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Naming pets - Shrimps and Prawns

How could you resist?

How could you resist?

Warning: Not to be taken seriously.

Recently, I came across an article on the virtues of keeping shrimps as pets. I confess to being a little surprised by the notion. After running it past my husband, we soon found ourselves gripped by the possibilities when naming these mini creatures.

When naming pets, even shrimps and prawns, you need to discover something about their personality. It's good to pick a name that would suit them. So, let's observe the new additions to the family......

That cheeky little fellow who likes to play tricks on the others must be Imp Shrimp. The guy who likes to ape around in the foliage? He's Chimp Shrimp. ( Notice I didn't say "monkey around." Chimps are apes.) Then there's the show-off who has all the laydeez doing exactly what he wants. Yes, it's Pimp Shrimp

The bloated greedy-guts who blunders around the tank, barely able to swim - Blimp Shrimp. Hiding over there in the corner is Wimp Shrimp. Looks like he could do with a good work-out. Maybe he could team up with Blimp Shrimp as a gym buddy.

Shame, there's one who looks rather deflated. Must be Limp Shrimp. Even shrimps are feeling the pinch in these tough economic times. Scrimp Shrimp can pass on useful advice to the others, especially his good friend, Save Shrimp. Scrimp and Save always hang out together.

If you find a rather dull looking dude, spice him up a tad by calling him Jambalaya. He could have a friend named Gumbo.

Oh, golly me. There's the most beautiful little shrimp ever. She should be on the catwalk - oops, maybe not. But she has to be named after a truly iconic model, Jean Shrimpton.

Then, in what seemed natural progression, we moved on to prawns.....

The lassie who's first up in the morning will be Dawn Prawn. She's soon followed by Early Morn Prawn.

Okay, looks like we have a strict vegetarian - that'll be Quorn Prawn. A little sleepy-head drifting off at the back of the tank just has to be Yawn Prawn.

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Wow, look at the muscles on that one - he must to be Jean Prawn Van Damm. Get the movie scripts ready! Scrimp and Save will be delighted if he could pull in some extra money.

Talking of films, we may have an adult themed fellow over there. Yep, that's Porn Prawn. He could team up with Pimp Shrimp.

Deary me, here's one who looks like he's been in a fight. He could do with a bit of repair work. That'll be Torn Prawn. Old timer who can't quite keep up with the rest of his buddies is Worn Prawn. Then there's a visiting Scandinavian friend, Bjorn Prawn. Maybe he could be in an Abba tribute band. The song SOS could take on the new meaning of Save Our Shrimps.

The really tasty looking prawn could be named Cocktail. Hey, this naming process has taken a while, it must be near lunchtime. Did I say Stir Fry?

And so we see that by observing our new pets, naming them will come naturally. I hope you enjoy the experience.

Remember the " Not to be taken Seriously" bit?

Just so we're clear on this.



Kim Kennedy (author) from uk on October 28, 2012:

Haha, you did just say that! Love it, grand old lady, my thanks for your comment.

Mona Sabalones Gonzalez from Philippines on October 28, 2012:

The shrimp and prawns, as you describe them, could be microcosms of people. What did I say? Did I actually say that? Nice hub:) Thanks for sharing.

Kim Kennedy (author) from uk on October 28, 2012:

Thank you, billybuc. Now you have a little insight into how we spend time in the evenings!

Bill Holland from Olympia, WA on October 28, 2012:

Hilarious! So very creative and funny! I'm glad your husband challenged you.

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