. And I will post even less about the current third movie, RIDDICK-2013.

- RIDDICK - Another Kind of Evil

Does he even care?- as he squares off with the mightiest warrior the Necro's have?  You think that he woke up this morn saying to himself, "I'd like to take on the toughest, "Holy-Half-Dead-quasi-human -that has been to Underverse and back?" PROBABLY

Does he even care?- as he squares off with the mightiest warrior the Necro's have? You think that he woke up this morn saying to himself, "I'd like to take on the toughest, "Holy-Half-Dead-quasi-human -that has been to Underverse and back?" PROBABLY

" Sometimes, the only way to stop evil, is not with Good, you must confront it with... another KIND ... of Evil" ~

Judy Dench (Aereon) Narrates different trailer

A Riddick Quote

" They say, 'hope begins in the dark', but most just flail around in the blackness searching for their destiny. The darkness, for me, ... is where I SHINE. " [Richard B. Riddick]

NICE video teaser, dramatic music a Diesel as Riddick voice-over

B-roll ON THE SET of Riddick Rule The Dark

this brings us to - RIDDICK - 2013




Well, fast forward 13 years.

Vin Diesel is committed to this character. David Towhy is brilliant. And the series and franchise is a success. This third movie?

I've been "thinking" about this, since writing this article over the last few days. I've seen, Rule-The-Dark twice. And I think we are being "set up". I would say... "Do not be fooled by Riddick-2013". Why?

These guys aren't stupid. Let's assume that the owners and managers of the franchise KNOW what they are doing. Earlier in this article, I said- "I don't see how "Chronicles" can be topped.

But I've actually given it a little thought.

And I... MYSELF, did in fact, come up with a story that would actually "break-traditional-rules", and provide a thriller, that is Sci-Fi or horror-based. Would SURPRISE the crowds with it's theme and central story... and actually provide a "door", to the fifth movie, that will go BACK, to that rather large threat... The Necro-Mongers.

After all, by the time you walk away from Riddick 2013, you will eventually realize (if you ARE a thinking person) that the Necromongers are not "gone".

And they still have NOT, converted all of humanity.

And ... Riddick, still LIVES. Hmmm.


I realize I may offend or put-off some people who may have deep feelings regarding Riddick movies and names. If so, such is not my intention. But here, I am calling the second live-action "Chronicles of Riddick" by the name: "Another Kind of Evil". Obviously, there is a lot of redundancy in the movie names, which I belabored at the beginning of this article. I think the way I'm naming them is a good and workable way. IF, uber-fans have an argument or serious feeling on this, by all means, let me know. I'll change stuff. I do not consider myself a Riddick uber-fan. I'm a "fan" of the character, after a fashion. But I'll defer to any suitably detailed or rational or real, reason. Just let me know, so I can consider an alternative.


James on January 18, 2015:

I just watched this today. Keeping in mind that I am a big fan of Pitch Black I would have to say that Chronicles was ptrety much what I expected from a Vin Diesel movie lots of action, ruthless killing and unreal holoywood super stunt' scenes.The story line was a total variation from Pitch Black however, there was no relation to the planet or those see-in-the-dark' beasts that were in the 1st one apart from Riddick meeting up with two of the charecters and us seeing how they developed.Overall though it was a good movie perfect match for a friday night and a greasy pizza!

StvRich (author) from East Rockaway - Long Island - Planet: Earth ~ on January 13, 2014:

Not a problem at all. I do enjoy the movies at a superficial level. I find I can write about them b/c they do truly represent a major effort by intelligent people.

Madalain Ackley from Richmond, Virginia on January 05, 2014:

Nice overview of the Riddick universe. I find the main character a good study in human behavior. And thanks for the link. I appreciate it. ;)

StvRich (author) from East Rockaway - Long Island - Planet: Earth ~ on January 01, 2014:

And THIS article, is a flattering summary on RIDDICK 2013

StvRich (author) from East Rockaway - Long Island - Planet: Earth ~ on January 01, 2014:

I just read a very GOOD "summary" on the 2nd RIDDICK movie here:

This writer does a nice little summary on the 2nd movie.

StvRich (author) from East Rockaway - Long Island - Planet: Earth ~ on December 30, 2013:

I've been reading the various types of feedback around. Many people tend to act as if this sequel is disappointing. I myself, noted near the beginning of this article, that this story is reminiscent of Pitch-Black in many ways.

But the entire idea behind this article, is to focus on the fact that this is a whole UNIVERSE, that is in existence around Riddick. And I do not think this movie (2013) is anything astounding. Riddick had (actually) gotten himself into a situation that was NOT "good for him", as the Supreme Ruler of the Necro's.

And, as I also believe, it's just another "Roller Coaster" Ride, and I do not think it bears too much heavy criticism. We are not talking "Fine Art" here.

I do think that the 4th movie may be something a bit "different". That is my feeling.

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