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Netflix Reviews: Clark

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Based on "Truths and Lies"

Netflix mini series Clark, fully released in May 2022, shows the amazing life of Clark Olofsson, the famous Swedish bank robber, who escaped 17 times from prison and who eventually became a strange kind of a national hero, charming everyone on his way through crimes, luxury life and parties.The plot is based on the autobiography of Clark Olofsson, which implements "truths and lies" in the story told by himself. The cast is exclusively swedish with the strong presence of Bill Skarsgård in the main role. Also starring are one of his younger brothers as the young Clark, who I must say obviously inherited the Skarsgård family talent for acting as well, and his real-life partner Alida Morberg as Sussi Korsner, appearing in the last episode of the series.


Crime or...?

The movie is categorised in the "crime" genre but I would say it's not the usual type of crime film because like in real life there's a little bit of everything in it, especially loads of fun. What I enjoyed the most watching the series is Bill Skarsgård's unique way of acting which represents the character of Clark as a real man with his insecurities and worries and in the same time the image of a very confident thief with a self-centered attitude towards everyone. I think the actor has the ability to profoundly empathize and understand his character and somehow really becomes him on screen. That's how the viewer could realize the affection that Clark makes on others but also the talent for manipulating and finally endangering the lives of people surrounding him.


Let the Party Begin

I should mention the great costumes and amazing background music as well, as they contribute to the authentic feeling for the time and culture and all aspects of life in which the story takes place. I personally liked the black and white pictures and the moments where it was explained scientifically what the Stockholm syndrome exactly is and how the phrase relates to Olofsson and the behavior of his "victims". The tv series consist of 6 60-minutes long episodes and are not recommended for children under 17 according to the official Netflix network. However, in my opinion it's not a problem to watch it with your adolescent children, only if you do- you should consider taking some time for explaining them some vulnerable and delicate scenes.

In conclusion, I'd say that if you're a fan of true stories, crimes and comedies you should give it a shot and watch it. So what are you waiting for-turn on the tv. .. "and let the party begin".

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