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Nao Furuhata, a Beautiful Pop Music Singer, Idol and of the Japanese Pop Music Group Ske48

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A first look at Nao Furuhata of the girl group SKE48


Who Is Nao Furuhata?

Nao Furuhata is a Japanese idol singer, supermodel and member of the girl group SKE48. She also had a position with AKB48’s Team A. Nao was born on September 15, 1996 in Aichi Prefecture. She joined SKE48 back in October 2011 as part of the group of girls that train to become full-time members of these idol groups. From February 2014 until March 2015, Furuhata had a position with Team A in AKB48. Nao is not one of the most popular members. She ranked only at #55 after the 6th Senbatsu Election. This election is also known as AKB48’s General Election. But who is Nao Furuhata?

Interesting facts about Nao Furuhata of SKE48

  • Her favorite foods are the ice (snowcone) and her mother’s cooking.
  • Her favorite flower is the osmanthus.
  • Her favorite colors are green and yellow.
  • Her future ambition that she desires most is to be a theatre actress.
  • Her dog’s name is Rinta.
  • Nao’s favorite animal is the frog.
  • She is skilled at playing the saxophone, piano, and euphonium.
  • She has a very close relationship with Nanako Suga of SKE48.
  • During handshake events, Nao is known for doing the “Furuhata Jump” where she jumps from person to person.
  • Nao is a member of what is called the unofficial Okashi Party Unit. This unit consists of the members Nao Furuhata, Ami Maeda, Tomu Muto, and Nana Fujita.

Nao Furuhata with other idol singers

With the very cute Yuria Kizaki (right).

With the very cute Yuria Kizaki (right).

With her best friend Nanako Suga (right).

With her best friend Nanako Suga (right).

Nao Furuhata: her career so far

Nao has been a member for about half of SKE48’s singles. She has been a member for several of the A-side and B-side songs for the singles starting from Gingham Check all the way up to Green Flash. Gingham Check would be the second time that Yuko Oshima would be named as the center for a single. She would eventually graduate from AKB48 in June 2014. Nao would sing on the B-side single for “So Long” called Waiting Room. Then Nao would sing on the B-side single for Sayonara Crawl called Bara no Kajitsu. Bara no Kajitsu is the second song on the theater edition for Sayonara Crawl and it is one of the best songs in AKB48 history. Then Nao would sing on the B-side singles for Heart Ereki and the long named 34th single. She would also sing on the B-side single for Mae shika Mukanee (35th and last single appearance for Oshima), Labrador Retriever (A-side single), Kokoro no Placard, Kibouteki Refrain, and Green Flash. Furuhata has also been selected to appear on the supplement for UTB Magazine. She would get the chance to appear in 20 pages of photo shoots for that magazine. In addition to this news, Kei Jonishi of NMB48 will have her right to have her own solo gravure photo shoot. For Nao Furuhata to achieve this kind of recognition before turning 20 is a milestone and something she will probably remember.

Nao Furuhata plays the saxophone (beautiful performance)

Nao Furuhata and her Career With SKE48

Nao is part of the first official “sister” music group of AKB48. SKE48 stands for Sakae 48 and was produced by Yasushi Akimoto. Can you guess the name of perhaps the most notable member in the group’s history? If you answered Rena Matsui you are correct! Rena graduated from the group in August 2015. SKE48’s first single called “Tsuyokimono yo” was released in August 2009. Nao Furuhata’s popularity jumped significantly following the 7th AKB48 General Election. She was ranked at #24 after that.

Nao Furuhata Named As Choreography Center for a Single

Nao Furuhata to become “center” for a single for the first time

SKE48 will release their 25th major single on July 24th 2019. However, it does not have a title yet. This single will also mean that Nao Furuhata will serve as center for the first time in her career. She mentioned that she would carefully think about why she was chosen as a center and then do whatever she can to represent the song with her color. Note: these J POP idols have a team color. Congratulations to Nao Furuhata of SKE48!

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