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The title that changed us all

We all remember Dragon ball, Dragon ball Z and the GT series and they were incredible for it's time. After a while we got tired of them and just started watching regular anime in desperation looking for something equally good that kept our attention as much as it did. Seeming that no worhty succesor was nowhere near, some of us gave up and just accepted that DBZ was the best and there will never be anything better. In about 3 years after I stated that, one of my friends introduced me to this whole new and revolutionary new thing! What can it be, I asked myself lying to myself that it can't be as good. It was something weird, about ninjas, vilages...I was disapointed and almost gave up on it.

After watching only the first 25 episodes, just that was enough to competely make me fall in love with this story.

Are you are Naruto fan?



In short. - The plot!


The story is based in a Ninja world about the life of a parent-less boy named Naruto who as fate gave it to him is cursed by having a huge fox like creature with 9 tails that pretty much ruins his life on a daily basis. That same fox was responsible for thousands of death years earlier before Naruto was even born, so you are wondering why is he the blame? The curse was put inside Naruto's body and sealed away as an excuse to protect the child, which proved useful later, because Naruto was not nearly as skilled as he wished to be.

After a horrible childhood he decided to prove everybody that he is not just a monster! He started training really hard to become Hokage, trying to get acknowledged by his fellow peers and the admiration of his teacher Iruka, who at the time was his only true companion. After he barely graduates from the Ninja academy ( I know I wish it was for real I KNOW XD ) he is assigned to a new teacher named Hatake Kakashi with two new students, Uchiha Sasuke and Haruno Sakura.

As soon as his training started with his new teacher, Naruto started competing early on with Sasuke, being that he is far superior to Naruto in every way, you can tell that he was no real challenge. In the end, all three of them became really good friends and team mates, completing all of their missions with maximum dedication . After a while, Naruto became bored and just wanted some real action to satisfy his need to be acknowledged by others. There was a mission just like that waiting for them, they were given orders to guard the the bridge under construction that was frequently being attacked by bandits.

I wont spoil all of it don't worry, take your time and enjoy the wonderful world of Naruto, you wont regret it!

All that Naruto gave us in a form of gifts :)


It didn't take long for Naruto as a franchise to take of, pretty much it was really organic and incredibly well thought out as a story. Not long after the manga, there was the Animated series too, and also as soon as that caught on the games started poring in. There is a very specific and addicting thing in this series, usually in DBZ all you could do is fire beams and fly, in Naruto you can actually do some practical hand seal combinations to create a desired technique. That's where the Wii comes in, on it using the Wi-remote and the nun-chuck, placing them in a specific way in the right order you can perform what in Naruto are called " Jutsus " Ninja techniques.

I am not even going to mention the cosplay craze that this franchise has to offer, so many character every single one of them unique in it's own way, not to mention the variety of classes, you are not just a fighter or a mage in Naruto, you have so many different ways of being a Ninja.

In league of legends terms : Kakashi is an assassin, Sakura is a support, Naruto is a warrior and Sasuke is a Ad Carry :D



By far my favorite move from Kakashi

By forming different hand seals you get different techniques

Ox-Rabit-monkey is RAIKIRI!

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That's about it

To sum up my overall impression of Naruto, well to be honest I would prefer if reality was a little like that. Ninja academy, graduating and doing missions or performing various tasks and getting paid for it, having a blast in general. Around the world, people are dressing up in their favorite Naruto characters and living out their own fantasies sharing them with other people. Cosplay is just incredible, you can live the life of a specific person inside the Naruto world for the entire convention, the only thing that crushes your dreams is going back to reality, curse you real world!

Live your own Ninja life in your own Ninja way and remember to eat your ramen every day :)

B rank Mision

All that you need is a few clicks away.

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A very well thought cosplay fight

Nice job guys!

Naruto vs Lee

Are you a fan of Naruto, please let me know in the comments bellow!

The battle has begun!

Being that the 4 th war is still going, if it came to it who do you think would win.

What is your Ninja way!?

viscri8 on April 18, 2013:

I am not a Samurai -- they just pretend to have honor if they use others to do their dirty work. Thanks for the lens I did not know the nitty gritty of this mechanism. The lens is blessed already.

viscri8 on April 18, 2013:

I am a Samurai but did not know -- thanks for the lens, now I know what I am up to.Blessed!

TwistedWiseman (author) on August 17, 2012:

@getmoreinfo: Always a pleasure to share :)

getmoreinfo on August 17, 2012:

Thanks for the lesson on how Naruto got its start and evolved over time. Great read.

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