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Netflix Movie Review: The Call (2020) Korean Movie

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The Call, Netflix, Korean Fantasy Thriller, Park Shin-hye, Asian


Netflix The Call 2020 Park Shin-hye Korean

The movie is a remake of “The Caller (2011)”, a Puerto Rican / British thriller, and delves into a time and space travel fantasy in an attempt to recover what had been lost, thus unknowingly resurrect the villain that will deprive her of the life she currently has.

In current time, Seoyeon (played by Park Shin-hye) returned into their old residence alone. Her mother is in the hospital and is about to be operated because of brain tumor. She unfortunately left her cellphone somewhere. To retrieve it, she proceeded to search the house and found a landline telephone among the old things.

Seoyeon began receiving several calls for help, which she dismissed several times thinking that the caller dialed wrong. She discovered later on that the house was previously resided by a shaman who was convicted of killing her step-daughter during a ritual. The scenes began to intensify when she unwittingly found a secret space below a flight of stairs hidden at the end of the hallway. There, she found the step-daughter’s diary and her several pictures.

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Curious about it all, Seoyeon eventually spoke with the frantic caller and learned that she was the very step-daughter (played by Jeon Jong-seo) murdered by the shaman (played by Lee El), and they were both connected thru call twenty years apart. When Yoon-seok prevented the accident that claimed Seoyeon father’s life, the latter then warned the former to escape her certain death from the hands of the shaman. From that time on, history had been altered, leading to the chilling chaste of both the major casts to death.

As the plot thickens, the viewer will see how the two transformed their character for survival.

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