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Netflix's The Witcher: A Terrible Adaption, And A Bad Overall Television Show

Real Witcher vs. Fake Witcher

Real Witcher vs. Fake Witcher

"It (Netflix's The Witcher) feels like watching someone else play a video game"

What The Ploughing Hell!?

What The Ploughing Hell!?


The Witcher Netflix Series is an Abomination

The Witcher Netflix series is awful an insult to the books and games which are about twelve million times better than the Netflix series. In the books, Geralt of Rivia has to prepare for each encounter and carefully plan and strategize using his environment his opponent’s strength to his advantage to make their strength their weakness. A Witcher has to be a tactical genius or an artist on the battlefield otherwise he won’t live long. The same applies to the games if you don’t prepare and strategize think two moves ahead of your opponent like a chess player you will die over and over again even on normal difficulty let alone the harder difficulty settings.

The characters also feel real they have motivations faults weaknesses strengths, attributes that make them feel real. There is rampant racism and bigotry in the Witcher series but by those considered evil. The Witcher Geralt of Rivia in the books oft looks at those people as no better or worse than the monsters he kills. The only thing Geralt is afeard of his losing his loved ones monsters don’t scare him he can kill them easily, have relationships and emotions that’s hard.

However, in the Netflix series, Geralt rarely relies on his skill or plans for how he will kill a monster or release it from its curse. Instead, the Witcher of the Netflix series mostly relies on dumb luck to help him survive, and they call it dumb because eventually, luck runs out, and all you’ll have his your wits to save you, which both the show and it’s protagonist have none.

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The stories from the books are all watered down bereft of brevity wit and soul. The characters in the Netflix show are pale imitations of those from the books and games. There is no tension you don’t feel suspense when a character is in peril because none of them are that developed or given dimension they all seem flat and soulless. The Nilfgaard uniforms look ploughing ridiculous. I mean come on they look stupid and nothing at all what they look like in the games or describes as in the books.

They also insert random black people into villages that resemble medieval European rural areas thus they should not have any dark-skinned people unless they were in Zerikannia, which they are not at all. A good chunk of the characters from the Netflix series look nothing like they do in the books or games. They make the dryads all black for some reason even though they are described as fair of skin and light of hair, which is the exact polar opposite. Now I mentioned earlier there is a lot of racism in the Witcher which is done by humans against elves dwarves and mages not people of different skin colors.

The whole point of casting is to get an actor that resembles a character and can act well, not because you want to appear more PC friendly because the fat ugly bald morons running the board of trustees or whatever, think it will appeal to more people and thus earn more money if there are some token black or dark-skinned people in the series. Which just alienates the fans you know the ploughing people who made your damn show possible in the first place as the games and books!

However, most tv producers hate the fans they sit in board rooms and do the equivalent of apes throwing feces at each other. TV shows are only good in spite of all the morons throwing their fecal matter ideas at the wall, a great director or show-runner can make a show great and a bad one can ruin a show as in the case of Netflix’s The Witcher which I hope will be cancelled soon and we just another Witcher game or they maybe remake the first Witcher game on the new one's engine and release it on modern consoles, but not ps5 and Xbox series x which still have another year before they get all the kinks out, so wait to release on those consoles.

Or better yet, just go read all the Witcher books instead and maybe read Lord of The Rings and The Silmarillion as well while you are at it. Also, Netflix's The Witcher should've been produced by the people who made The Last Kingdom a much better show about medieval history with a touch of fantasy. Also, Lauren Hissrich is a silly Tavern Wench and should go back to ploughing drunken louts in taverns.

A little lengthy and needs a little editing, but makes some good points

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