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New Comedy Game Show : Generation Gap

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New Comedy Game Show : Generation Gap


New comedy game show : Generation Gap, hosted by Kelly Ripa

Generation Gap is an hour long comedy game show that aired for the first time in the 9-10pm (Eastern time) time slot on Thursday, July 7, 2022 on ABC television.

Generation Gap will air weekly on Thursdays at 9pm.

Generation Gap Game Show

In this game show, GENERATION GAP, there are two teams of two people. The two teams play against each other in Generation Gap, to see who could win the most cash.

Series Premiere of Generation Gap

On each team of two people is a young person (a kid or teenager) and an older (elderly) person.

On this series premiere of the Generation Gap game show, there was a team with a Great aunt and grand nephew from New York. (McColm and Janice)

The other team included a grandmother and her grandson. (Nolan and Marilyn)

1. Trivia Questions on Generation Gap Show

The contestants in the game show, Generation Gap answer a series of trivia questions spanning the generations.

Questions about:

  • Louise Jefferson, "Weezy", on the show The Jeffersons
  • The Rolling Stones
  • Shirley Temple
  • The Power Rangers

were all mentioned. Upon seeing a photograph of the person or group of people, the contestants would have to identify them.

2. Secret Celebrity on Generation Gap game show

There was also a "secret celebrity" (Ryan Seacrest) featured on the Generation Gap game show, and based on the answers to secret celebrity trivia questions, the Generation Gap game show teams had to guess who he was as he stayed out of sight behind a partition before ultimately being revealed.

Nolan and Marilyn guessed correctly for $2,500 and brought their total so far up to over $6,000 ($6,250) while McColm and Janice had $4,000 at this point in the game.

3. Can you guess the name of the song?

Some song titles that were also partially described and needed to be identified for the Generation Gap game included:

  • Stitches by Shawn Mendes
  • Sorry by Justin Bieber
  • Cheap Thrills by Sia
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The song, Cheap Thrills by Sia was mentioned with Kelly Ripa's Dad, Joe Ripa making an onscreen appearance (via Zoom or Facetime) to sing some lyrics to the song before the teams guessed what song it might be: (Cheap ________blank)

Nolan got the right answer and his grandmother Marilyn asked him, "How did you know that?!"

He said, "I love that song. It's a good song."

How did you know that?!

— Marilyn to her grandson, Nolan on Generation Gap game show

4. Getting to know the contestants better

In between competitive playing segments of the show, some questions were asked of the families to get to know them better and the audience learned that:

  • Marilyn likes to water ski,
  • Janice has worked as an undercover security officer in the past (Back then, she was known as Officer Wisdom),
  • and McColm would like to be a professional soccer player when he grows up.

5. The next segment in the series premiere of Generation Gap game show


The next segment of this series premiere of the Generation Gap game show involved the team mates of the two teams going behind screens to guess items spanning generations including:

  • A Playstation handheld game
  • A 3-D printer
  • An abacus

One player on a team would describe the item and the other player on the same team would have to guess what the item could possibly be.

6. The big winners


Nolan and Marilyn were the big winners of the night with $24,250 in winnings.

Plus, there was a bonus round.:

A five year old member of Nolan and Marilyn's family was asked to choose between a brand new real car and a toy vehicle to win.

Kelly Ripa asked the little boy if he would like her to hold his hand to walk to the front area where the vehicles were. He said, "No." The audience giggled and Kelly Ripa held her hands back.

Much to his family's disappointment and the live audience's amused shock, the little boy chose the toy vehicle!

This element, both funny and sad at the same time, ended this episode of the game show, Generation Gap.

Generation Gap game show

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