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New Single With The Killers Adds To Long List Of Lindsey Buckingham Collaborations

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Lindsey Buckingham Has Helped Artists Outside Of Fleetwood Mac


Buried underneath dozens of stories about the Coronavirus yesterday, I was relieved to see some music news. Two items I found of particular interest, for they involved guitarist Lindsey Buckingham.

Sadly, the first mention of Buckingham appeared in the obituary of Keith Olsen, who produced the first album in which Buckingham performed. Simply titled Buckingham Nicks after the guitarist and his wife Stevie Nicks, the quality of the songs led to Olsen also producing the self-titled album when the couple joined Fleetwood Mac.

That hugely successful album was just one of the dozens of classic works the late Olsen has in his legacy, having also worked with the likes of the Grateful Dead, Pat Benetar, and Santana. He also produced "Jesse's Girl", which earned Rick Springfield a number one hit.

The next news item involving Buckingham, much more pleasurable than the other, discussed the new album
by the Killers called Imploding the Mirage. "Caution" is the first single, and already streaming with the rest of the LP to be released next month.

It features Buckingham on a guitar solo, making the collaboration just another of numerous others. Here are fifteen of those collaborations, not counting the work he did with Nicks or other members of Fleetwood Mac.

1. Johnny Cash
The Man in Black made an album of acoustic covers, which included the guitarist on the single "Chains."

2. Brian Wilson
Lindsey co-worker "He Couldn't Get His Poor Old Body To Move," which appeared on the Beach Boys founder's self-titled solo album.

3. Warren Zevon
Although he would appear on numerous Zevon records, Buckingham's presence is most heard on the breakthrough album Excitable Boy.

4. Bob Welch
Former Fleetwood Mac front man Welch was assisted by its current one for the remake of "Sentimental Lady," the biggest single from the French Kiss album.

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5. John Stewart
" Gold" went gold for the former Kingdom Trio member, thanks in part to Buckingham's input.

6. Walter Egan
While Rumours was resting atop the charts, Buckingham was able to help this catchy single climb into the Top Ten.

7. Norah Jones
"Brother and Sister," which appeared in the 2012 film This Is 40, is a diet by the two stars.

8. Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers
Belmont Tench had already played keyboards on several of Buckingham-produced Zevon records, so it was not all that surprising when he teamed with the while band on "Walls."

9. Leo Sayer
His self-titled album from 1978 featured Lindsey on several tracks, the best of which is "Raining in My Heart."

10. Steve Lukather
Think of LeBron James and Michael Jordan on the same basketball team, and you might have an idea what it was like to have two guitarists as talented as Lukather and Lindsey on the same record by Leo Sayer.

11. Nine Inch Nails
It took more than a decade, but Buckingham finally got together with Trent Reznor and NIN.

12. Randy Newman
Veteran songwriter Newman had worked with nearly every artist from Nilsson to Garfunkel to Three Dog Night, so his list of collaborations is even longer than this one.

13. Vanessa Carlton
Buckingham lent his talents to this popular millennial singer, whose biggest hit was "One Thousand Miles."

14. Don Henley
Having scored with Stevie Nicks in "Leather and Lace," it was just a matter of time when the Eagles star would record with her ex-husband.

15. Linda Rondstadt
California's most popular female artist worked with nearly every act on the West Coast, which is where Buckingham called home.

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