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Netflix vs Disney+ vs Paramount+: Streaming Wars

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Netflix - The Once King of Online Streaming Services. But, With the Market Changing, and the Competition Heating Up, is the Once King Still King?

Netflix - The Once King of Online Streaming Services. But, With the Market Changing, and the Competition Heating Up, is the Once King Still King?

Netflix UK vs. Disney+ UK vs. Paramount+ UK: Let the Battle Begin!

Streaming services, such as; Netflix, Amazon Prime, and others, feel as though they have been around forever, but the truth is they really haven’t. But, in saying that, streaming services have come a long way in providing audiences with a plethora of movie/TV show content that could please just about anybody.

However, it is easy to talk about streaming services, but almost impossible in deciding which one exactly is worth the hard earned cash it costs to keep streaming it each month. The prices for most modern day streaming services are fairly competitive and similar, but there is a massive difference in terms of the types of content in which they provide.

Netflix has been the top dog of the streaming game now for a long time, having captivated audiences with the newly formed idea of Netflix Originals, now copied by other streaming services like Amazon Prime and their ‘Originals’, but there is no debate that Netflix does it better. With shows that audiences adore on Netflix as part of there ‘Originals’ selection, including the likes of Breaking Bad, Stranger Things, The Witcher, amongst many, many others.

Amazon Prime Instant Video streaming service is not included in todays battle for the simple reason that it competes on a different level to most other streaming services, as there are the perks of Amazon Prime delivery on the website, which feels like a leg-up from the likes of Netflix UK and Disney+. But, Amazon Prime instant video is a power house of their own with the streaming service, with great original content, modern day blockbuster hits, and a whole library of incredible movies unique to the streaming platform. All that said, we’re keeping today’s battle simple, with the other 3 main streaming services that are battling for our hard-earned cash - Netflix UK, Disney+, and Paramount+.

Today, to simplify matters we will go through each of the 3 competing streaming services, discussing the positives overall, the negatives, and our overall score for the streaming service in question. The winner will always feel obvious to many, but we would like to take an in-depth dive into the UK’s leading streaming services (not including Amazon Prime), figuring out which one should be deemed the best and greatest.

Netflix's "Stranger Things" - The Legend of Netflix Continues

Netflix's "Stranger Things" - The Legend of Netflix Continues


The king of the streaming services, Netflix, hit the markets in the early days after transforming from an online video rental store into a full blown internet-powered online streaming service. It didn’t take long for them to dominate the streaming platform market, releasing original content, such as Breaking Bad, Stranger Things, and The Witcher, just to name a few.

Over the years Netflix has grown its streaming platform content to a fairly extreme level, now featuring more than a thousand movies, TV shows, and the likes. Netflix’s golden egg however is their ‘Original’ content, as this is where the streaming platform truly gets interesting, boasting hundreds of original movies and TV shows, which is solely available on Netflix.

There is an abundance of original content on Netflix, and a lot of which is more popular than any other streaming service, including the powerhouse - Amazon Prime Instant Video Streaming service, as well as the likes of Disney+ and Paramount+.

Being in the game for so long Netflix have gained the largest number of monthly subscribers, which essentially means the pressure is on, with completion heating up from the likes of Amazon Prime and Disney+. Netflix Originals keep getting rolled out, bringing fresh content to the service, but it is arguable that Disney+ is rolling out nearly as many originals, putting immense stress on Netflix in keeping their top-dog place in the online streaming market.

Netflix has more than 100 million subscribers, meaning essentially that money is doing good for the company, but Disney+ is hot on the heels with tens of millions of subscribers, and given their unique content, very family driven, the subscribers are simply pouring in from Disney+ fans.

Netflix, on the surface may seem untouchable, but Netflix have been losing a large number of subscribers with each passing month, possibly due to the ease of sharing Netflix accounts amongst friends and family, but we have a sneaking suspicion this might also be down to the fact that Disney+ has such an abundance of content that people are actually now picking and choosing which streaming service to use over the other. Meaning, Disney+ might actually have a part to play in the slow decline of Netflix’s subscriber numbers.

Initially, Netflix were king of the hill essentially, having demolished the only true competitor in their early days as an online streaming platform, LoveFilm (owned at the time by Amazon - now better known as Amazon Prime Instant Streaming), as it lacked both quality content and good marketing. Fast forward some years, LoveFilm was rebranded to Amazon Prime Instant Streaming, bringing in a whole new business model, tying subscribers into a next day delivery on all Amazon products with Amazon Prime delivery on the system, putting the pressure on Netflix to truly deliver the goods.

Amazon Prime Instant Streaming provides a descent level of content, but with a lot of filler films and TV series, as well as suffocating users with the silly solution to rent/buy plus subscriber-only content being mixed into the same pool. This is irritating on so many levels, as this essentially means that we cannot watch just anything that chooses our fancy due to some content having Prime accessibility and other content simply available for rent or purchase. This is silly in its inception, and this is one of the main reasons that Amazon Prime Instant Video is not being included in today’s battle, but there is no denying the impact they have on the online streaming platform market.



  • Best Original Content On the Online Streaming Market
  • Competitive Monthly Subscription Price (£7.99 per month)
  • 1000’s of Movies and TV Series Available at the Click of a Button
  • Arguably the Best User Interface


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  • Except for Netflix Original Content, Netflix Does Not Own the Rights to Many Blockbuster Movies So There is No Guarantee These Movies Will Stay On the Service for Any Given Length of Time, Assuming of Course These Flicks Find Themselves on Netflix At All
  • Not Enough Current Blockbuster Movie Titles Added - Neither regularly, nor at times at all in a given month
  • Netflix feels to many as though they peaked years ago, with a sliding level of newer blockbuster movie content, with Netflix relying heavily on Netflix Original movies, and despite them at times being clever and action-fuelled - there is a feeling that we, the audiences, would like some well known modern blockbusters adding into the Netflix formula.

In recent memory, there really aren’t all that many modern blockbusters added to Netflix UK (at least, not in the UK), which is shocking considering all the heaps-loads that the likes of Disney+ add to their streaming service each month. Granted, there is an influx of Netflix Original movies added to the streaming service each month, but these don’t quite compare to the blockbuster movies that hit cinema theatres. Disappointing, to say the least.

Christmas on Netflix has also been shocking in recent years, with no hit XMAS movies, like National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, Home Alone, Love Actually, The Holiday, How the Grinch Stole Christmas, or many others, which truly help make the Christmas season feel complete, and these are simply not in existence within Netflix anymore. And, not just that, as we see time and time again Netflix refusing to pay out the cash necessary to get us a couple of blockbuster hit titles fresh out of the cinema at the Christmas holidays season, as the last in memory would probably have been John Wick 3, whenever that movie released. Cool, but too little, and not often enough.

Netflix is the longest running streaming service on our rankings here today, and therefore it is the one that has received the most love, care, and attention throughout the years it has existed, making it a tough one to score.

However, due to the severe lacking of cinema-to-Netflix content in recent memory we feel the service has taken a step backwards, leaving subscribers of the service with a feeling as though there is something missing within their streaming lives. Netflix today receives a hearty 4.7/5 score.

Disney+ - The Streaming Service That Competes Toe to Toe With Netflix

Disney+ - The Streaming Service That Competes Toe to Toe With Netflix


Competing with the likes of Netflix and Prime Video was never going to be an easy feet, but if anyone could do it, it would be Disney. Disney+ is a step above Prime Video, which may not be easy for some people to contend with, but it’s the simple truth. Prime Video’s original content is miles behind Disney+’s original content, and that is a fact.

The original content produced by Disney+ is leaps and bounds beyond Prime Video simply because of its quality, which is second to none, whereas Prime Video produces original content that for the most part is hit or miss for most folks out there. Something which cannot be said for Disney+, having captivated audiences from the get-go, hitting hit after hit of original content, feeling like a true Hollywood production every time.

On the other hand, Netflix UK also produces brilliant original content, having popularised the very term ‘original’ within the streaming stratosphere, due to the quality of their originals, and through their ability to judge what the market wants before the market actually knows what the market wants.

Disney+ is a strong contender for the best original content provider within the online streaming market, but Netflix keeps swinging, and Disney+ keeps knocking them out of the park thanks to the plethora of franchise originals, involving the likes of Star Wars and Marvel.


  • Competitive Pricing (£7.99 per month)
  • Brilliant Original Content
  • 1000’s of Movies and TV Shows Available at the Click of a Button
  • Exclusive Rights On Hit Blockbuster TV Shows and Movies


  • Not Been Around Long
  • Targeted Primarily at Families, Therefore Not Enough Adult Violence Content

Disney acquired 20th Century Fox a while back, and since then they have brought almost every TV show and movie that the studio owned the rights to onto Disney+, which has added a new level of depth to the Disney+ streaming platform.

Walt Disney Studios own the rights to the likes of Walt Disney Animation, Pixar, Marvel, and Star Wars, which is some of the best family entertainment anyone is going to find coming out of Hollywood. But, that was never going to be enough for a streaming service in 2022, due to the overwhelming fact that online streamers expect a piece of everything, which is where the 20th Century Fox content comes in, as it offers something for the adult audiences that otherwise wouldn't be possible for the streaming service.

20th Century Fox content on Disney+ truly takes the streaming service to new heights, as they can now please all age groups, making them a power-hungry force within the online streaming market. Netflix and Disney+ are truly going head-to-head in a battle for the top spot within the streaming marketplace.

Disney+ was an easy score to make given the overabundance of TV show/movie content, with new things adding all of the time, as well as Disney+ exclusives hitting the service with a great deal of force throughout the given year, Disney+ was quick to become a favourite out of all the streaming services available here in the UK.

It is because of Disney+'s exclusives, Originals, early access, and other great contents that Disney+ receives a 5/5 Score.

Paramount+ - The Streaming Service No-One is Talking About - And, is This For Good Reason?

Paramount+ - The Streaming Service No-One is Talking About - And, is This For Good Reason?


Streaming services are seemingly coming out of nowhere with the latest forcing its way out of the gates, Paramount+, landing here in the UK, meaning Netflix are yet again facing harsh competition, but should they be worried.

Paramount+, for the better part, are nothing special within the online streaming market, boasting a level of content that simply does not leave one overwhelmed, to say the least. The number of TV shows and movies simply cannot compete with the likes of Disney+ and Netflix, meaning this really is the worst streaming service available for subscription in mid-2022.

The 'Original' content produced by Paramount+ feels as though it leaves a lot to be desired, the movie content doesn't feel as though it has fleshed out, and the overall feeling is that as of currently this streaming service it not up to standards and therefore does not warrant an immediate subscription.

The biggest content available on Paramount+ is without a doubt; Dexter, Transformers, Scream, and a fair few others. Which is all great, but compared with the likes of Netflix, it simply isn't enough to keep subscribers pleased for the long-run.


  • Competitive Price (£6.99 per month)
  • Descent Original Content
  • Access to Paramount Owned Content (Not Available Anywhere Else)


  • Lacking of Sufficient Content (Not Enough, Especially When Compared to the Competition)
  • When it Comes to Money Well Spent, This is the Worst Streaming Service, Leaving a Lot to Be Desired Considering What Other Streaming Services Offer for a Similar Monthly Fee

Rating Paramount+ was always going to be difficult, as they have been around the least amount of time out of these 3 streaming services spoken about here today, but that does not disguise the fact that this service service launched with a severe lacking of content.

Netflix and Disney+ both launched with a plethora of content, with interjected content that was in the abundance each month, however Paramount+ has launched with a shockingly underwhelming level of content, with not much added since its launch.

All that said, we feel Paramount+ given time might become a true online streaming contender, but as of this current time (mid-2022) it simply cannot compete with its rivals, and therefore we rate Paramount+ a 3/5 score.


To sum up, Disney+ is the winner in todays battle, but that isn't to say that in a years time this may not change, as streaming services are almost always evolving, adapting, and overcoming various obstacles, so take this 'win' with extreme caution, as things may change.

Netflix is such a great online streaming service that it hurts to leave them behind in the dust when picking Disney+, but with clever changes to the streaming service as a whole this could very easily beat out Disney+ in a years time when this 'war' is reevaluated.

Paramount+ is a bad streaming service due to the severe lacking of brilliant content, not that it doesn't have phenomenal content, but that of which is does have simply is not enough to compete with our other two contenders - Netflix and Disney+.

Final Scores Overview:

No.1 - Disney+ (5/5 Stars)

No.2 - Netflix UK (4.7/5 Stars)

No.3 - Paramount+ (3/5 Stars)

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