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Nana Eikura Beautiful Japanese Movie Actress From Kagoshima

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Nana Eikura at the 2011 Tokyo International Film Festival

Japanese actress and fashion model Nana Eikura attends the 2011 Tokyo International Film Festival with short hair. She shows her beauty and fashion sense here!

Japanese actress and fashion model Nana Eikura attends the 2011 Tokyo International Film Festival with short hair. She shows her beauty and fashion sense here!


Interesting Facts About Nana Eikura

  • Is known by several nicknames, one of them being Ei-chan.
  • She works primarily as a movie actress and model but she has done work as a radio DJ and TV host.
  • Her date of birth is February 12, 1988.
  • She was born in Kagoshima, Japan.
  • She grew up in the area known as Sagamihara in Kanagawa.
  • She is listed as being 170 centimeters tall.
  • Her zodiac sign is Aquarius.
  • Her blood type is A.
  • She is signed to KEN-ON talent agency.
  • She is a graduate of Yoshinodai Middle School and Tokai Bosei High School.
  • Nana Eikura also attended Tokai University receiving a Humanities Environmental Degree.

How did Nana Eikura get into the entertainment industry?

Nana Eikura was born in Kagoshima, but she was raised in Kanagawa (east of Tokyo). It was during her junior high school years that she was seen in front of the 109 department store in Shibuya (an area of Tokyo). She also worked as a model for the famous Seventeen Magazine for seven years. Japanese actress Emi Takei has also done modeling for Seventeen. Since 2007, Eikura has put on 27 pounds. In the middle part of the decade of the 2000’s, she nicknamed herself Spider because of her favorite MMA fighter who is Anderson “The Spider” Silva who is known for his thin and long arms.

Why is Nana Eikura famous?

Eikura became famous starting in 2006 when she started to work with actress Masami Nagasawa. She has since appeared in 8 TV commercials with Nagasawa. Nagasawa has described Eikura as an incredibly nice person. This statement was also said by Rosa Kato and Asami Mizukawa. Both of them have worked with many models. Kato has supported Nagasawa and she described Eikura as “not a typical model.” This is due to the fact that Eikura does not “slur actresses.” Eikura has appeared in advertisements for Coca-Cola, the Japanese Red Cross, Japan Post Service, the Japanese branch of Johnson & Johnson, and the Nintendo game called Rhythm Heaven.

A few photos of Nana Eikura from her photo book Tremor

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Nana Eikura releases the photo book called Four Seasons

As part of her modeling work, Eikura released her first photo book in more than 3.5 years called Four Seasons on March 17, 2015. Because of the title of the photo book, there are four different parts to it: spring, summer, fall, and winter. Each season is photo graphed by a different person. Eikura says that she is very thankful to have gotten the chance to compile a photo collection of herself in four different seasons and in different situations. She enjoyed collaborating with four different groups of staff and described the book as something worth looking through. She held a handshake event at the Kikunoya Bookstore in Shinjuku on March 21, 2015.

Nana Eikura's Movie Career & Awards

Eikura’s acting career goes back to 2005 when she made her appearance in Fuji TV’s My Dangerous Sister. She has also appeared in three TV movies. They are Operation Love Special (2008), Wagaya no Rekishi (2010), and Olympic Ransom (2013). Her feature film debut was in 2004 when she starred in Space Police. One of her co-stars in that movie is bikini model Misako Yasuda who once went on a long distance night run. Eikura was awarded twice for her role in 2009’s April Bride. She would win a Newcomer of the Year Award for the movie at the 33rd annual Japan Academy Prize. She would then follow up that win with another win at the 2010 Elan d’Or Awards Ceremony. Eikura would receive two Best Supporting Actress Awards in a four year period between 2008 and 2012. The first one that she received was for her role in Proposal Daisakusen and the second one was for her role in Saikou no Jinsei Owarikata Ending Planner. .

A Brief Look At Nana Eikura's Hobbies

In her spare time, Nana Eikura enjoys oil painting, reading, watching movies, and shopping. She is very skilled at dancing, doing mixed martial arts, and naming folk songs

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