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Neil Young Versus Spotify - a Failed Coup and for Good Reasons

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The Backstory

Neil Young is a without a doubt, a legend in the world of rock & roll. He can boast of his impressive list of hit songs, his daring experiments with emerging sounds, and of course his love of freedom. Well, that's what we all thought, until last week. So called freedom-loving Neil Young has taken to the airwaves with a public battle. His goal is to get a well-known Podcaster named Joe Rogan removed from Spotify, for what he claims is the spread of misinformation about vaccines. Neil drew his line in the sand in an open letter to Spotify, a global provider of streaming services. The letter was clear that Spotify had to choose between Neil Young's music or Joe Rogan's podcast. It was a strong-armed attempt to force Spotify to silence Joe Rogan; to stop him from being heard by the masses. This was a serious threat. Anyone who has followed Neil Young over his career knows that he's the kind of person who put's his money where his mouth is, and he's not afraid of a little controversy.

Rocker Neil Young, not Doctor Young, or Pharmaceutical Engineer Young, has a problem with Joe Rogan's podcast guests, especially one Doctor Robert Malone. Episode #1757 has been attacked from multiple groups who claimed it was nothing more than baseless conspiracy theories regarding the pandemic. In that episode, Dr. Malone spoke at length about his thoughts on vaccines, the virus, and how things are being handled. Unlike Neil Young, Doctor Malone is well credentialed and was one of the pioneer doctors working with mRNA vaccine technology.

Neil Young doesn't like opinions that differ from his own. He is pro-vaccine and wears blinders to any theories that he doesn't support. Most people would just turn off a program that they don't agree with. Neil Young isn't one of those people. He thinks the good Doctor is spreading misinformation. He is now demanding Spotify do his bidding and remove Joe Rogan (and he has a few other supporters). Malone's dialogue is clearly against getting vaccinated. Those who are in leadership positions think that any viewpoint other than theirs, should be ridiculed and then silenced. Neil Young wants to see Joe Rogan Censored.

Joe Rogan


Joe Rogan Podcaster, UFC Fighting Champion, Comedian, Actor, and More

Joe Rogan is a 54 year old American podcaster, among other virtues, is currently in the middle of a on-line standoff with Neil Young. Rogan's podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience, has one of the largest audiences in the world and he recently signed a multi-year licensing agreement with Spotify for $100 million. The show covers a wide array of topics and his guests come from all walks of life. He is pro-American and disliked to a great degree by the political Left. His shows average 11 million listeners, making it one of the largest in the world and Joe Rogan the most popular pundit.

Joni Mitchell

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Censorship From Some Unexpected Voices

Neil Young is not the same rock star who went on tour with Crosby, Stills, and Nash in 2006 for the Freedom of Speech tour. Neil Young is not the same guy who rebelled against the wars and led from the front. No, Mr. Young has become what we call a sellout. He's surrendered his freedom for everyone patch, and replaced it with a censorship of the voices I disagree with, patch. What happened Neil?

He also called out to his brethren in the music industry to follow his lead and also pull their catalogues if Spotify didn't meet his demands of censorship. So far, his calls for help have been unanswered except for a few other really old rockers. Joni Mitchell and Nils Lofgren (member of the E street band) both announced they would be follow Neil Young's lead. Both were also known in their youth to be totally committed to freedom for everyone, with no exceptions.



Other public figures have joined in the demands of Neil Young. The Surgeon General Vivek Murthy went on NBC to stress that the media is somehow bound to push the government line. And that anyone who says otherwise, like the Joe Rogan podcast, should be dealt with accordingly. Shock Jock Howard Stern has also spoken in support of Joe Rogan. Also, a group of 270 so-called, but mostly unnamed 'experts' wrote a similar letter as Young, targeting the podcast.

And now several days later, the overly woke Meghan Markle and her husband Prince Harry are 'denouncing misinformation' on Spotify. Since being stripped of their titles in 2020, Meghan and Harry have been doing their best to promote the Globalist agenda and stop “misinformation” which we all know means anything they don't agree with.

Spotify has not given in to any demands as of yet. They announced they would be taking Young’s music off of its platform, but left the door open for his return without any groveling.


Neil Young stepped in it this time. He is not the person in charge of my health, or anyone else's health. Regardless of his personal stance on vaccines, the world doesn't share the same level of trust in them. Based on what we are seeing, the virus is getting weaker, which begs the question of, Why Now Neil? As a lifelong fan, I want to know who bought you off? When did you stop being a crusader for freedom and change into a censor?

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