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Nier Automata Gets an Anime in January 2023

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This is unexpected, and a pleasant surprise.

This is unexpected, and a pleasant surprise.


I’ve been meaning to play the Nier series for a few years now, but have been putting it off. Next thing I know there’s news of ab upcoming anime adaptation on September 24th. I saw the trailer earlier this week, and was surprised that Nier was getting an anime.

Wait, are those both swords?

Wait, are those both swords?

What We Know So Far, And Plot Summary...

It was first revealed during Aniplex’s Online Festival, as they showed the two teasers were shown off. We also learn that this would be animated by A-1 Pictures, and features 2-B and 9S, the first two protagonists of the NiER series. And no sight of A2, the third protagonist, some might suspect that he might not be in the anime adaptation.

The anime is being written by the game series director Yoko Taro and the anime director Ryouji Masuyama. They even opted to make some changes to the anime to make it palpable for a new audience given the game's multiple endings. How that might fair with the fans, we’ll see in January 2023.

Nier:Automata tell the story of androids 2B and 9S who protect the Earth from invading alien forces.Later on they meet A2, they learn more about their objective to take back the Earth.

Wait,is the animation CGI?

Wait,is the animation CGI?

The Conclusion...

In conclusion, given the game’s critical and commercial success, I suppose an anime adaptation was inevitable. Though given that Yoko Taro had a hand in writing this anime, I suspect this was something he wanted to do. Regardless if I’m not careful, the Nier Automata anime will be my introduction to the series like Shenmue was to that game series.

Though given my procrastinating nature, that’s likely that’ll watch the anime before I play the game. Nier Automata’s anime adaptation premieres in January 2023. Hopefully we’ll get more details about the series as the deadline nears.

Question about Nier Automata anime

Nier Automata anime teaser compilation

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