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Nate Is Falling for Elena on The Young and the Restless

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Elena is blind to what's really going on

Those who watch The Young and the Restless have observed how close Nate and Elena have become. he helped her to decide to become a doctor and now they work together at the clinic. Britny Sarpy,(Elena) and Bryton James,(Devon) are dating in real-time and don't have to fake love scenes. They don't have to abide by COVID restrictions as other castmates do. Even so, the writers have been pushing Elena and Nate together. Last week they gave in to passion and now have created a problem. Devon and Amanda are out of the loop regarding what happened. Ever since Nate and Elena slept together they have been on different pages about the encounter. Ms. Dawson is clearly rattled that she cheated on Devon and is tempted to come clean. She refers to the one night as a mistake that never should have happened. Dr. Hastins clearly is smitten with her and wants his cousin's girlfriend as his own. On Tuesday, Nate was talking to Devon and basically told him to cut Elena loose. His excuse was that his cousin has conflicting emotions regarding Hillary's twin. Spoilers predicted that the situation between these four would become complicated and that lines would be crossed. Many viewers thought Devon would fall for Amanda because she looks exactly like his dead wife. Neither Ms. Sinclair nor Devon has shown any interest in becoming more than friends. The chemistry between Nate and Elena, however, has been building for some time. Many fans of The Young and the Restless were becoming bored with this foursome because everything seemed to be at a stalemate. Now that Nate and Elena have given in to passion at the clinic everything has changed.

Devon will be heartbroken

Each time Elena says they made a mistake, Nate looks hurt and it's clear that he cares for her. Elena is so overcome with guilt that she cannot see what is right in front of her. Nate is so filled with passion for her that he demanded Devon set her free, Devon, however, has no idea where this is coming from and will be shocked when the truth is revealed. Nate and Amanda have never taken their relationship to the next level and she does not even seem clear on how she feels about him. This leaves the door open for Amanda and Devon to find their way to each other and this is where fans disagree. When Mishael Morgan returned to The Young and the Restless, many viewers assumed that she and Devon would fall in love. Once it was revealed that she is Hillary's twin this was a game-changer. Some fans believe it would not be proper for Devon to date his dead wife's sister. Would he really be in love with Ms. Sinclair, or only with the memory of his late wife? Right now Devon and Amanda do not seem to have any romantic feelings for each other and he is trying hard to make things right with Elena. Once the truth comes out he will be devastated and this is when he and Amanda might console each other. The lawyer has been in the midst of Billy, Devon, and Nate, without really seeming to be falling for either of the three. She may not be as hurt by Devon by the betrayal, but it could push them together. On Tuesday, Lily and Amanda attempted to make peace and if they do this will be one less hurdle for her. If Lily's brother finds true love with his "sister in law" this would surely ease some of her guilt over the accident. If down the road there is a baby, this would really turn things around.

Nate could end up being dumped

Nate seems to be falling in love with Elena, but if she feels the same she is not expressing those emotions. She is so guilty about Devon that she could be suppressing her true feelings for Dr. Hastings. Perhaps Nate has a point and Devon should cut Elena loose because there continue to be so many misunderstandings between them. Een so, Nate was looking out for himself so he would not take the blame for the breakup. The writers have not had Nate and Amanda take things to the next level and they might never get there. Now that he has crossed the line with Elena there is no going back. Ms. Dawson is so upset, however, that if Nate tries to push things, she might push back and be even more eager to work out her relationship with Devon. On Tuesday, Elena was even more sensitive to Amanda because of what she has done with Nate. Stay tuned to find out if Dr.Dawson will admit her feelings for Devon's cousin, or try to force things to work in her current relationship. Her emotions are all over the place and she might walk away from Nate and the clinic. Whatever takes place, viewers know that the truth always comes out, so stay tuned.

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OLUSEGUN from NIGERIA on October 19, 2020:

In real life too, people could push people into what they do not want to do, and after they had done that, they will back off saying, they only advised them, and the onus is on them to accept or ignore the given counsel. Life is full of surprises.

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