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Natsumi Matsubara: Former Member of Girl Group Akb48

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A first look at Natsumi Matsubara


Who is Natsumi Matsubara?

With Atsuko Maeda having gotten all the news coverage when it comes to AKB48 because of her graduation from the group, there is another member of that pop music group worth mentioning. Natsumi Matsubara is that person. Natsumi was a member of that group’s Team A. This Fukuoka native entered the world on June 19, 1990. Matsubara began her career with AKB48 in February 2006 as a member of their second generation. She started with the group two months before Yuko Oshima began her career. Natsumi would remain with AKB48 until July 2013 when she would graduate from the group.

Natsumi Matsubara: her career in AKB48

When I first covered her life and career, Natsumi had participated in the recording of two Senbatsu singles. They are Aitakatta and Sakura no Hanabiratachi 2008. Natsumi originally started her career as a member of Team K but she was transferred to Team A during the group’s “shuffle” process. Her favorite stage song is Tadaima Renaichuu and the single that she enjoys the most is “Baby! Baby! Baby!” Natsumi has sang in many of the group’s singles including Heavy Rotation, Beginner, Ponytail to Shushu, Manatsu no Sounds Good, UZA, and Sayonara Crawl. Sayonara Crawl has four members with the role of center. In the 2009 General Election for AKB48, Matsubara came in ranked at #30. In the 2010 General Election, she would drop in the rankings, finishing at #39. She was not ranked following the AKB48 3rd and 4th General Election. If she were still in AKB48, she would be proud of the fact that this group continues to see awesome success.

Natsumi Matsubara in beautiful blue and white dress (2011)

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Natsumi Matsubara Smiling In This Video

Interesting Facts about Natsumi Matsubara

  • She has a weird habit of chewing things.
  • She also has the special ability to calm children and is a good conversationalist.
  • She also used to swallow all of her marbles when she was a child. Now that one is really bizarre!
  • Natsumi plays Final Fantasy games on the days when it rains.
  • Her favorite food is Hot Pot and her favorite juice to drink is vegetable juice.
  • The very first CD that she ever bought was a Britney Spears CD.
  • One of her favorite artists is the band Bon Jovi.
  • Umizaru is her favorite drama.
  • Tenshi Nanka Janai is her favorite manga or Japanese cartoon.
  • Natsumi is also an avid reader. She enjoys detective novels and has read all of the Sherlock Holmes novels.
  • Marine blue is her favorite color.
  • Natsumi likes two seasons. They are spring and summer.
  • She loves the smell of soap.
  • Her most liked subject in school was math.
  • Her favorite sport is volleyball.
  • She is the middle child of five siblings. They have a large family. Natsumi’s younger brother is 15 years her junior.
  • Her most famous phrase that she lives by is “A once-in-a-lifetime encounter.”
  • Natsumi filmed a movie with Super Girls singer Rina Miyazaki called “Kotsutsubo.” They held a promotional event at Shibuya Tsutaya on September 10, 2012 to promote the film.
  • Interestingly enough, Natsumi Matsubara also made history in the sense that she is the only member of Team A to have never been ranked in the AKB48 4th General Election.

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