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Natural Women Are The Most Beautiful Women


Women like to feel beautiful. The women's beauty industry is a mega billion dollar juggernaut that blankets the modern world as we know it. Still, there is more to beauty than cosmetics, clothes, perfumes and accessories. Natural women hold the key to real womanly beauty.


What is a natural woman?

The definition is a wide and deep as the person themselves. Despite any preconceived notions natural women are not a mystery. They are women who are comfortable in who and what they are. They can be versatile. They can be driven. They might choose to be a homebody, a factory worker or a model. No matter what they are and do, natural women are always themselves. The most beautiful women always are.



Natural women have an aura about them. They find comfort even in their own insecurities. They don't have to flaunt “I am who I am.” It flows effortlessly from them. They are not afraid of their emotions. They will even share a laugh with you over their flaws. Natural women form deeply based relationships. They don't depend on cosmetics, perfumes and fashion. They see them for the most part as accessories instead of necessities.


The differences of a natural woman

They are subtle. I have held hands with women that really are the farthest from natural as can be. The feel in the touch is of a natural women is a world apart. A not so natural woman exploits or forces hand handing. They have to think about it. With a natural woman it just happens. Almost without thought the hands glide together. It's not a statement. It is a state of being. The kiss of a natural woman is passionate even in the most incidental of expression. Why? She doesn't have to think about it. It is an involuntary action that originates from the heart. An unnatural woman will seem to start out that way but it fades away over time. Their actions come from what they want not who they are.

Why are they the most beautiful?

Natural women emanate even in there worst of moments “this is me.” They will wake up in the morning and not have to run to the make up table. They glide into the day. Everything is performed with an “I care” aura. The don't look for glory in what they do and who they are. Yet, their appreciation of recognition is deeper felt and more profoundly expressed.


Who is a natural woman?

She can be anyone because she always is herself. She is a woman not afraid to lead with her heart. She is a woman who when she cares about you, there is no looking back or over the shoulder. She relates with true lasting emotions. They won't be swayed. Her feelings are real, worn on her sleeve, and etched in stone.


How do you come across a natural woman?

The Bee Gee's sang “Oh, girl Ive known you very well...I've seen you growing everyday...I never really looked before...But now you take my breath away.” She is a woman that happens in your life. I know this all too well as I recently experienced. I became friends with a woman who's beauty emanates from her heart through her eyes. Overtime an attraction grew as she wasn't afraid to be herself. She shared her insecurities. She laughed over her flaws. She was open about self. As the song goes, I got to know her very well and one day I realized I began looking as I never looked before. The answer to the question is you come across a natural woman, naturally. One day you open up your eyes and realize she is there.

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Let's talk about who are natural women

I have met many natural women in my time. I have even met those that pretended to be. Over time the gap widens and the unnatural women are eventually exposed. You may ask, “Can woman be a natural woman?” The answer is a yes and no that needs a deeper look. Any woman can be a natural woman but few rarely are. Can a fashion model be a natural woman? Well Cindy Vela is a model/actress. We share a community bond on myspace ( She blogs and writes bulletins and saying silly and serious things and appears quite natural and comfortable as herself. This woman displays picture from both her professional and private side. When I voted for her in a magazine cover contest, she graciously took time to reach out to say thank you. Having a background where I dated Broadway actresses and dancers, I would say Cindy by far is much more natural. As is Austin based model, Cee ( who is very candid about the “I am who I am” lifestyle. She is very comfortable, very natural and very personable as person. I won't hesitate to tell I have met natural women form all walks of life and professions. They are proof you don't have to be model-like to be beautiful.


Touching on the unnaturals briefly

We have all encountered them. These women put on the air of being natural. Yet, instead of wired and push up bras, make up and other beauty enhancers being accessories they are lifelines of necessity. They really are about appearances. Natural women as I said do things from the heart. The unnaturals do out of self gain and what suits their purposes at the time. They don't form true relationships, they form alliances that fit the moment. Unnatural women will change emotions and relationships as they see are in their best interest at the time


Beholding a natural woman

The beauty of a natural woman shines through. As with my friend I mentioned earlier after time and getting to know her, my feelings mirrored that of the Bee Gees song. To behold one, you have to open up your eyes enough willingly enough to see the person. When you do you will see natural women are the most beautiful women. You will also see they are all around you.


Harald Reacts! on May 31, 2012:

I really like what you wrote about a natural woman, therefor I link to you on my blogg-post about the winner Loreen. She was more natural woman than the others and made the music and womens right importante.

What was a little bit surprising was the adds to "Russian ladies online"... but I understand that you are not choosing the adds. Same with me.

My post will shortly be published here:

Best regards


SlyFox on December 08, 2011:

For the women that think it is media that creates that image of women, you don't know much. Women started to wear make-up during the ancient Egypt as a seductive tool to attract men. Women have been their worse enemy thoughout the millenium and to come here and accuse anyone else is a bit of a joke.

Joshua Nyamache from Kenya on July 08, 2011:

I like what you have said, the beauty of a woman is found from her being who she is, “I am who I am” meaning being natural. Pretense only fades way after sometime but natural stays.

nick on February 28, 2011:

of course natural women are the best!

The media has brainwashed many to believe otherwise its a sad story.

dinkan53 from India on September 10, 2010:

beautifully presented and an appreciable work. you will be quite a nature lover too may be. those who know the nature of women can be the master of every thing. nice work.

nikitha p from India on September 10, 2010:

An interesting hub! I liked it.

soumyasrajan from Mumbai India and often in USA on September 10, 2010:

Very nicely written article aquariancore! You have a natural touch. That must be part of your success in your showmanship.

A person who is natural carries around him a feeling of happiness, both giving and enjoying himself/herself the same. The face of such a person will be shining with that naturalness and happiness (Sanskrit word we use in India is Ananda). That will always look beautiful and give pleasure. Is it not true for all- man or woman.

Con on May 23, 2010:

I randomly found your article while searching for internet porn. While reading your article i felt ashamed at myself for doing what i was doing. I never quite read or heard of natural beauty as you wrote about. I think i will look at women differently from now on, instead of sex objects to jack off to. The inner beauty really struck a cord with me, i have always wanted a women with inner beauty through her eye's as you put it, rather than a shallow or vain women. Your article truly inspired me.

thank you.

tahitianflame on March 08, 2009: here..Seems a lot of people seem to think a natural beauty is someone sans make up as if just the act of not wearin make up makes you somehow more real-more natural.

To me a real 'Natural beauty' is someone who is confident in herself. She may be as famously beautiful as Sophia Loren or an anonymous as my friend Jen. Someone who if they wear make is worn to play not to 'make themselves' beautiful. Someone who is the same whether they wear make up or not, whether you meet them at work or at the supermarket. Women and men that are more concerned with making others feel beautiful then whether or not they themselves are held to that standard.

I feel strongly that your inner beauty..your spirit comes out to show on your face, especially as you get older. Women and men who stand and stand up for more than themselves. I used to model and I can tell you that there are people who are so beautiful they take your breath away when you first meet or see them. Out of these there are those that incredibly become even more beautiful as you get to know them because their beauty is 'natural'..because their smiles are never forced...their hugs never 'hollywood'.

Then there are those that the more you get to know them..the more unbeautiful they become. Suddenly their nose doesn't quite fit their face, their smile holds no warmth even in their best pics. their eyes hold no sparkle and the more you see them the less beautiful they become.

So to me Natural Beauty is less about how much make up a woman wears than it is about how real she is. A natural beauty inspires beauty in others and appreciates it in all its various forms...Someone who doesn't take themselves too seriously but does think respecting, listening to and reaching out to others is a top priority.

Frieda Babbley from Saint Louis, MO on February 24, 2009:

Great hub! I totally agree and wish more people realized this.

Michael on October 10, 2008:

Actually, I beleive that so much beauty in a woman (or a man, also) is expressed in their smile. Not just their mouth, but their eyes too...their countenance.

Michael on October 10, 2008:

I'm a guy (read: male), and I certainly agree with you: natural woman just seem so much more beautiful than women who "try" to be "beautiful". All of the most beautiful women - to me - always seem the most natural, the least "made-up", and the most comfortable in who they are. They just seem to radiate beauty; a sense of comfort

morrisonspeaks on July 17, 2008:

wow! You can really describe a real woman! These qualities are what men should be looking for in a woman. Not the facade!

aquariancore (author) on June 10, 2008:

The idea is not about giving up cosmetics it's about realizing and accentuating the core of your beauty.

Smallstuff 21 on June 10, 2008:

Gosh Rich...You make me want to give up the make-up entirely. Sometimes even natural women need a little help. I'll call you this week-end and we can discuss it.


crazycat from Philippines on April 09, 2008:

Wow! Very good hub on natural women. That's what true beauty is.

ColeMartin from Orange County, CA on April 09, 2008:

I understand and appreciate your perspective Rich. If I understand correctly, you are not really talking about how much or how little make up is applied but more about what is on the inside.

Being a natural is about being comfortable in your own skin. Using all God gave you good and not so good. Because it is all of our character even our defects that makes us who we are. It is how we can empathize and relate to others. We can feel compassion especially if we have been there before. But it is the joy you feel inside...

Aretha said it well...

When my soul was in the lost-and-found You came along to claim it I didn't know just what was wrong with me Till your kiss helped me name it Now I'm no longer doubtful of what I'm living for And if I make you happy I don't need to do more Cause you make me feel, you make me feel, you make me feel like A natural woman

When we are filled with joy, regardless of the source we are confident and everything feels natural.

Nice Hub Rich,

aquariancore (author) on April 09, 2008:

Thank you Karen for your insight. I did gloss that point over due to the length of the piece. I will have to do a follow up

karen on April 08, 2008:


I agree that of course any person who emanates her/his beauty from within is certainly ahead of the game. That said, it seems like there are gray areas in this piece. There seems to be a thin line between natural beauty and natural attraction. There can be a natural beauty who is uncomfortable with hand-holding because a natural attraction doesn't exist. Conversely, a woman can be in full drag--weave, nails, color contacts, 5 inch heels and sequins, that may have the warmest hug and hand holding that you've ever experienced--if there is a natural attraction.


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