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Nancy Lee Grahn Will Be off General Hospital Again


Alexis will be off-screen again

Nancy Lee Grahn who portrays Alexis Davis on General Hospital was off the ABC soap a few months ago due to recovering from major back surgery. She is one of 10 cast members who have been away from GH since 2022 first began. Everyone has returned and is back in action except one veteran actor. Leslie Charleson who portrays Monica Quartermaine is rumored to be retiring in August. This came from The National Enquirer and has not been confirmed. All that is known for certain is that Monica has not been on screen for quite a while and is rarely mentioned..

Fans of Grahn were happy to see her return and her character connecting with Gregory Chase (Gregory Harrison).but soon she will be away from her character again. Many GH viewers still have not recovered from the way the ABC soap fired William deVry ( Julian Jerome) who had great chemistry with Alexis. Grahn once jokingly said that her character had never had a man throw her against a wall as Julian did. Viewers protested but their cries were ignored and Julian did not come back to life after Sonny shot him, he fell in the river and was last seen in a body bag.

The future for Alexis and Gregory

Nothing more is known at this time but fans will be wondering if Alexis will simply not be seen in Port Charles or if she goes out of town on business. Last week she was talking to Gregory about the fact that he did not follow through on an op-ed for the Invader. While she was scolding him she received a phone call alerting her to the fact that Dr. Chase had indeed taken her up on her challenge and submitted the article.

It is believed that Grahn is going on a vacation and that nothing is wrong with her healthwise. Fans will be glad when she returns so that she and Gregory can begin spending time with one another without sparing. For a long time Alexis was a basket case dealing with alcoholism, going to jail and making bad choices in every area of her life. She questioned her decisions and went to counceling and her daughters had to do interventions several times.

Julexis is done so what's next?

Many viewers agreed that Julexis could really heat up the screen but the writers obviously did not feel the same way. GH fans who are waiting to find out if "Grelexis" will connect as Julian and Alexis once did will have to wait a while longer because Grahn will be MIA yet again as she wrote the following in a tweet.

"Was on GH yesterday with my grown women pals Genie Francis (Laura) and Finola Hughes (Anna) and today with my TV prof as I late it with my real-life prof,” she tweeted. “All good. Won’t see me in PC for a while, hope you enjoy, but I’ll be here [on Twitter], Facebook, and trying to figure out Instagram.”

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It was good to see her spending time with Anna Devane (Finola Hughes) and Felicia Scorpio (Kristina Wagoner) without there being any type of drama. Many General Hospital fans say it's time for Alexis to leave the past and her attraction to mob men behind her. Gregory a college professor seems like the type of man who would be good for her and judging his sons Hamilton Finn (Michael Easton Harrison Chase (Josh Swickard) he might be the best thing for the former DA.

Best of luck to Nancy Lee Grahn

Wherever Grahn goes and whatever she will be doing her fans will be wishing her well as they await her return to General Hospital. If she continues on this new path then Sam McCall (Kelly Monaco) Kristina Corinthos ( Lexi Ainsworth) and Molly Lancing Davis (Haley Alexis Pullos) won't know what to do with themselves if their mother is no longer co-dependent on them.

Be on the lookout for updates related to when Grahn will be off-screen and whether or not there will be a replacement. Make sure to look for General Hospital spoilers that reveal what Alexis will be up to next and if Gregory will be in the picture when she shows back up in Port Charles.

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