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The Life and Career of Namie Amuro Famous Pop and R & B Singer From Okinawa Very Beautiful Woman!

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A first look at the very beautiful Namie Amuro

Namie Amuro now 42 is still one of the world's most beautiful celebrities and she is gorgeous with long hair!

Namie Amuro now 42 is still one of the world's most beautiful celebrities and she is gorgeous with long hair!

Who is Namie Amuro and how did she get started with music as a career?

Namie Amuro is a Japanese and Italian hip hop and pop music artist from the island of Okinawa. She made her music industry debut in 1992 in the Eurobeat group called the Super Monkeys with her classmates from the Okinawa Actors School. The group debuted with the single called Koi no Cute Beat/Mister U.S.A. Much has been written about her so I will only cover the aspects of her life that I consider to be the most interesting. The Super Monkeys had Amuro as their leader after the group became successful with the cover song TRY ME Watashi wo Shinjite which reached the peak position of #8. It was in 1996 that Amuro would switch to the label avex trax. Body Feels Exit and her first album did very well in sales, selling over 3.3 million copies! In addition to her musical work, Amuro is also a fashion model. I would say that her fame has been on the level of a Noriko Sakai. However, at least Amuro has been able to stay away from the consequences of illegal use of substances.

A Few Interesting Facts About Namie Amuro

  • Date of birth is September 20, 1977.
  • She is 75% Japanese and 25% Italian because her late mother was half-Italian.
  • Amuro has two sisters and one brother.

Amuro's entry into Okinawa Actors' School and first #1 single Chase the Chance

However, in spite of all the success that she had, Amuro would face a challenging life from the beginning. When she was four years old, her mother divorced her father and brought up three children as a single mother. When Amuro was young, Janet Jackson was her biggest influence. She had a dream to be able to dance and to sing. So she tried to enter the famous Okinawa Actors’ School. However, there was an issue because she did not have enough money to attend the school. She made a request to the school’s principal at the time who was Masayuki Makino. Makino granted her a scholarship so that she could attend the school. Amuro’s first #1 single called Chase the Chance debuted in 1995. Amuro is an example of someone that persevered and had a goal in mind of becoming a professional singer and dancer in spite of her obstacles. This should motivate us to try our best to accomplish whatever goals we have in our minds.

Namie Amuro beautiful singer and fashion model with long hair


Amuro's rise to stardom, birth of son Haruto and her mother's tragic death (1996-2000)

Amuro was further successful with the hit singles Don’t Wanna Cry and You’re My Sunshine. For a solo singer, this is a great way to start a career. Both of the mentioned songs became #1 hits as well. Her debut album with avex trax is called Sweet 19 Blues.

Amuro would reach the peak of her success in 1997 with the balled Can You Celebrate? This single was featured as the theme song for the drama Virgin Road and it became the #1 single of 1997. Amuro who was then only 19 years old was at the top of the pop music world. On October 22, 1997, she announced to fans and members of the media that she had married SAM who was a member of the dance group TRF. On May 19, 1998, she gave birth to a son, Haruto. In December 1998, she returned with another single called I Have Never Seen. On March 17, 1999, she released another single called Respect the Power of Love. But on the day of the single’s release, her mother was killed. After this tragedy, Amuro took a break from music and left a message for her fans in January 2000 that she was really considering retiring from the music business. However, fans urged her to keep on going.

The song called Baby Don't Cry (Short Version)

Further success for Amuro and the release of her studio album called FEEL (2000-2013)

She released two more singles and they were toi et moi and Something Bout the Kiss. Something Bout the Kiss represented a move towards the R&B style and it was also her first single to be produced by US producer Dallas Austin. In 2000, she released another hit single called Never End and this one sold over 640,000 copies. To date, Amuro has sold over 35 million in Japan alone! In 2001, she released the single called Say the Word which was the time that she wrote the song’s lyrics herself. On July 10, 2001, it was revealed that Amuro had divorced her husband who had custody of their son. In late 2005, Amuro would get these rights. In 2013, Amuro released the studio album called FEEL.

Namie Amuro vs. Noriko Sakai

Namie Amuro at the Video Music Aid Japan event in Chiba (June 2011)

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Namie Amuro: her career in 2014

She was announced as the main singer for the theme song for Fuji TV’s drama First Class called Brighter Day. The drama is the follow-up which was released in the spring of 2014. This drama aired on October 15 of that year. Erika Sawajiri starred in that drama. The drama’s producer requested that Amuro sing the theme song. The single will be available for release in November 2014. Namie Amuro who is now 38 is still going on with her music career and she should have a long career ahead of her. For all of the personal problems that she has endured, I have lots of respect for her because she did not allow these issues to destroy her and instead she continued with her first love which is music. On June 25, 2011, Amuro attended the red carpet event for Video Music Aid Japan in Chiba. The event was started to raise money to help those affected by the devastating earthquake that year.

Release of the album _genic and change of agency

Namie Amuro, the commercially successful pop and R &B music star who has faced personal tragedy will release a new album. That new album is called _genic and it was released on June 10, 2015. I’ve written much about album and single releases and Namie Amuro is busy trying to continue her career and solidify her reputation as a music superstar even more than 22 years after making her music industry debut. Beginning in September 2015, the 37 year-old Amuro went on a nationwide tour called “Namie Amuro LIVEGENIC 2015-2016”. The tour began on September 5, 2015 at the Saitama Super Arena. There were 44 concerts in 15 locations throughout Japan. The Saitama Super Arena is significant because that is where former AKB48 member and center Atsuko Maeda announced in March 2012 that she would leave AKB48. The new album _genic comes two years after the release of the album called FEEL. The album is described as having full of unreleased songs and is described as having a 1980’s feel plus the 1990’s R & B groove to it. One thing that really matters in the music industry is how the artist is able to evolve and grow. Change is sometimes a good thing. There will also be a DVD and Blu Ray that will have videos for five of the songs. In January 2015, Amuro changed her agency and signed a contract with the avex sub label called Dimension Point.

What else makes Namie Amuro a special celebrity?

Just like singer Boa Kwon has become popular, so has Namie Amuro. Amuro joins Kana Nishino, May N’, Kumi Koda, and Ayumi Hamasaki as pop music singers that have achieved success in Japan. However, unlike the Japanese idol singers in groups such as NMB48 and AKB48, singers like Namie Amuro do not hold regular theatrical performances or do handshake events. They record songs and hold tours in Japan and around the world in some cases.

In addition to being a music superstar, Namie Amuro is a fashion model. In August 2011, she was on the cover of ViVi Magazine where she was in three different types of dresses. Actress Aya Ueto did the same type of photo shoot back in 2009 when she was seen in a pink and white wedding dress for her TIARA Magazine photo shoot. Namie Amuro however has not really done any bikini model style photo sessions like AKB48 girl Aki Takajo did when she was involved in a photo session for Big Comic Spirits Magazine back in 2011. Amuro has focused on a more fashion type of modeling. Amuro revealed that she takes 10 minute baths to relax and reduce stress. Whatever she has done it has worked out well for her because she is successful, beautiful, and talented.

Namie Amuro in 2015

Singer and fashion model Namie Amuro in Seoul, South Korea for the 2015-2016 Chanel product promotion event in May 2015.

Singer and fashion model Namie Amuro in Seoul, South Korea for the 2015-2016 Chanel product promotion event in May 2015.

Amuro Will Attend the 2017 Kohaku Uta Gassen and Retire in September 2018

It has been confirmed by NHK that Amuro will be one of the singers at this year’s Kohaku Uta Gassen singing contest. This will be her last appearance because she has announced that she is retiring from the entertainment industry in September 2018. This is Amuro’s first appearance at the contest since 2003. Her retirement will put an end to a 26 year singing and touring career but her impact musically should be felt worldwide.

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